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Vote my way and only my way

posted 2/2/2012 1:05:00 PM |
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And don't think for yourself. I'm right, everyone else is wrong.

Well, I don't know about others, but, I find that way of talk/thinking to be insulting. We are supposed to be free thinking individuals here, yet, we have some who deem it their "duty" to tell us, not inform us, on who/how to vote. No. That is not how a democracy is supposed to work.

I understand and I get it that there are those who firmly support their party of choice. Regardless of what trash heap gets up there in the general election to vote on. I understand that there are policies some will support, while others will scream about being "unAmerican". Discussion is good. Gets information out there to peak curiosity and thus (hopefully) encourage others to Google (or bing or Yahoo or Alta get the idea. ) the information to see just where a candidate stands on an issue that person may find important.

Back in 2000, I totally walked away from the idea of straight party voting. That in of itself can be dangerous because then a voter just puts their mark on whichever party regardless of the fact that there is a bad candidate in there that shouldn't get a vote. I guess I would be called "Independent" as I'll look at what a candidate is talking about, what and how they vote on issues I find important. And here is a shocker....I could care less what their religion is. Why? Separation of Church and State. It comes up every election, and there is always the chicken little out there saying the sky is falling if this candidate gets elected. Hasn't happened. Stop and be real in the thinking. If a candidate who gets elected as President decided to "force" his/her religion on this country as a whole......just how fast do you all think citizens would fight back? We love our freedoms here, and those candidates have a good idea of just how far they can go before citizens get ugly in this country. They're not totally stupid.

Anyway, when if comes to voting....I'm looking at issues, voting records, etc. I don't give a care who FOX, CNN, or MSNBC are cheerleading for. I'm done with blind party voting. Have been for a while now. And I'll not sit here and tell others how to vote. Cause after all, it's our choice on how and who we vote for. And I'll make that decision on my own.

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Feb 2 @ 7:57PM  
I'm going to keep this short because 'politics' just 'rips' me a new one every time it's mentioned! It's the biggest scam going- I know it, you know it, the politicians know it but for some unexplained reason(s), the people that believe this rubbish and fall for it every time, just blows my mind! The mindset the 'party' followers have, is superseded only by the, despicable, arrogant mindset of the politicians themselves!

Why is it that the 'star struck' people, believe that politicians actually mean what they say? It doesn't matter who and what party is in office- if it did, things would get done! The fact that neither party hasn't and can't agree on major issues that affect the average citizen's life, tells me that it's not about the citizens... it's all about the politicians and what they want and paying out favors for votes!

Our elections are a farce... period! To really get our country back, requires a total makeover in our election process! We need to get the money, lobbyists and all other 'special interests' out of the equation or, we'll never have an honest election... ever!!

As far as I'm concerned, politicians are nothing more than massive forms of mutant DNA walking! They will never resolve the problems we have because they have no interest in doing so- not beneficial for them! It's up to us, to set things straight!


Feb 3 @ 8:21AM  
ummmm politics is the matter of choosing the lessor evil ..

sorry, not much different than dating ... say what they think to get what they want from you ..

however I always vote, it's a privilege!


Feb 3 @ 9:32AM  
Sounds like you have made forays to the vanilla site again.

Feb 3 @ 10:29AM  
Hey, vote my way because I DO KNOW BEST!

Sorry, I couldn't resist!

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