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posted 1/10/2012 1:51:29 PM |
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In our area, yesterday, a 28 year old man was arrested on child abuse and possibly other charges, for a beating he gave a 3 month old baby on Jan. 2. The little girl is still in critical condition for brain trauma and a fractured skull. Now this is a horrible thing that happened but probably could have been prevented.

This man has at least 3 ex girlfriends and 5 kids (split between those 3 ex girlfriends) and he has beaten each and every one of them. No one has ever filed a complaint about these beatings, not the girlfriends, not the kids, not the family members, not even the neighbors that witnessed this. If any of them would have filed a complaint and had him arrested, it may have saved a little baby girl that wasn't even aware she was doing something to bring on that kind of hostility.

In a way I can understand the ex girlfriends not filing a complaint for the beatings they received. A person who gets abused regularly through different relationships or long periods begin to believe they deserve the beatings. But what is wrong with these women not reporting that this jerk is beating their children. I, also, can not understand why other family members and neighbors didn't report it, even if they arrested him and she refused to testify it would be in the court records. In Minnesota, if the cops are called and they see signs of abuse, even if the woman refuses to press charges, the state does. I just can't help to think that if someone would have made that call in the past, that baby wouldn't be in the hospital right now.

Years ago when my daughter was 5 her best friend lived next door, and use to play all the time at our house. I would see bruises on her and when I asked she would just say she fell down. One night our parking area was all lit up with cops and ambulance was there. I later found out that my daughters best friend was beaten to death by her step father. I will always hold the guilt that I should have asked more questions.

Today is different, I have opened my house to women who needed a place to stay while they located and arrested her husband/boyfriend, I have given help to children who have come to me with stories of child abuse. I don't sit by and let the neighbor beat the shit out of his wife. But I know there are a lot of people that do because they don't want to get involved. They are worried about retaliation which sometimes is a concern.

Now in the cases I have cited it was women but men get abused often too so I would do the same if he needed help.

My question to you would be: If you saw a case of abuse going on would you call the police?

What if that same case was happening over and over, you call police and he is back within 3 days doing the same, would you still call the police.

Now this is my blog and I am opening up the comments today. If i leave than other than friends it will wait for approval. I don't care if you disagree with me, but do it politely. Any one trying to start trouble on my blog will be deleted and blocked. MY blog, my rules. Also I know that you don't know this little girl that is laying in the hospital but please take a moment and send up a prayer for a full recovery.

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Jan 10 @ 2:10PM  
Wow, what timing for this one Dayna. Right now in our area, an asshole is on trial for the beating death of his girlfriend's 4 year son. The kid's "crime"? He wet his pants. They are trying to pass a law here in Michigan called "Dominick's Law".

This link will give the background..yes, it's an older article, but it has the info:

Dominick's Law

I remember the outrage around here about the mother doing nothing to stop the abuse of her little boy.

News reports last night about the trial said that the judge has instructed the jury to not show emotions, and that when the testimony and pictures of Dominick's bruised body were shown, the jurors after viewing the pictures looked away...apparently they were some horrific pictures.

How anyone can hurt a child in any way, and beat them to death over a little piss on the couch, that is a monster who doesn't deserve to be free.

Someone near to me was the victim of a pedophile...and when I realized what was going on, I didn't hesitate, the cops were called. The creep is now sitting in prison where he belongs, and the victim and her family are still working to put the pieces of their lives back together.

I cannot tolerate anyone who would hurt/abuse a kid.

Jan 10 @ 3:46PM  
People (male or female) that harm kids like that or worse and found guilty in a court of law, should be imprisoned in the general prison population and have 'the word' get around as to why he/she is there! The other prisoners will take care of business, eventually! The trauma that little girl went through, will stay with her for a long time, if not the rest of her life! This creep, doesn't belong on this planet... period!!


Jan 10 @ 4:05PM  
When I got married, I did not know at the time my husband was abustive. Doing the first year, I ended up with a broken wrist, black eyes and some cracked ribs. I told my mother I was leaving him and she told me that it was my fault that he did what he did to me. Finally, a friend tha told me it was not my fault and I did divorce him. My divorce was the first one in the family. A person's background has a lot to do with how she see her life. It took me a long time before I realized that I needed to make my own way and not the way that my family believed was right.

Jan 10 @ 4:14PM  
When I worked at Penney's I called the cops on more than one person for abusing their child. One woman hit her little 2 year old boy so hard in the face she gave him a bloody nose because he was telling her he was hungry over and over again. One lady was beating her child in the fitting room area right in front of other shoppers. If they would do that in public you can imagine what went on at home.

