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Do you like your neighbors, and what are they like?

posted 3/12/2012 11:42:55 PM |
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tagged: people, straddle, trash, life

I love my house, and property. The only thing I hate is the location. I have such loser ass redneck, scummy neighbors. Well, I really can't say this about my neighbors on the other side of me that live on the corner. They're quiet, cool, and friendly people that I talk with every now and then when I see them outside.

The other side is pretty much like the neighbors from hell. Sure, it could be a lot worse, and they do tend to be in bed by 1am, but these people are loud from time to time, just like tonight.

A bit ago, the police were out over there since they had company from across the street hanging out with them. Very true about the saying, "scum find other scum to hang with". They all ended up fighting, yelling, and throwing stuff. Not sure what all was out there in the street, but these people have absolutely NO REGARD for quiet, respectful neighbors around them.

As usual, the police responded with three police cruisers, and talk it all out with them, and then leaves. No one ever goes to jail unless there's an "88" (warrant) on them.

I think I would be able to tolerate neighbors like that better if they didn't have other shitheads hanging out with them over there. That and not having other neighbors like them that live down the street, across the street, and almost every where around my block. These kind of people are a lot like cock roaches....they spread, and spread, and spread.....

Anyway, just needed to vent a bit, and make a blog question with some feedback out of this blog.

So, what are your neighbors like?

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Mar 12 @ 11:56PM  
I always try to put as much acreage as possible between myself and neighbors but, the last neighbors I had were both friendly and quiet! They both didn't want me to leave!


Mar 13 @ 9:55AM  
My neighbors for the most part are quiet. The neighbor right next door, I get along with fine. They have dogs too and if we happen to be outside at the same time, we end up talking for a couple of hours. Then there is the nosy busy body whose yard runs alongside mine. I'd love to toss a few piles of dog shit in his damned garden. This neighbor is a jerk. When I had first moved in here, and I had just the German shepherd, he was out in his back yard, started his lawn mower, and my dog, who loves to chase lawn mowers, ran up to the fence and barked, with his tail wagging. This jerk shut off his lawn mower, and told me he wasn't going to put up with my dog barking at him all summer and that he would call the cops. Pissed me off, so I asked him if I should teach the dog to meow instead. He didn't talk to me for a while after that. But, he likes to try to call the cops or the township if he sees one pile in my backyard. I finally had it out with the township about this too. Some people....

Other than that....the other neighbors around me are quiet.

Mar 13 @ 10:01AM  
I hit the neighbor lottery. I've lived on my street for 8 or 9 years now but I was across the street and down a few houses for most of that. My neighbors there were pretty cool. Very friendly, quiet and the next door neighbor has a hot sister that was always over in her little tiny shorts . When I bought the house I'm in now just about 3 years ago I met my new next door neighbor....greatest neighbor you could ask for. Very friendly. Always trying to give me a hand with whatever I'm doing. Soft spoken. the list goes on. And to top it off.....I grew up with his wife's family in NY! Both of them excellent people. The old couple across the street from him also very nice. In fact we just had to fix their main water line that busted while they were on vacation for the past 2 weeks. I have 2 empty lots acorss the street from me. The house on the other side of me was a brand new house that the owners just up and left out of almost 5 years ago (waiting on the bank to take it over and put it up for sale so I can buy it and make sure I never have a neighbor there). Behind me I have 5 acres of blueberry nursery run by another old guy and his wife. Hardly ever see them but the old man is cool and the next door neighbor has been friends with them since they moved in however many years ago. My gf's uncle who will be moving here in the next month or so actually wants to buy the blueberry nursery so we have something to do to keep us busy. I loved the area I was in because it was peaceful and a little out of the way. That's why I bought this house and it couldn't have turned out better for me. So I guess I like my neighbors

Mar 13 @ 6:05PM  
My neighbors are cattle. I enjoy them on a plate

Mar 13 @ 8:11PM  
My neighbours in the city are weird ... talked to maybe 3 times in 4 years ...
They are younger than my children.

lol, all the wives keep their husbands away from me .. not that I'm interested!
I scare them because I am single and older woman ... BOO!!

not a really friendly suburb ... just lots of yuppies .... with the biggest, loudest trucks and just a lot of stuck up jerks ...

I was stuck at the end of my driveway in snow, neighbour with driveway directly across from mine, drove into his garage and didn't help.

Had a friend working on my roof when the ladder fell off because of the wind, he forgot to leave an open window upstairs, so he was stuck on the roof. Another neighbour went over to talk to him and said he was too busy to put the ladder up. It was hot on the roof and he didn't have water. He had to call me to leave work to put the ladder up.

House alarm got tripped off by a visitor of mine, got things straightened out, however none of my neighbours bothered to find out why the siren at my house went off for 10 minutes solid. Poor friend, he forgot he said to arm the system and opened the door ..... should have hear the voicemail message on my phone from him ..

some days it is tempting to ask a group of guys drive 30 motorcycles down the street and park in my driveway just to give the neighbours a heart attack ... stuck up jerks!


Mar 13 @ 8:51PM  
We are the loud ones in the neighborhood. Most the neighbors are elderly with a retirement home 2 blocks away. The only reason they tolerate us is my son an BF do all the snow an leaf removal for them

Mar 13 @ 10:23PM  
I Lost my "Fantasy" Neighbor....
My other neighbors..well I'm friends with the guy next door..hes been here for a long time!! I'm also friends with a Lady on the 1st floor..shes a pc of work..

The person that I have been more friendly with..was a Young guy beside me..he had a Lady with him....
Someone come by one night..during a total Football Sunday..hell I had been eating Hot poppers..and drinking good Cold beer all afternoon.....
and they..busted out his window!!
He knocks on my door asking me..if I saw who did the deed..... I'm like ....Nooooo! I'm watching Football..and drinking Damn good beer!! I never heard ..anyone even walk next door!! IDK what happened!!!
Well..the week I went home to close on my House..there were 7 or more Cop cars ...blocking the parking area....but My spot was open!! I did not find out what happened till I came back to NC..!!
He was a "Coke" dealer..and he was loaded down with the shit..when they came here!!
You just don't know anyone...!! Such is Life!!!

Mar 13 @ 10:49PM  
Okay, I like Newt, and wish he had won both Alabama and Mississippi tonight, but he needs to step aside now and let Santorum go head-to-head with Romney.

Now back to the blog subject.

He was a "Coke" dealer..and he was loaded down with the shit..when they came here!!
You just don't know anyone...!! Such is Life!!!
I don't know if the neighbors next to me are dealers, but I know that there's got to be some on down the block.

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Do you like your neighbors, and what are they like?