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Should Israel move in on Iran, or be patient with sanctions against them?

posted 3/4/2012 11:24:47 PM |
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tagged: politics, war, straddle, world

This has been in the news as of late with the posibility of Israel attacking Iran as Iran eases closer with nuclear weapons. Time is running out, and while there have been some sanctions put in place against Iran, will this be enough for Iran to give up their nuclear weapons?

Should Israel move on in with taking Iran out, or should they listen to Obama and be patient with sanctions?

I personally believe that if Iran is close in completing their nuclear weapons as reports suggests, time is of an essence, and so Israel needs to do what it needs to do since Iran is on record saying that they want to wipe Israel of the face of the map. I do support Israel!

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Should Israel move in on Iran, or be patient with sanctions against them?
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Mar 4 @ 11:48PM  
I just recently got caught up on the news..and am still behind..!

But ...Israel will take care of it all!!!
They are the Enemy you do not want!! They don't Play!!
My 2 Cents!!!

Mar 5 @ 5:20AM  
i dont know.but i think this is a very very serious situation that has far greater
reaching effects than just that one single country alone.every counrty does
have the right to defend its self but attacking 1st is a very tricky thing.i would
hate for the usa to have to go against iran alone not because we couldnt win
but because that would cause evenmore antiamerican feelings towards us.
which will put more targets on our backs from terriost groups.and noone
wants another 911.

Mar 5 @ 6:36AM  
From what I understand, Achmenanutjob and the other 'leaders' in Iran, want the
coming of the 12th Imam. In our version, it's after Armageddon that Christ will
return and protect his followers. Their version, after Armageddon, Christ comes
back to tell all Christians and Jews, that we were wrong all the time and that he's
really a Muslim and is back for our destruction. True Muslims welcome that.

So, if Iran does get nukes, I guarantee they will use them as soon as they can.

Israel will not just sit back and allow another Holocaust. They have over 400 nukes,
and will rain them down on any~and~everyone. Samson Option, please google it.

Sanctions are a joke. Any leader that has the power, and chooses not to use it, is
still making a choice.

If leades DO want a nuclear conflict, then they will sit back while Iran goes for it.


Mar 5 @ 9:16AM  
Israel is both patient yet not shy about unilaterally launching a preemptive strike or taking other military action if they feel the need. Israel is very autonomous and I don't see them caring that much about what other countries think, which kind of makes debate on the subject a moot point

Israel will not just sit back and allow another Holocaust. They have over 400 nukes and will rain them down on any~and~everyone.

They can take out whatever they need to without going nuclear. You can bet that they know exactly where almost everything in the manufacturing, deployment, and delivery of a nuclear weapon is.

Mar 5 @ 9:48AM  
Israel needs to do what they can to protect them selves. They are in the middle of a hot bed of hatred over there.....and constantly under attack. When push comes to shove, Israel will not wait for Iran to strike first.

I don't see Israel sitting like an easy target. They know more than we do what is going on, and when they feel an attack is imminent, they will strike.


Mar 5 @ 11:41AM  
D and WoW- you guys nailed it. And OHT- you are too...Israel ain't playin! The game is on and it's just a matter of time. I personally think that if Iran does strike first however, that not only is Iran in for a RUDE awakening, but that dumbass we call POTUS is in for a rude awakening as well. He is gonna be sorry he underestimated Israel!

Apr 16 @ 11:23AM  
yes they should do whatever they have to to protect their poeple and country.. at least they don't kiss these rogue countries asses like the u.s does...

May 25 @ 3:08PM  
Isreal should have bombed them 5 years ago. I cannot figure out why everyone is dragging thier feet, the US and Isreal. They could have been dealt with more easy years ago, now it will be a major ordeal for what ever country decides to deal with them!

May 26 @ 11:13AM  
Ackminiblowjob is full of shit and he has most of the world believing his bullshit

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Should Israel move in on Iran, or be patient with sanctions against them?