I had an ex who would get abusive when he did drugs. Well actually he became physically abusive once. He hit my oldest son in the face and then hit me once. When the jerk came to after that (amazing how much damage a brass vase can do to stop someone attacking you) I had grabbed my children and left then walked straight to the police station. They busted him for drugs. I was five months pregnant at the time and was not about to let him harm any of my children born or unborn.

People usually fear people who are abusers. They are afraid that if they call the police and they let him go they will be the next victim. These jerks count on that fear to keep on doing what they are doing.

Personally I think anyone who would abuse children should be stripped naked in the public square and be beat in an inch of their life. Let them recover and then repeat.

Jan 10 @ 4:44PM  
They said child abusers were abuse when they were young ,yes I can see that. But at the same time they are adults they have a choice to abuse or not . If they chose to abuse then throw them in jail male female makes no difference.Lose the key .I have no qualms over the death penatly if a child dies .

Jan 10 @ 5:35PM  
All I can say is the women who sit back & let this happen to their children or abuse their own children are NOT MOTHERS! They may have given physical birth to that child...but no real MOTHER would ever let someone harm their child...even nature shows us sad is all I can say...

Jan 10 @ 6:01PM  
Thanks everyone for your comments. I think the mother should be charged with something because apparently she had seen him hit another one of his kids and never reported it, but sadly nothing will happen to her.

As for abused people becoming abusers..........yes that does happen very often or goes the other way and they never strike anyone because they took so many beatings. The thing is, in my opinion, we make decisions of who we want to be........and than we work at being that place. If we think we are going to strike a child, walk away and cool down. there is nothing so important it has to be acted on in that instance.

I am out of here for the evening. So comments are open to be approved automatically for friends...........this is not to stop new people from commenting on my blog........its to stop the trouble makers.......sorry it has to be this way.

Jan 10 @ 8:35PM  
That's pretty 'effed up. I assume he was the baby's dad, but your post did not come out and say it. Otherwise, what's a 28 year old man being the 'caregiver' to a baby?
Where was the mother? Most GOOD momma's, don't get too far away from their baby with an obvious nutter, especially with a child so young. You did say he had a history of violence......yet the mother allowed him to be with the baby?

Although, statistics show that over 50% of children that are murdered, are 'done in' by the biological mother. And I don't even have the numbers of baby's killed by abortion.
Which is kinda killing a baby......if you want to be honest about it.

Jan 10 @ 11:18PM  
40 DWM ..... Sorry i didn't clarify that...........yes he was the baby daddy..........and I am not sure if the mother was home or not but when she took the baby to the hospital she said it had fallen off the bed..............the bed consisted of a box spring and even if it had fallen I dont believe the injuries would have been to that extent..........its not known whether she knew that the baby had been beaten and was covering for the SOB or not.

Jan 11 @ 1:17AM  
Prayers are sent!!!

Jan 11 @ 12:54PM  
If you saw a case of abuse going on would you call the police?

In a heartbeat.... unless it was too serious and I tried to stop them before I could take the time to call. Thankfully I usually have my cell on me when I am out anywhere.
Yes, I know not the smartest thing to do, but I have NO tolerance for anyone being abused. Especially children or older people.

This case could and should have been prevented, as with most child abuse cases.

Prayers for the poor little angel to heal physically and emotionally.

Jan 11 @ 5:16PM  
All I can say is the women who sit back & let this happen to their children or abuse their own children are NOT MOTHERS! They may have given physical birth to that child...but no real MOTHER would ever let someone harm their child...even nature shows us sad is all I can say...
I totally agree with this comment

Jan 11 @ 7:42PM  
You are right that each and every one of us are responsible to watch out for another human being, most especially the most vulnerable, those who cannot protect themselves.

I would call the police and if that didn't work to protect the child .....

there are people who would be willing to teach him the lesson of how it feels to get a beating for the crimes that he has committed.


Jan 12 @ 3:51PM  
I tore up a family by turning in the man's abuse of his wife. Well, ok, I didn't, but my actions made it so the children were wrested from their mother and put up for adoption without even so much as a hearing. the kids weren't hurt.. I dunno.

I can say I would turn it in, and I probably would.. depends on the situation.. cuz I've known some women who needed the shit kicked out of them and a few tweens that I wouldn't blame their parents if the needed help hiding the bodies.

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