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Advantages of Technology

posted 2/8/2012 3:55:07 PM |
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It is a challenge for me to fully embrace the technological changes sweeping our society. I know what you're gpoing to say, "Ron, you're a dinosaur...a curmudgen...stuck in the last century!" Maybe I am. But I think we should embrace technolgy when it allows us to do things faster, simplify our lives and reduce stress.

Given that, I don't feel we ALL should have techology rammed down our throats. For example, I 'm due to get a new cell phone. My contract is up and I have a problem with my internal screen. Everyone says I should get a "smart phone". I ask why? Then then go into all the things I can do on a new 4G phone. I respond, most of those things I can do on my laptop. "Yeah, but now you would be able to do them on your phone, any time." And my response goes something like this.

"I wake up in the am and turn on my laptop, check my email and go online. I go to the office, turn on my laptop, and go online. I drive to my clients, open up my laptop, check my email and go online. I get home, I turn on my laptop, check my email, go online. The only time I'm not connected to the internet is when I'm driving, I'm sleeping or working out....and I don't even turn on my phone when I'm running or playing basketball.I'm online enough. And besides....the "smart phone" will cost me at least $30 a month more. Plus the cost of the phone! I don't need it.

I love music. I have a stereo and 5 speakers. My tv is wired into my sound system. Everyone tells me to get a Bose system. Why? I don't need it. I can't listen to all the music I now own. My cd player holds 5 cds. I don't need one that holds 500.

I bought a 2002 Taurus station wagon because it had low mileage and I paid cash! I didn't need something new, sporty, and expensive.

All of the new "things" society wants us to own have less expensive counterparts. I can get a simple phone (the camera is nice, but I don't need a 24x lens), listen 5 cd's at a time, and drive an older (paid for) car.

Now if I can just find an adult dating site that can give me email, I'll be just many women can I handle at one time anyway? But fast, simple, easy email seems to be unattainable. Technology doesn't apear to be pressing AMD.

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Feb 8 @ 5:07PM  
lol you are right The makers of stuff wants to tell us we need all of this . Ok I do have a text phone why because I text more that I talk on the phone . For cars I have 2011 Honda before that a dodge truck Had it for 20 years guess what its the back up now ,it served me well . Why A honda great on milage for one thing got it cheap in warrenty .Need that now and its the perfect size for me. Hopfully last awhile . TV don't watch alot so don't need 64 inchs sometimes things are to big . And not all big objects are good . So I won't be like the Jones I will keep my money and let them have the debt. Now if Amd gets their acted right. we be alright

Feb 8 @ 9:15PM  
I'm perfectly content with my desktop pc, my lg phone, my dented Impala, and my little house. I don't need a smart phone. I rarely use the lg as it is. I still want one of those IPads though...but that will have to wait till I can afford one. Till then, what I've got now, I'm fine with. car has a 1 cd at a time player in it.

Feb 9 @ 10:51AM  
My car still has an 8-track player in it

Feb 9 @ 1:05PM  
As long as my "technology" can function like I want it to and it works for me, I don't care how contemporary it is

Feb 9 @ 1:17PM  
I live a simple life. I've got all I need and most of what I want...there's a difference yanno.

I have a cell phone with a quarty keyboard...had to ask them at the time what that was and wasn't sure I'd like it but I needed a phone that would get better reception, I was tired of mine dropping calls like flies in a cloud of Raid. I do like the quarty keyboard...alot! I text in spurts and have a small text package mostly because others text me and that's hard to stop since it's all the rage nowadays.

My car is an Impala...2003 and it's paid for. I have more CD's and ways to play music than I can listen to. I live in a mobile home, older but nice. And I'd say my only indulgence is my tv, internet and home phone. I do like the upper channels with all the dateline, ID and other investigation shows and COPS! I love COPS! But my screen is only a 37 inch but that's just right for me.

I can't even name all this new technology that's available let alone know what it's for and if I don't know what it's for...I DON'T NEED IT!

(finally a good blog...kudo! )

Feb 9 @ 8:47PM  
Thanks for commenting, everyone. I would've sent you all personal thanks, but I still have no email.

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Advantages of Technology