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Personal Crisis and their degree of severity?

posted 1/21/2012 11:28:13 AM |
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Personal Crisis have been a popular theme with me lately. Car troubles, computer virus on my work laptop, re-evaluation of my current relationship (or lack thereof) situation, all have given me reason to think. 1, 2, or 3 years ago all of these situations would have caused great distress, fear, even paranoia. But today they are merely bumps in the road. Mainly because business is better and I can afford solutions to each crisis as it comes along. Therefore the degree of severity of each crisis is far less than it would have been in the past. Whether it is physical, financial, or sexual/relationship oriented, I've been able to handle whatever hand life has dealt me.

I've also had the opportunity recently to exchange emails with some people far younger than me. These "conversations" have been enlightening as the "crisis" in the life of a 20-something year old is usually far different than the crisis of the 50-something year old.

I asked the following question, "What was the biggest crisis you endured in the last 24 hours; the last week; the last month?" What I found when I asked myself that question is that I'm very thankful I had the means to handle my crisis. What I found from the 20-something year old, is that her crisis seemed very trivial compared to mine. So she was also very thankful that things weren't far worse.

So I ask you fellow pervians, "What is the biggest crisis you have endured in the last 24 hours; the last week; the last month?...and how well have you handled it?"

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Jan 21 @ 11:50AM  
Biggest crisis I've experienced recently?

I already blogged about it, the transmission in my van turning to junk Thursday night.

Now, 20 years ago, I probably would have freaked out, cussed, burst into tears, but Thursday, I just heaved a big sigh, called my Dad, took a quick course in "pushing" a disabled vehicle, got it home, sister let me borrow her van for the weekend, and Dad already found me another car, so I'll pay him back. In other words, just kept calm and rolled with it. No sense in getting all worked up over it.

In the last hour, a couple of my "beloved angels" (dogs) got a little "ornery" with each other, so I stepped in between them and told them very sternly to "back it off", and they did.


Jan 21 @ 1:19PM  
A man that I have been in love with or rather I was in love with the thought of he adn I being together took me out and told me he was getting divorced and would I date him after all was resolved. I said yes. We have not had any physical relationship prior, just friends. He has since reniged (sp?) saying he had too much on his plate and didn't know how to have a healthy relationship at this point. The kicker was that he added "our relationship wouldn't be healthy". All this was done by text and he won't respond to my question, "why wouldn't our relationship be a healthy one?"
I have been through alot lately with my Mom's health and loosing a job because of me being the caretaker. He didn't even respond with a phone call when I alerted him of my situation. He has been silent till I texted him yesterday. It has been since Christmas that I heard form him and that was only to respond to my text.
I am going to get a new job. My Mom is doing better. I saved money to take care of bills if this came about, and he can take care of his feelings without me. I will support him s a friend if he needs me, but I won't let my heart be fumbled with when there are more important issues at hand.
I guess this confidence and security comes with age. I didn't do anything innappropriate, I have no guilt...I just wasted my hearts time on something that would never be. I do realize his ego was asking me if I would date him after the divorce. He knew too...he just won't admit it. I guess he isn't as mature as I thought he was. Life goes on.

Jan 21 @ 1:50PM  
The biggest crisis this past week is more of a headache than a crisis...dealing with being a full blown diabetic. I've been one for far more than I would admit to...handled it by burying my head in the sand. Now I face it square on and deal with it.

What has changed my attitude? I suspect that settling some other problems I've dealt with this past year has cleared the way for my head to get wrapped around this diabetic problem.

My biggest crisis happened all last summer and into the holidays...a relationship problem concerning my partner's ex. Finally I just pulled myself up by my boot straps and told myself to let it wasn't worth the hurt and misery. A lot of the problems was, I still had a lot of baggage that I'd carried for years. I dumped it all...honestly! I realized if I lost my partner, what was the worst that could happen? I wasn't gonna die or go crazy or anything...I would do like I've always done...just pick myself up and go on. Surprisingly, once I changed my attitude, my partner finally realized just how much the ex was causing us problems and now the ex, although they're still in touch (which I don't mind) is actually fading into the background where she should've been all along!

And Murph...just a thought...when that guy said he couldn't have a healthy relationship right now, he most likely is smart enough to realize that. I suspect that could be the reason he's getting a divorce. Maybe he has issues that need resolved before he moves on to any other relationship. Be glad he recognizes that and just be his friend. Time will take care of where it goes from there. Hugs!

(Sorry to be so long-winded... )

Jan 21 @ 6:26PM  
humm the last 24 hours? trying to keep my mind focused from the past week

Past week saying goodbye to my dad hardest thing I have ever done in my life

Past month finding out my daddy had Lung Cancer and it was stage 4

Jan 21 @ 7:05PM  
Internal crisis. Tired of putting my issues out in public for troll fodder, so no need to mention it here. Dealing with it? Hardly.

Jan 21 @ 7:20PM  
I'm happy to say there have been no problems or crises here on my end over the past week. I had some car issues 2-3 weeks ago with the muffler and something else that needed fixed, but took car of that and the car is running really good and pretty smooth now.

Jan 21 @ 7:55PM  
Sitting on the fence make up my mind about a personal issue . Seems like I am frozen there another is a knee injury Nashville mathron for me this year or ever depends on what the doctor says and he ain't talking .Darn him

Jan 21 @ 8:53PM  
Thanks Softie...than you Horse man...Iam cool, calm amd collected. Ihave known this man for many years and know his issues and he has been working on them for years. The fact that he said our relationship wouldn't be healthy is what hurt me. I don't know why and he hasn't told me, but yes...I will always be available if he needs me, but I am A O K...I am healthy...I thought he would be good for me as I thought I had been for him. Will I ever get an answer? I doubt it, so I am moving on with my thoughts and he is in my prayers. My heart is open and no ill will. When you have no control what is the point in trying to get it from some that can't give. wishes to all. Murph

Jan 22 @ 8:58AM  
"What is the biggest crisis you have endured in the last 24 hours; the last week; the last month?...and how well have you handled it?"

Good blog question, kudos Mine is pretty easy, but a tie between two things. After reading everybody else's problems and tragedies I feel a bit guilty in mentioning them.

I found out on Thursday that my dad's alzheimers (sp) had advanced to where he had to be moved from the assisted living center to a rest home.

I tripped over a dog yesterday and crashed down on my computer table resulting in serious damage to the table but not the fat guy or computer compnents. Old tubby here broke a table leg and a bridge. The table is unusable now and will have to be repaired. The table is a formal dining room table made out of walnut that my dad made in the sixties

My affirmations go out to all of you facing trials and tribulations.

Jan 22 @ 9:59AM  
Thanks to all who participated. I guess we all have a lot to be thankful for. Even though life isn't easy, we endure. Good luck all!

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Personal Crisis and their degree of severity?