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Am I Being Selfish? And Other Life Updates!!

posted 3/4/2012 11:06:31 AM |
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Well..I finally closed on my House..on Wednesday!!!!

Gosh what an experience that has been!!!

The Buyers went thru FHA....for their loan and OMGosh at all the damn Inspections and BS..they put me thru!

My house was built in was Not new!!! Although...I had remodeled it completely...but ..some things were not up to the "New" codes!!!
Like the septic....and hand rails on the Porches...etc and etc....
When I first bought the House..I redid the Line that carried the sink and shower water...I did it just like it was....but with a New line!! There is a Maple the back yard...and it had Penetrated the old line!!! FHA..made me run all of the drains into the Septic....I did it! Cost me a lot of Jack..but oh well!
I had told the buyers that I would replace the Pump and water heater...because they were Old..and needed replacing....
They Hired an Inspector..and walked with him during inspection..and told the Inspector what they wanted done Which I think was wrong!!!

They made me do all kinds of crazy shit!!! I had to put hand railing around all of the I had said earlier...I replaced the water heater..and the Pump....and many other little things that they said needed to be done!
I have been working on this ..for weeks now.. Off and On...I have made many trips back and forth! At $100.00 a trip......which killed my Pocket book!

I found out the Day before closing..when closing was!!!
After we did closing..they said they wanted me Friday at Noon! They said that they had a bunch of things being delivered....!!

The next day...they come back an want me to be out by 9:30 am....WTF?
Hell.. I had not Pack anything at all!!!..
Geeez...What a time I have say the Least!!!

Well its all over!! Thank God!!!
I'm in NC....and going back to work tomorrow...but Im taking a couple of days to go somewhere and unwind...and Try to make some Life changing Decisions!

Some of these are:....

I don't like living in a City.....that's just who I am..its not this town!!! I'm just an ole Country boy....that really don't like or want close neighbors! lol

I really don't like my I have said before..the PPL there..are Not my kind of ppl!!!! lol
I'm 52 Years Old...I know that my years are numbered!!!!
Why not.... enjoy the Max?
I have said before..I wanted to move to AK....actually to the same Island where another Blogger here Lives!!
I Love Nature,Wildlife..Fishing......I Love Beauty..I'm a rookie Photographer and will have orgasms taking Pic's I'm sure!!!....
There are many jobs Open there that I'm Qualified for..and with the Help from a good friend..I may get lucky enough to get one of them!!! (If I hurry!)

The only Problem is......My Daughter don't want me to move that far!!!! My son Wants me too!
We talk Daily (my Daughter)....but see each other just a couple/few times a year!
If I move..well..getting together.. will be Once a year at best! (4770 miles away!)
I love my Family dearly..I really do.....but....I want to be happy!!!

Am I being Selfish?

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Mar 4 @ 11:45AM  
The better the move, the better the job, the better your chances of being able to afford to visit her more often. Remember what the stewardess tells the passengers before taking off...if the O2 mask drops down in the event the cabin loses pressure, secure your own mask before helping others. If you're not healthy you can't help them. That includes financially. Take care of yourself first..then you'll be better able to meet their needs.

Mar 4 @ 12:31PM  
Well, I moved back to MI from Mobile, AL in the late 1980s- (figured I'd say "late 1980s" instead of "80s" in case some of you thought I meant I was in my 80s- I'm not, so don't ask .) Anyway, other than being around family again, especially my daughter (which was the real reason for moving back, missed her, even though she vacationed each year for my seven years in AL!

I was happy there- things to do, places to go FL, LA both fairly close, swimming in the Gulf on one side of Dolphin Island, swimming in Mobile Bay on the other side, HOT chicks in their tiny bikinis and me young enough to enjoy a couple at times, the weather- no frigg'n snow or ice, the zoos, Mardi Gras in LA-, the hurricanes all that stuff were good times BUT, I was there and my daughter was here!

But she's been married 20+ years now, I have two grand kids in their late teens and I'm now struggling with wanting to move back there again. I do have friends there but things change over many years so I certainly don't expect to re-live the happy times I had when I was there. I can still enjoy the beaches tho and have fun touring! I'm tired of Winter and it's getting harder to deal with it!

