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posted 2/14/2012 1:16:11 PM |
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tagged: thoughts

Yeah, this isn't one of those "happy/silly" type blogs. Just something that I got to wondering about today.

I was reading a comment made by someone who lost friends in the 9/11 attacks. Granted, I understand their anger, frustration, and sadness at the senseless deaths. But, they have let it eat at them to a point that they condemn all Muslims. And it got me to thinking..why?

My pal, best bud, like a brother, Steve, was gunned down by a couple of black kids. (I wrote a blog about it awhile back, "Gone Too Soon"). And I remember for a while after his death, not liking black people, I had such anger in me those days following his funeral. He was only 26, engaged, had his whole life ahead of him, and it was taken from him. He didn't want a fight that day, in fact, witnesses to what happened that day testified that he kept saying he didn't want a fight. Yet, he was the one who was shot and killed. For what? No one really knows why he and his nephew got singled out that day. Anyway, for days after that, I was just so angry.....and yes, I was blaming the entire black population for what happened to my friend. And one day, I ran into my cousin, who had just had a baby girl, she was the sweetest little baby I had ever seen. I commented on her "dusky" skin tone, and that is when my cousin introduced me to her baby's father, and he was black. I woke up that day. I realized, I can't "hate" an entire group of people for the actions of a 3 morons. I talked with my cousins boyfriend that day, told him about my friend, and he said something along the line that "assholes like that make the rest of us look bad". There was so much more to that conversation, but, I remember that being when I let go of the anger and the hate. So glad I did because I was able to get to know my new second cousin,see her grow up, she is an adult now, just had her own baby boy not too long ago, and she has shared on her facebook page. And he's such a cute little guy!

So....I look to these others who want to hate all Muslims for 9/11, and I can't help but wonder.......Why hate all of them for the actions of those who "make the rest look bad"? Dearborn Michigan has been said to be one of the biggest Muslim populated cities in America. Here in Saginaw County, there are a lot of convenience stores owned and run by Middle Eastern people, and the only "problems" there has been has come from angry citizens throwing rocks at their stores in retaliation of 9/11. These are people who also watched those events unfold in horror, who now bear the anger of those who don't understand that kind of hatred isn't good. I only hope someday people wake up and realize...........We can't hate an entire race/religion/culture/way of life just because we don't understand it. Maybe if people would realize that, maybe it would be more peaceful on this Earth.

Yeah, I know...fat chance.

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Feb 14 @ 3:23PM  

I don't hate them. But they do have a different belief system than most Americans have as far as religion, culture, how they believe in sharia law which they consider law of the land, and a lot of their disdain for Jews and Israel.

Feb 14 @ 3:38PM  
That my dear is why we have so many different cultures. Yet "we" get angry when the government wants to acknowledge them all. Personally I don't hate any religion I do hate stupid people . I hate people who think they are better than others . I hate people who know it all But the rest of the people I love them all. That is what I am suppose to do

Feb 14 @ 3:40PM  
I forgot to mention in my last post how muslims treat women as second class citizens in their countries. I don't agree with that way of life.

Feb 14 @ 3:53PM  
Did anyone hear about Oliver Stone's son swtiching to muslim the last day or two? He did this while visiting Iran. Not sure why he thought it was important to be in Iran to do this.

If any average American would have crossed the border into Iran, they would have been arrested and held in their prison system, and possibly sentenced to death.

Feb 14 @ 10:52PM  
The trouble with people is, they're human- the trouble with being human is, they can reason- the trouble with being able to reason is, some humans aren't very good at it- the trouble with not being very good at it, are the problems we've seen and are seeing today- Even humans who can reason well, have their bad days and try to 'reason' a bad situation into a better one and end up only making things worse than before and we all know a way over-bloated entity, that is very good at that!

Now add all the various cultures into the mix with their own lines of 'reasoning' and at best, our world is made up of mostly reasonable people with good intentions, while the rest are greedy, non-caring humans bent on making life miserable for everyone else!

As long as there are humans, there will be 'reasoning' processes going on- most good, others really bad stuff, like you mention in your blog! Unfortunately, humans that care, have to live with it and deal with it every day! This is NOT a perfect world by any means- but, it's the only one we have!

All other species with extremely limited or no 'reasoning' capabilities at all, are only concerned with eating and being eaten and procreating their species! Thinking about it, I'm not so sure that having the ability to 'reason' things out, is worth it with all the grief it causes!

I'm pretty sure my comment ties in with your blog some where!

Just my 2ยข worth, and then I may have change coming back!

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