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Do any of you own a BIBLE?

posted 3/3/2012 4:58:47 PM |
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tagged: people, religion, straddle

I thought that this would be an interesting question to pose on here. Yeah, I know on a site like this that some people would think that this would be a strange question to ask.

We have all heard recently in the news about how our "bad American soldiers" disposed of the korans that were written in by some of the extreme islamist being held over there in Afghanistan, as they were passing messages and secrets to each other, and changing some of the verses in those books. Based on what I hear about their islamic beliefs, the correct way to dispose of their koran that has been damaged is to burn them.

This got me thinking. A lot of us know that the proper way to dispose of a damaged ragedy old U.S. flag is to burn it. But how would one dispose of a Bible that's old, falling apart, and/or that's been damaged?

Yes, I'm a Christian, and I know a lot of other Christians on here as well. I do own a few Bibles too, and the Bibles that I have are in good condition, so there is no need to dispose of them. Just curious to hear some of the responses concerning this.

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Mar 3 @ 5:20PM  
And contrary to what a select few think, we are still considered a Christian nation!

Mar 3 @ 5:22PM  
The only Bible I have is the little pocket sized one I got back in 5th grade. My Mom has my Grandmother's Bible and it's in pretty good shape.

I've never heard of how the Bible is "disposed of" when it's damaged. I know at the hotel where I work, damaged Bibles were just thrown in the trash. Unless an employee wanted to take it home.

And believe me, I'm not making light of this, but those extremists over there having a fit over a few Qrans burned.....who the hell are they to pitch a bitch when their fellow fanatics participate in murdering innocent people via hijacked airplanes or homicide bombings? I swear, a U.S. soldier gets caught picking their nose and there will be hissy fits over that too.

Mar 3 @ 5:23PM  
I have four. Two are those little pocket ones, that were given to me by strangers. No idea who they were. One nice one that's for occasional Sundays only, and then the one I actually use.

From what I've heard, the only way to 'properly' dispose of a Koran, is to wrap it in fine linen, and bury it on the grounds of a Mosque where it will never be walked over.
I'd guess our troops that made this mistake were too used to burning bibles over there, as THAT is common place. Shows to me, which religion is more tolerant.


Mar 3 @ 5:29PM  
I bought my King James Bible back in 1978 I believe. I still have it and its in the bedroom on the shelf where its safe. I agree Straddle we will always be a Christian nation no matter how many idiots try to say otherwise

Mar 3 @ 6:52PM  
I was just given my father's Bible by my brother, while we wrapped up cleaning out
our parents' house.

For years I've had one or two copies of the New Testament, but never a complete
Bible. It's even more special because it was my father's.

Mar 3 @ 7:55PM  
Not even trying to start a debate, but I respectfully disagree. We maybe a "Christian" nation now, but the Forefathers were not only Deists, but Freemasons too. The Treaty of Tripoli? You might want to read that sometime.

Back OT, this may shock you but I have a small Gideon bible around here somewhere, but I also read about other religions too. I'm not beholden to just one

Mar 3 @ 7:59PM  
Yes I own several Bibles read them quite a bit . But I have never heard of how to dispose of one . WE are a Christain Nation dispute what some may think.

online now!
Mar 3 @ 9:42PM  
I have 4 bibles, mostly St. Joseph's version, and one new testament (I consider it a half bible). I've never heard of any special requirement for disposing of an old bible, and I served as Director of Development of a Catholic Diocese for 5 years. Perhaps there is a protocol for disposing of old bibles, but I have never heard of one.

And I agree we are, and always have been considered, a Christian nation. The overwhelming majority of people who immigrated to this country identified themselves as Christian, so the early settlements of this country were more Christian than we are now.

Not sure where Luna learned her history, but she may be a victim of our educational system's attempts to rewrite history.

Mar 4 @ 1:23AM  
Once when I was in my Christian Faith and Live class that was required from graduation at Southwest Baptist University, this question was asked to the professor that was teaching this class.He offered this advice:

Give the Bible away if it is not in that bad of a condition.

Get the Bible restored if it has a particular meaning such as if it is a family Bible or someone that was special gave it to you.

If you are Catholic a person might burn the Bible.

I grew up around the Lutherans and about once a year they would hold a cermony that they would burn the Bible and then bury the ashes where no one would walk.

Mar 4 @ 8:26AM  

Several passed down by my dad. One of them use to belong to my Great Grandmother.

online now!
Mar 4 @ 10:28AM  
Times are different in the Catholic Church, and other denominations that are more bible-based are beginning to understand that the Church (what I call the organization, the corporate church) never really opposed Cathilics reading the Bible, it was the corrupt men who brought you things like the Spanish Inquisition who were afraid that parishioners would challenge them if they not only knew what Christ talk, but the context in which it was they used the excuse of fearing that people would "not get it right". Things are not so bad in this area today. Not perfect, but not so bad. In fact, in my home parish where I used to teach religious ed, we used to give kids bibles. How about that? lol

Mar 4 @ 11:01AM  
In regards to Luna's blog, my comment would have to wait for approval, therefore, I won't be commenting on her blog. Not because I don't think she will not approve my comment, it's because I'm still unable to send out emails on this site, and once I post, she will have no way of knowing that I had tried to comment on her blog since the notice wouldn't be in her inbox. But then this could be resolved if she would automatically allow comments like many of us do on this site.

What's she affraid of, differenting opinions than her's? She posts on other peoples blogs, and we all allow her to, but yet she chooses to screen her comments. Typical hypocrisy with her in this area as well. Where's this "tolerance" that her and others on the left talk about? They preach it, but yet they can't practice this. People have different opinions on subjects, I think we all understand this, but there are few who don't seem to.

As for her blog topic, I certainly don't agree with her. We can blog about anything we want on this site, as long as it's within the rules here, and most blogs are. For someone to whine in a blog they post that politics and religion should not be alowwed to be blogged here shows a great deal of intolerance and disrespect of opposing views, and censorship as well.

I certainly don't like drama in the blogs, but for someone like Luna to try to tell us what shouldn't be blogged here on this site, I think many will agree with me that this kind of mentality doesn't not serve this site, or any other site well!

Mar 4 @ 12:22PM  
I have two bibles in my house. One belongs to my roommate and the other was a christmas gift from one of my religious siblings.

I don't know the proper way to dispose of them, I would just throw them away. But those bibles come in real handy at hotels when they forget to supply us with toilet paper.

Mar 4 @ 5:32PM  
Where's this "tolerance" that her and others on the left talk about? They preach it, but yet they can't practice this.

I kinda take offense to that. I'm more of moderate, but I have a slight left leaning, and I feel I'm very tolerant AND respectful of others thoughts.

Mar 5 @ 11:14AM  
If I have a Bible that is just tattered but not in too bad of shape, I send it to the thrift shop. If it is in bad shape, I would just throw it away. After all...even though it's called the Holy Bible, the Bible itself isn't's what the Bible stands for that is holy. We worship God and the word that He teaches....not the Bible itself.

I use to lean towards thinking the Bible was so 'holy' that it was hard for me to even write my name in it. Then I was enlightened that the Bible is to be used...studied and my old Bible is filled with marginal notes and verses highlighted. The blank pages are overflowing with notes...that's what they're for.

A Bible that is 'like new' never gets read. I find it strange why anyone would own a Bible then just let it set on the coffee table or ignored...what's the point of having one in the first place?


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Do any of you own a BIBLE?