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To Tebow..Or Not Too Tebow?

posted 1/11/2012 12:28:11 AM |
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After watching the NFL all year....and seeing a Commercial..... or Two.....about...(Mostly men)...that do Stupid things..if their team Looses!!!!!!
Like Wearing Diapers ....or Signs on their back..saying stupid things........

I found this clip to be Most Interesting!!! The Mayor Of Pittsbugh Wore a Tebow Jersey..and Tebowed!!!!!!!
Don't take this wrong.....Because I'm sure if I had made the bet..I would have done the same thing!!!
Hell... I like Tebow!!!

I lived in that City(Pittsburgh) for a few Weeks...and Ummm... let me tell ya....This not gonna Fly to well with some of the PPL!!!

The PPL there...are Way more Friendly....Decent..and Welcome New Folks like myself..than they are here in NC!!!!

The Guys I worked with there...were awesome!!! The CEO Sucked...!!

I have told the Story before.....and I'm gonna tell it again....
One day while working....a Group of the Guys Surrounded me....I'm like..WTF?....
One of my buds folded his arms....and looked down his nose at me..and Said.... "Well.. I guess since you are from are a Skins Fan!!!"
I had just recently Got back into Football....and I was pulling for the Underdog..which is/was The Panthers!!! But I liked the Steelers also!!! My X was a big fan.....
but my reply was......ummm... Do I have a Choice?
They all folded their arms..and said at the Exactly same time...Ummmmm "NOPE"! If you Live in Pittsburgh.....You are a Steelers Fan!!!!
I LMAO...and said..well I guess I am one then!!!
We all Laughed..and went on...except for that bud I was telling you about.....he said the PPL in that Town..Live And Breathe Football!!!
He said..if they Won on Sunday...Monday...Everyone in the town was Happy!!!
But If They lost....everyone was Sad.....and some would even jump off of Bridges....
I don't think the Mayor will be re-elected!!!

Have you Ever done anything like that before?

That kinda bet would be worse than Paying Money..if you lost..ya think?

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Jan 11 @ 3:13AM  
Way more Friendly....Decent..and Welcome New Folks like myself..than they are here in NC!!!!

I could have told you that one. There are a few friendly people in the state who talk to people who have been here less than six generations. I think they are called transplanted Yankees.

I did not lose this bet but during the World Series a friend had a bet with me that the loser would have to streak through Washington Square Park in their underwear at noon. Glad I did not lose that one. He thought no way the Yankees were going to take the series that year. He was wrong and I got to laugh my butt off at him when I watched him run through the park the next day.

Jan 11 @ 9:41AM  
Thanks lady....
The PPL here are........well lets just say....not my kinda ppl!!!
To be honest..thats Strange...
My Big Boss told me during Orientation that I would be more welcome here than most anywhere....because over 70% of the area are from Transplants like myself ...well he was very wrong!!!
I work with some that are Complete ... Assholes!!!

The Co. I work for is 1st rate!!! But the PPL.....
He was wrong and I got to laugh my butt off at him when I watched him run through the park the next day.

Jan 11 @ 9:57AM  
I ain't watching anymore football this season since my Lions are done.

I'll watch the Superbowl more than likely.

Wanna talk about snotty people? Try the Township here where I live. Well, actually, I'm on the outskirts of it, but, the further into the Township here, the more snobby people are. They act like they are royalty out here. I'm glad in my little neighborhood the folks are a little friendlier...except for that neighbor that can't keep his nose in his own yard. He and his wife are retired and their lawn is so damned manicured, it could be on the front page of some lawn and garden magazine where my lawn...well, at least it's green in the summer. I do mow the lawn, and I do take care of the weeds, and that's about the extent of it.


Jan 11 @ 1:14PM  
I'm sorry you aren't more comfortable there, OHT.
I loved NC when I was there... which was only a day. lol

I think Mn has some rude, nonwelcoming people.
But I guess they are everywhere and so are the good ones.

I hope things get a LOT better for you.

