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Spring weather and dogs

posted 3/12/2012 10:16:13 AM |
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tagged: dogs, weather, school, work

We're getting spring weather early this year. Low to mid 60's, even a couple of 70's in the upcoming week. Raining right now, so my lovely mutts are hesitant to go outside. Yeah, the same group who LOVES to roll around in snow. Dingbats.

Well, last week was busy, busy, busy, same with this week. Work has been insanely busy, lot of the colleges and schools in the area are on spring break and bringing the families up to the hotel. I can't remember when I had a day totally off. I've been either to classes or at work. But, I'd rather be bitching about too much to do rather than having nothing to do. Ever notice, when one has nothing to do, it's boring as all hell? I'd rather be going to bed at night knowing I accomplished something rather than going to bed wondering what I can do the next day.

Now for a little chuckle. My dogs. Yeah, never a dull moment with them, I swear. Let me start with last fall, last time I had mowed the lawn. I had noticed on one section of my fencing that a couple of the boards looked loose. Figured I'd deal with it in the spring because they weren't bad. Last week, we had a couple of days of high winds. One night, I let my "lovely" dogs out. And shortly after, I hear a noise at my front door. WTF?? So, I turn on the porch light, open the front door, and there is my German Shepherd standing there, wagging his tail, looking pleased with himself. I catch a movement out the corner of my eye, and there are the other 4 running around the front yard! So, I call them, Dief (German Shepherd), Sasha, Tazz, and Princess all come in through the front, not Buddy, his ass runs off to the side of the house! So, I shut the door after the other 4 are in, and run to the side of the house, calling Buddy, and that is when I discover that those two boards are laying on the ground. And there is Buddy, in the backyard, looking at me. Had to let him in through the back door. So, now I know how my dogs got out. (And honestly, up till that day, I had forgotten about those boards. ) So, here it is, 9:30 at night, still windy, and now I've got to get these boards nailed back in. After a couple of tries, I ended up calling my Dad to help me. Yeah, told him the story, he chuckled. My sister was with him, she laughed about it, and I had to remind her that at least my dogs didn't chew a hole in the fence.

Dogs. Love them, but they sure can be a pain in the ass at times.

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Mar 12 @ 11:50AM  
We must me neighbors...well sorta. Seems our weather runs 'bout the same. It's not raining but it must've before I got up. Looks rainy as the dickens and it's mild outside. Gonna get into the 70's here too along about Wednesday...

Well at least you are responsible with your dogs. Some idiots, 2 doors down have moved back into their trailer...I guess dad's either out of prison or the kids are staying there by themselves. There's 2, maybe 3 brothers and older brother's girlfriend and their baby...and they have a dog they let roam the neighborhood. He barks, barks, barks and poops in my yard...

This is gonna stop! Susie and I will be talking to the police chief pretty soon about them. It's not only the dog but they deem it quite alright to cut through people's yards, sometimes chasing the dog, sometimes not. In the summer, I sit on my back porch after dark in my nightgown and I don't want to be surprised by kids in my yard!

I've been staying busy too...nuttin' in particular but I seem to be able to fill the hours of my day. I'm not on Zelda much...well, other than working on fine tuning my stories and reprinting them. I seem to have lost interest almost totally in writing blogs...whether it be here or over there. I do check in here several times a day...kinda like an old overworn habit. I haven't seen anything from WoW for quite some time...wonder if he's ok?

Anyway...enjoy the good weather and I'm glad all's going well for you.

Mar 12 @ 3:13PM  
My dogs may drive me insane at times, but I love them, so yeah, I take care of them. I also respect that my neighbors are not going to be wanting my dogs in their yard, I mean, I gripe about cleaning up my own yard..why would I expect the neighbors to clean up their yards behind my dogs? Also, around here, if there is a call about dogs running loose, and the pound gets them, depending upon the breed, it's an automatic death sentence for the dog. And this is pertaining to what is deemed "dangerous breeds", and German Shepherds are on that list. I'd bawl like a baby if something happened to one of my dogs. Those neighbors of yours..sounds to me like they shouldn't have a dog if they can't take care of it.

As for running through other people's yards, that's just disrespectful.

Sun is out right now, and the temps are climbing fast! I'm enjoying this weather!!!

Mar 12 @ 3:43PM  
It's going to be up in the 60's here again. Tomorrow it going to hit around 78.

Mar 12 @ 3:48PM  
78? Now I'm jealous!

Mar 12 @ 6:53PM  


Mar 12 @ 9:22PM  
I'm loving this weather!!! I'm hearing 70's and even up to 80... for this week..

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Spring weather and dogs