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Gotta watch that texting and walking

posted 2/20/2012 4:30:26 PM |
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tagged: cell phones

Could be very dangerous.

Texting and walking

What is it about this day and age where it seems ALL common sense has left? Seriously, texting and walking, texting and driving, texting while supposedly having a dinner date with someone you just met? I'll be the first to say that cell phones are great, I love my phone. I also know when to put it away. Some people are so damned addicted to these things. btw...I still want an IPad. One of these days...till then....oh well.

I remember growing up without a cell phone. This may come as a shocker to some, but, it used to be we had these things that look like phones that either hung on walls, or were on tables that would ring when someone called...and hell, it used to be you didn't know who it was calling until you picked up the hand set and said, "hello". Anyway....when the family sat down at the table for dinner, and if the phone rang, Mom or Dad answered it, and, if it was one of our friends, they would tell them that we were eating dinner and would call back. Which leads me to another thing.....I really don't want to hear your conversation while I'm trying to eat a the restaurant. I understand that call is important, but, I could really care less that you're being asked to pick up toilet paper on your way home. Some people will put their phones on speaker and it's not quiet, you can hear the entire conversation at the next table. Again, my sisters and I, if we got "loud" at a restaurant, Mom or Dad told us to quiet down. Even now, when we go out to eat, when we're talking, it's "quiet", so as to not disturb others, and, so others didn't hear us.

What I really got to wonder about is why people have to be so rude with their phones. As my friends know, I work at a hotel. There has been plenty of times I've been up by the front desk, and have seen people with their cell phone glued to their ear, expecting that front desk person to wait until they are done with their matter there is a line clear out the door of other people waiting to check in. And these people who do this, come up to the front desk gabbing on their phone instead of ending their call, get upset when the front desk person takes care of the person next in line waiting.

I love my cell phone, and hell, I even remember the manners my parents have taught me. But I've seen a whole lot of people like the woman in the video I posted at the beginning of this blog. And yes, I did chuckle when she fell....way I see it, if that message is that important, stop, finish your conversation, then continue walking. Especially when around steps.

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Feb 20 @ 6:10PM  
I think she got what she deserved. If you cant stop or wait 5 min till ya get where you are going to text you have serious issues.
Nothing drives me crazy more than these damn teenagers that think its ok to text their friends while you are trying to have a face to face conversation with them.

Feb 20 @ 11:08PM  
Oooops!!! She was down for a good while..musta got hurt..or shit in her britches!!!
The guys I work with...wear there cell phones Out!!!...Most even text while working..and on Breaks...geeez.... !!

Yanno...I believe in Communication...But Damn!!!
Personally..I believe some ppl just talk to damn much!!! Just saying....

Feb 21 @ 7:08AM  
I was sitting at a stop light one time and watched this gal come up fast behind me then slammed on her brakes so hard the front end of her Celica went right under the rear of my Jeep. When the police got there she was still on her phone and waved the officer to be quiet. Well, the officer asked me if she had gotten off the phone to check out the damage. I said no, he just grinned, and started writing out tickets.

I watched a gal once walk into a store talking on the phone, do her shopping and never stopped while checking out and paying. I am sooo glad they are no legal to use in airplanes.

Feb 21 @ 10:01AM  
I am recalling that woman two or three years ago that was texting while walking in a mall. She tripped over the low wall around a fountain and fell in. A blog or two was posted about it. Anyway, it went viral and made it on national news when a security guard saw it on surveillance cameras and posted it on YouTube. She sued that mall and company. The guard got fired and I think it got settled out of court.

Feb 21 @ 11:04AM  
I've seen people walking through stores so caught up texting that they have run into displays or other shoppers.


Feb 21 @ 11:15AM  
Although all ages (mostly) that use cell phones and/or text, I think it's a generational are like, well, crowd hysteria...they gotta have and do what all the other kids are having and doing.

As a kid in the '50's, I used the phone but few of my friends stayed on the phone for lines and all that.... But MY kids seem to be the first of the generation that had a phone growing outta their ear...although they couldn't go far with it until cordless phones came out...then they not only stayed on it secluded in their bedrooms, but when Mom wanted to make a phone call and da kid wasn't home, she could never find the damn thing!

This generation of kids is raised on technilogical gadgets and it's all they know...not to mention they feel they are the "entitled" generation. I suspect Mom 'n Dad wears out their voices laying down rules for cell phones but this generation thinks they're smarter than any other and they pretty much play by their own rules when outta their parents sight.

As for those who should know better...I think they just plain don't care. I'm not convinced that people who are rude with their phones around others just doesn't realize what they're doing...they just don't give a shit.

Maybe that's what's wrong with the whole damn world anymore??? No one gives a's everyone for themselves and be damned how others feel. For so many, it's a jungle just to survive in anymore and they don't have time or the desire to mind their manners...or teach anything to their kids. Just a thought.....

Feb 21 @ 12:43PM  
I've seen people walking through stores so caught up texting that they have run into displays or other shoppers.

I have had at least four people (women or kids) run into me in stores while texting. Call me an asshole (many of you do anyway but thats okay ), but in one case I could see it coming at an aisle interection and let it happen with my shopping cart broadsiding a teenage girl texting and not paying attention. It knocked her over and people were laughing. She was SOOO embarrassed

But MY kids seem to be the first of the generation that had a phone growing outta their ear...

I don't know about that I think all of that started with your generation I remember a couple of times my mom getting pissed off at the girls babysitting us because she tried to call to see how things were going and the line was busy

Feb 25 @ 3:30PM  
Too many stupid people not paying any attention to what they're doing when fooling with their phones...

Mar 1 @ 7:06PM  
More people die from car accidents caused by people talking and/or texting on cell phones while driving than from DUIs and the numbers are increasing even with stronger laws being enforced.

It isn't just younger people attached to their cell phones. Many mature adults are equally attached to them and more rude than the young ones.

It used to be when an attractive women walked into a hotel bar or airport lounge men would turn and take an appreciate look. Today, unless you are a super model, most men don't even look up because they are glued to their cell phones and/or laptops. When I traveled a lot I made a study of it and found the results to be amazingly disappointing.

I love technology and the convenience it provides for professional and personal reasons, but it doesn't control my life.

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Gotta watch that texting and walking