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"Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"

posted 1/11/2012 11:26:41 AM |
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tagged: thoughts, future

I remember this question being asked when I was a senior in high school. I often wonder if any of my classmates actually achieved their goals that named then. I know one wanted to play pro ball for the Lions, and he did manage to get as far as their minor league team. (I'm not a football me if I got that wrong). Now he's a part time karate instructor.

I remember when it came time for me to answer the question, and being the smart ass I was back then, I popped off with "anywhere but here". Yeah, the teacher didn't think that was too funny. I don't know why. Oh well...she always had this look on her face like she tasted something awful..and was just an unpleasant person overall. I'm amazed even today that I passed her class with a C+. (Personally, I think she just didn't want me repeating her class. ) So, anyway, what I had actually pictured to be doing five years after graduation from high school was to be in college working towards a degree. I hadn't figured out yet what I wanted to pursue, just that I had planned on going...............after taking a year or so off from school all together to live it up and enjoy some freedom. I still wish I had taken up my parents offer to help pay for my college back then. They had saved up, and Dad was still working for GM at the time. But nooooo....I HAD to have my year of fun and partying. So, Dad ended up buying the boat he wanted. But ya know, he had a blast with that, all is good. I just have student loans to pay off eventually. But, that's what happens when one doesn't take up an offer she should have.

And, as it so happens, in that year that I wanted to take off, my best friend, later that summer, told me she was pregnant. That put quite the damper on our year of partying and raising hell. Oh yeah, she stopped partying as soon as she suspected. She was 17 at the time. Our partying was getting fifths of Jack Daniels or Jim Beam, some pot, and just hanging with friends and getting totally wasted. We went from that to an almost stand still when she found out she was pregnant. Yes, we smoked cigs too...and she cut way back to one or two a day for the entire pregnancy. Anyway, her boyfriend wanted to do "the right thing" and get married so they could be a family. Even at 18, I knew it wouldn't last, these two had been arguing frequently for months before hand, and even then, I knew it would end in divorce. I give them credit for trying, but, shortly after their son was born, they were divorced. And, she and I were back to our partying ways. Stupid? You bet. And there are no excuses for it. We were young, and thought we knew all. I'll never forget the night of one such party with the booze and the pot being plentiful, and it was like around 2a.m., and music was blasting, and I remember my friend being by the door, looking out, and jumping and saying, "Oh shit!!!", and a few seconds later, her parents walk in the door. A little background here: her dad moved from Mexico to America, joined our military, met and married her mother when they were both living in San Antonio, TX, and moved to Michigan, where he worked as a maintenance supervisor for a GM plant, and are Catholic. Her dad exploded like an atomic bomb that night. I was SO HAPPY at that time to NOT know Spanish because he was going off in Spanish. I never saw people clear out of a house so fast in my entire life! Me and a friend of ours had gone and hid in the bathroom. (yeah, I know, chickens! ) I remember the friend contemplating jumping out the little bathroom window. We could hear the storm outside of the bathroom door. After a while, my friend's mother came to the bathroom door and told us it was safe to come out. Yeah, we got scolded for out part in the partying that night. Amazing thing is, throughout all of friend's son slept through it all. And yes, her father was insisting that she was going to move back home where he can keep an eye on her...which led to an argument. Her mother finally stepped in and calmed that down.

After they left, I remember the 3 of us sitting there, kind of shell shocked by the whole thing, and she announced that her dad was right and she couldn't be living like this. Next morning, she was down at the local college getting the application for financial aid, and got herself signed up to take classes. And, I had offered to babysit for her while she went to college full time. So, for six years, I helped her with her son while she took classes, her parents actually paid me for helping out, I told them they didn't have to, even tried to refuse, but I'll tell ya, they were not taking no for an answer.

continued in comments..........

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Jan 11 @ 11:27AM  
I actually did feel guilty taking money for something I originally offered to do to begin with. My friend, she graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Social Work, that was about 20, maybe 21 years ago, and she's been working ever since. That baby, he is now grown, he's 27, going to be 28 this year, he is in a band, but he also is in the process of being certified as a fire fighter, and has 2 children of his own.

So...when I think about that question of "where do you see yourself 5 years from now", I know I wasn't where I had planned to be, and I don't regret it because my friend needed help, and I was happy to help her. I eventually got to starting my classes later, and was working part time, ended up having to drop out for a while because I needed the hours at work to get me a better car back then, ended up working 2 jobs for a while, and then I met Mick.......and eventually, I finally got back into the classroom to finish my degree. Better late than never.


Jan 11 @ 5:55PM  
I see myself even more stubborn if that's possible.

I see myself set even more in my ways, and being more rich than I am now. As for happiness, I would hope that I am very content and very happy with that special someone.

Jan 11 @ 6:51PM  
where do you see yourself 5 years from now
When i was younger I had many plans and sadly only a few came to light. I did manage to get to AAS degrees, one in accounting and one in paramedics and I only have a few classes left to have a computer science degree. When I started to get sick I was forced to quit school. I met and married the love of my life, but lost him only have a few years but am grateful for the time we had together. Due to my illness, where I will be in 5 years, will be probably where I am now. My illness will never be cured but other than the problem with controlling the pain it won't get worse, and its not fatal. So i don't worry where I will be in 5 years, I just take one day at a time and enjoy it the best I can. I have accomplished more than I thought i would and yet not all that I wanted to. That's life.

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"Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"