As for football, I only make small cash bets, or personal ones. Nuff said! lol

Jan 11 @ 5:13PM  
The PPL there...are Way more Friendly....Decent..and Welcome New Folks like myself..than they are here in NC!!!!
I'm a little surprised by that.

...(Mostly men)...that do Stupid things
Seems like that's the thing to do these days with commercials, always making guys look stupid. Love to see ads doing the same to women, but then a lot of businesses would not consider doing this as there are more women shoppers, not to mention that base will be pissed and revolt against these businesses.

Jan 11 @ 5:40PM  
it's always nice when recognized people in a community make a friendly wager on any sports team and actually pay up when they lose. People take sports WAYYYYY too seriously. It's supposed to be fun and enjoyable to watch. Now I'm as guilty as the next guy of getting upset when my team loses (usually cos it costs me a shitload of $$$) but I would never go to any extreme over any sports game that I have no part in winning or losing. I think if more Mayors, Governors, whatever people....would make public bets like these that ppl would see that it's just a game. A game to get excited about sure! But not to be taken so seriously when it doesn't go your, or your teams way!

Jan 11 @ 6:22PM  
I think Mn has some rude, nonwelcoming people.
Thanks alot treas...........

In truth, in the area, Treas was staying I have to agree, that MN has some rude people..........but up here in God's Country...........most try to be very open and welcoming. Of course we depend on the tourist business for most of the income so I guess we have to be nice.........but I think a lot has to do with where you are at and what you are doing whether you will meet nice people or jerks.

Oh and back on the subject.........I have no clue what Tebow is or what it is .

Jan 11 @ 11:18PM  
A game to get excited about sure! But not to be taken so seriously when it doesn't go your, or your teams way!
I Agree man!!!!

Jan 12 @ 11:27PM  
Is that the black dude's form of exercising for women you see on the infomercial ?

Jan 13 @ 12:58PM  
If I lost a bet and had to wear acan new England jersey, I may have to take the route of a Tibetan monk and self immolate. Being a jets fan.

Jan 14 @ 6:23AM  
"When your from PA, your either a STEELERS fan or an EAGLES fan" my dad would say. We were always STEELER fans. Even my mom, who really didnt care about sports, would stop what she was doing and jin us watching the game. The same went when Penn St was playing. I havent really lived in an area where the lives of people were dependant on who won or lost, but, I have had to deal with my shsare of nut jobs. In Calif., it was Raider/49rs. In New Mexico, it was Cowboy/Broncos. Now living back in Pa I happen to be stuck in Eagle country. You try this being a BUC'S fan. I still LOVE my STEELERS, but I am also a BUC'S fan. Been one since summer of 76. I've taken my share of grief. A LOT OF GRIEF!!! But I have stood tall with the BUC'S. It's hard. We go hot and cold so often it's hard to say what is next. Course we won a Super Bowl,something Eagle fans cant brag about yet.
BUT, one thing I have noticed, no matter where you go, if your a fan of football, you wear your color's proud, people that are fans, will give you grief, but, it is such a great way to meet people. Football is some kind of universal ice breaker. A person will come up, and even if it's to bad mouth your team, they have an understanding of who you are. It's a very cool norm in an unusually hostile world.
I dont care who your a fan of, if your a fan and wear your color's proud, people will snicker and spit, but they will always give you a modecum of repsect for the love of the game. I cant stand the Cowboys. U either luv em or luv to hate em. They take it in stride. Hard to argue that they are also one of the most daunting of teams. Well used to be.
But about TEBOW and the Broncos. Not a really big Bronco's guy, BUT..I SOOOO HOPE THAT HE AND HIS BRONCO'S WIPE THAT SMIRK OFF BRADY'S FACE and make him pay dearly. I CANT STAND all the hoopla about the PAT's. Who are they anyway.
Well have ranted enough..GO FOOTBALL and GO EVERYONE to having a great time enjoying the remainder of the season. I look forward to trying again next year.

Jan 17 @ 11:06AM  
Thanks for the comments everyone!!!

Sorry about being late approving your Comment trv12u....but I was out of town for the weekend!!!

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To Tebow..Or Not Too Tebow?