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A Small Disgruntlement...

posted 1/17/2012 3:39:57 PM |
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So, I was trolling the net for some porn to rub one out to, and while I dig big hard cocks slamming into tight pussies and lots of noise, have you ever noticed how it's marketed?

"X uses her holes and fills them with hot bubbling cum." wTF? Seriously? Maybe, just maybe she used his hot dick and covered it with hot bubbling cum...

"Teen gets fucked hard" Ok.. Teen? Not so much.. not that I wanna watch kids getting sexed up.. but come on .. teen at thirty? anyway.. marketing to attract men only.

So then I got to wondering how would one go about marketing porn for women? I came up with a few ideas for working titles.. let me know what you think???

"Sexy Stud gets blowjob after doing dishes, laundry and vacuuming the floor". Pretty good, don't you think? "Woman rides that cock like it's the bull in the bar." woman gets pampered, inside and out by three hot men. Oooh I like this idea. I think I might be on to something. I know that seeing a man do something besides just take it would certainly help me out a bit in the speedgasm game.

Crap, I'm horny as a three peckered billy goat in rut. No one's home.. and all I have to rub out to is man porn. I think I'll go watch gay porn.. at least in that, everyone gets theirs.

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Jan 17 @ 4:47PM  
How's about:

She rides him hard. No? Too blase'?

Ummmm....I got it!

"She ties him what she does next".

Jan 17 @ 4:59PM  
Thats why I stopped watching mainstream porn: TSSSSSSSS, OH YEAH YOU LIKE MY HARD COCK POUNDING YOU? AHHHMMMMOHHHHHHHHhhh shut the fuck up, will you?

When I need to rock the little man in the boat, I rely on my trusted amateur vids of sexy men shining their shaft. There's one guy on the AS place I watch over and over because he does it just how I like it: slow, deliberate and since he plays guitar as a hobby, he moves his hand up and down like its the frets hot. And at the X place, this delicious young'un with a tight body, full lips and fat cock who....excuse me. BRB in 10...15 minutes.

Jan 17 @ 6:24PM  
...AND everyone's hard.

Jan 17 @ 7:02PM is fun to watch when needed and free

Jan 17 @ 7:14PM  
i love the ones that say "first time anal" and you could drive a truck up her hole... i know mainstream thinks we are stupid but now the porn industry !!!


Jan 17 @ 7:40PM  

Ya get a group of ladies together and they get NAAASSSSTY, NAASSSTY, NASTY and I LOVE it!


Jan 17 @ 8:03PM is fun to watch when needed and free

thanks for the tip!...i like to watch the ladies and sometimes be watched...

Jan 17 @ 9:09PM  
"Sexy Stud gets blowjob after doing dishes, laundry and vacuuming the floor".

How about role reversal based on some of the cheesy things with guys wearing things like the hokey nurse's uniforms, yellow rubber gloves, French maid outfits, cleaning toilets, playing with balloons, etc.?

Jan 17 @ 11:58PM  
Seriously the porn industry was built on the money men were willing to shell out so it makes sense in the free market economy that men would be catered to. The women of porn are not real women in real situations its all a fantasy world constructed to attract the attention of men in whatever fetish of their particular kink

Women are objects of beauty and desire we men like to put on a pedistal in their white virginal lace but when no one is watching we like to take them down and ram our big hard cocks in their pretty tight asses and bust a load all over their soft smooth skin.

Jan 18 @ 12:44AM  
and while I dig big hard cocks slamming into tight pussies and lots of noise, have you ever noticed how it's marketed?
And have you noticed that they have the woman screaming fuck me with that big hard cock when they are filming her sucking dick. Either a damned good ventriloquist or piss poor choreographing. I suppose they think ones desperate to rub one out are stupid & don't see the humor in the mistakes but they don't give a fuck because they know that porno sells to all who are interested in every aspect of what they are making. Basically a form of entertainment for every perv on the block.

Jan 18 @ 1:21AM  
Everyone is different....and I am no exception.....

I would rather see...a women..Pleasure herself....or a couple of Lesbians that really are into what they are doing....Not...just Pleasing.. the camera!!!

Titles..well....You know the sources....!!!
Here's one..... "Sqwirl Fucks HornyToad...Untill She Is Totally Fucked out!!!" or is that..fucked up!!!

Jan 18 @ 2:28AM  
"Teen gets fucked hard" Ok.. Teen? Not so much.. not that I wanna watch kids getting sexed up.. but come on .. teen at thirty? anyway.. marketing to attract men only.
Not even my cup of tea at over 40 but I was browsing one day & this video at the bottom of the main page I was looking at showed this clip that automatically played over & over without having to click on it of a young girl who started crying after a man came in her mouth. It may have been funny to some but I just closed the whole page.

Jan 18 @ 3:06AM  
Well I got bored tonight decided to check out some of the cam sites .. my opinion is there is a too young and a too old to be doing this .. either one I find very uncomfortable to watch ..that is in women .. men you can't hardly tell cause they usually just show the bottom part anyway .. a hard dick is a hard dick is a hard dick and all I've seen have been very pleasing to the eye.. no complaints.
I've noticed something else .. we always have this wonderful after glow .. I always get the munchies .. like right now I'm heading for the kitchen

Jan 18 @ 12:21PM  
Oh and the face shots during the action.. all smiley and fake sexy? WTF? No real person makes those faces.. usually it looks like a cross between extreme pain and a convulsion.

For me, sex is a bore if there's no laughter, funny noises and strange faces involved. Plus.. Come on.. the lady needs a lot more than 14 seconds of foreplay.. Yeah, seriously. Even with my cadillac vibrator it takes me at least 30 seconds. :D

Jan 18 @ 12:34PM  
Yes, faces and facial expressions...

Ever check out Beautiful Agony? It is all about the faces of orgasm. No cocks, no pussies, just faces. Gorgeous, unpretentious faces.. very erotic. It is a pay site but there are some free previews. And you mightfind some of these posted elsewhere on the net too.

Jan 18 @ 3:45PM  
I use to just look up whatever I am in the mood for. Estim is fun to hands no girls just a cum shot

Jan 18 @ 5:34PM  
The closet door is locked and I cant'z get out....

Jan 18 @ 6:58PM  
well Borty I hope Skwirl isn't locked in there with you .. you may not live to see the other side of that closet door

Jan 18 @ 8:49PM  
I wubs my Borty Panty man.

Hush now, sweetums, let Skwirly spank you nice.

Thanks shoxx.. I'll check that out.

Jan 19 @ 1:22AM  
Even with my cadillac vibrator it takes me at least 30 seconds. :D
Ha !!! So it being a cadillac it rode good.
For me, sex is a bore if there's no laughter
You talking about pussy & stomach farts ... I don't think so but not only women seem corny on porn. I saw this guy getting a blow job & only when he made eye contact with his blower he would rock his head back , look at the ceiling , & moan. He would never make a sound or have any reaction while she was doing the deed but eye contact was a for sure making of an idiotic moan.

Jan 19 @ 9:47AM  
yeah SOMNIUM .. a fact of life.. but you have to admit, when they're right, they're so damn right!!!!


Jan 19 @ 1:13PM  
This is the BEST fuckin blog I have read in LOOOOOOONNNGGG time! I LOVE IT! You have no idea how many times I have had these very same thoughts!!!! Thank you for this!!!!

I happen to like

Jan 19 @ 5:59PM  
Out door sex cracks me up with the pesky critters. Watching the female having a fanly fuck trying to wave them off her snatch as she is getting pounded. I say bring some OFF or go back in the house & fuck. I wish someone had a good link to porn bloopers.

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A Small Disgruntlement...