I'm an amateur photographer myself and the photos in my 'profile' were mostly taken in the South or in HI. I'm happy when taking shots of scenery in my travels.

As far as feeling "selfish" for doing what makes you happy, I don't see it that way by itself. But the ages of your kids is important as far as when you move IMO! I should have waited for a few more years before moving as far as my daughter was concerned. On the other hand, if I had waited, I'd probably still be in Mobile and maybe not have seen my grand kids for a couple years after being born, hard to say!

Buying and selling a home means you should have an attorney involved in both processes. As much as most of us don't like dealing with them, they can be a bargin if they find pitfalls that could cost you $1000s if you over looked something in a contract. anyone that's been to a closing knows you're not given enough time to read everything thoroughly!

Some of what you said doesn't exactly sound legal to me!

Just some thoughts!


Mar 4 @ 5:08PM  
I agree with manwithoutahorse. You cannot help another unless you are able to help yourself. it's a puzzlement why some people do not want others to be happy... probably because they aren't happy themselves. No one can make another person happy. Sounds to me this new opportunity is just what the doctor ordered. Go and don't look back!

Mar 4 @ 6:02PM know what makes you happy. I don't see this as being selfish. It's your life, you enjoy it.

Som...wth??? You were living in the warmth of the south and moved back up to the fridge area?????

Mar 4 @ 6:20PM  
Som...wth??? You were living in the warmth of the south and moved back up to the fridge area?????

Yeah... go figure! Was there 7 years so, missed 7 years of my daughter's growing up! But, things are a-chang'n and the South is a-rise'n again... for me it looks like anyway!


Mar 4 @ 9:30PM  
As many of you know I retired and relocated. I enjoy being with my daughter but living in the middle of no where is boring. It is costly to get anywhere and there is damned little to do.

My point is simply that there are often trade offs more often than not. As for relocating, I suggest an extended visit before you consider it.

Mar 4 @ 9:57PM  
Thanks everyone for your Comments ..Yall rock!!

middle of no where is boring. It is costly to get anywhere and there is damned little to do.

My point is simply that there are often trade offs more often than not. As for relocating, I suggest an extended visit before you consider it. is truly the "Person"..that may Want..Nothing to do!!! in..going somewhere...for entertainment..type of things..
Hell... I'm in the Place..if that's what I wanted!!

I myself..can get sitting Outdoors...just Chilling...!
I love Beauty....and that can come in many forms...a Sunrise...a Sunset....A Ocean..a Lake..a River...etc!!
But You are right..I should just Visit for a while...and go from there!!!
I May just do that!!!
You PPL are awesome!! TYVM..Everyone!!!!

Mar 5 @ 9:27AM  
The biggest drawback to country living, especially now, is the cost of gasoline to get damned near anywhere. For me, the nearest convenience store is ten miles away. Excluding farms, the nearest business of any other kind is seven miles away. Viewed another way, it costs my daughter and son in law a combined $25.00 per day in gasoline to get to and from work

Mar 5 @ 9:35AM  
Myself, I prefer living in the outskirts of town where there is the feeling of being out in the middle of nowhere, yet, town is a five minute drive.

Mar 5 @ 11:03AM  
I live in the country , Have lived in a city would not tradethe city for country. I love where I live deer wild turkey rabbits . lol rough on a garden I just plant enough for all . I am 15 minytes from town where my job and school is . I just make sure when I go its for more than one thing . Good Luck OT . I wish you well whatever you choose .

Mar 5 @ 12:04PM  
Oh sweetheart- Thats a tough is....but you are at a time in your life where you have paid your dues....earned your stripes.....all that good it's your turn to go get what you want for you. I personally would LOVE to live in AK...but the daylight thing might mess with my head. That would be kinda weird...but then again, I would get over it! It is SOOOOOOO beautiful over there! I say follow your heart!

Mar 5 @ 2:13PM  
Toad, I am one that believes that my happiness and well being is important to me! I love my daughter and grand kids but they had to move here, no way was I going to Buffalo N.Y. or any city! I worked all my life to be able to live where I want and if they wanted to be around they had to make the move.
I love it in the country and I'm not leaving for anyone!!
Do what is good for you my friend!

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Am I Being Selfish? And Other Life Updates!!