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Being responsible

posted 3/6/2012 4:53:38 PM |
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tagged: responsibility

Ok, this isn't about politics. Let's set that straight now. This is about those who are in the public spotlight.

With the recent mess about yet another famous person calling someone a name...I got to wondering.....where does responsibility play in this? Bear with me.

They are all over the airwaves, whether on television or on the radio, personalities who, for the most part, talk about current events. They make jokes, or sometimes they rant about something they find an injustice on. Or they may even offer up ideas for solutions. And now, it seems some of them forget the public is watching or listening, and they call another person a derogatory name. And then the public is up in arms demanding these people be taken off the air, and their supporters are yelling about free speech.

Well, where does free speech end and taking responsibility for opening mouth and inserting foot take over? Yes, they, like us out here, are entitled to their opinions. But, while stating their opinions, they should also remember just how many viewers/listeners they have, and they should take into account just how those people will take their words. I am not for costing any of these people their jobs. Let me get that straight right now. I've been seeing a lot of posts online on other sites calling for a total boycott of sponsors etc over this latest outrage, and I wonder.....we bitch about running others lives etc, and yet, here we are, someone famous opens their big mouth, says something stupid, and now people want this persons head on a platter. Like the person or not, we have free speech in this country. And, with that, I honestly believe, comes responsibility.

We all know what I'm talking about, it's only been on the news the past few days. So, where does responsibility begin? I'd say, as soon as they are on the air, they need to remember that they have a lot of people watching/listening, and they need to realize that their words carry a lot of weight with those viewers/listeners. And as I hear about this sponsor leaving or that channel dropping the show, I wonder just how much of it has to do with really being outraged and how much of it is staged to get attention for their product/channel.

This firestorm will eventually die down, and things will go back to where they were before. I doubt this person's show will be canceled, and, by rights, it shouldn't be. But, I only hope that others out there watching this will stop and realize just how much power their words do have, and be more responsible with how they deliver their shows. See...I stopped watching/listening to certain shows because it sickened me how some have used their shows to, as I see it, promote a hatred for "the other side". And they do. And they can. Because in this country, we enjoy the right to free speech, and even though someone may say something we don't like, we can't step on their rights because we don't agree with them. But, we have the right to not watch or listen to them also. And, if they cross a line, and someone is effected, there are legal remedies out there.

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Mar 6 @ 5:11PM  
It'll die down.

There are double standards in the media and political fields however. Of all this vulgar stuff that has been said about Republicans from the left on tv to radio that I have heard for myself, with what Rush Limbaugh implied about that young woman being a slut, yeah, perhaps he shouldn't have gone there, but in my opinion, that was pretty tame in comparison with the left. Sure, he said the word slut, but didn't directly call her a slut. Too many people who get their infomation second hand really should listen to that episode of Rush Limbaugh.

Sure, he apologized for how he worded it, but the bottom line is he apologized twice for it, and it's time to move on.

Mar 6 @ 5:39PM  

Okay, I couldn't resist!

Mar 6 @ 6:10PM  
Welp, there goes my appetite...

Mar 6 @ 7:58PM  
Well, where does free speech end and taking responsibility for opening mouth and inserting foot take over?

Now there's a question I figure V.P. Joe Biden could easily answer, since he's so good at it!


Mar 6 @ 8:04PM  
I read that seven sponsors dumped Blimpblob since he said that.

Mar 6 @ 8:05PM  
Okay, I couldn't resist!

Soon as I saw the top of his hair style, I knew who it was- so, I was prepared not to be shocked when I saw the rest of his mug!

Geezzz... 'someone' upgrades to Gold status... and look what happens!


Mar 6 @ 8:05PM  
ummmmm free speech is just a cop out .... that is a way nowadays that let jerks get off being total assholes...

I am sick of tired of what some friggin men say when a woman says something intelligent and a guy is too stupid to pose a valid argument to counter and resorts to childish name calling ...

the worst part is that this man is now getting all this free advertising for his show ..

however did he go up to a mike, on television, and publically admit that he was wrong the same way he screwed up??... did he apologize to directly to the gal ...??? Was his apology sincere??


Mar 7 @ 2:47PM  
I seen on another site people carrying on also. Calling the woman names and all that. But yet where is common decency? Seriously Viagra is a prescription also it helps older men with ED. Okay birth control is an aid for a woman to not become pregnant. Sorry guys I feel its more important we have enough ignorant people in this world!

Mar 8 @ 10:15PM  
By the way ... great blog !!!

sorry I was so grumpy, the guy just reminded me of late husband ..

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Being responsible