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Pet Peeves?

posted 1/8/2012 8:26:09 AM |
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So what makes you angry? Is it a pet peeve or just something that pisses you off?

Me oh well I hate it when I go to look at a profile and it has to say something stupid. Or they don't even fill it out.

Or how about driving down the interstate come up on a merge lane and the idiot jumping on the interstate gets in front of you and slows down?

Or your driving and the car next to you is weaving you look over and they are on the phone. texting or dialing a number?

Or you see an idiot in your review mirror flying towards you and at the last minute goes to the other lane to pass you?

So tell me what is going to make you aggravated?

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Jan 8 @ 11:42AM  
Neighbors who have 8 to 10 bags of garbage laying in their back yard, which is close to your back steps. Then bitch and complain that they are going to shoot the f'n neighborhood cats for tearing them open.
It's not the cats it's the raccoons and opossums that they are feeding nightly.
The city makes them pick it all up and get rid of it, only for it to happen again in a week or two.

Jan 8 @ 12:20PM  
I guess one pet peeve is the ladies who "want to get to know me" after reading all about me, then want me to contact them on their "private" URL that 100s of 1000s of men already know!

#s 2, 3 and 4... are easily fixed with a few radar locking missiles!


Jan 8 @ 2:44PM  
IDK if its considered a Pet Peeve....
But.... I hate it are driving down an Exit ramp..onto the Interstate...and the Driver behind you gets over in the other lane and pulls up beside the ramp is ending...forcing you to slow way down....or even Stop..when there is traffic!!! Most of the time they coulda went over to the other lane..leaving you room but.......Noooooooo!!

Jan 8 @ 4:29PM  
pet peeves? I have a list LOL

People who decide to socialize in the middle of the grocery store aisle right in front of the only item you need on that aisle and refuse to budge when you say excuse me, give you a dirty look and just keep on talking. Or on the same note people who block the entrance to the elevator in a store running their mouth.

People who do not watch their kids in public and let them run wild. I love kids but I have seen a few who should have either been watched or duct taped to the nearest chair.

People who seem to speed up when they come to a crosswalk or cut a corner too close making anyone standing on the corner on the sidewalk waiting to cross the street jump out of the way. Same deal as people who speed up when they get to puddles and spray water everywhere.

People who park in the handicapped area when they are not handicapped. Personally I think they should impound their car and refuse to tell them exactly where that is. Make them have to do some work to get it back.

Rude people in general I guess would sum it up pretty well.

Jan 8 @ 6:19PM  
Co workers who don't do their job right.

Tailgaters...isn't going make me speed up if you're riding my bumper, gonna piss me off and I'll slow down to the speed limit.

The moron who is WAY back behind you, all of the sudden has to speed up, pass you, and then make a freakin right turn!

Rude people

And a messy work area. Drives me nuts.

Jan 9 @ 1:17AM  
When my ding a ling has a mind of its own in my drawers & makes me adjust it in public.

Jan 9 @ 2:29AM  
When people say things just to make them look good but thier words are just empty . When you're in a store you can't find a price on an object. People who are always late .

Jan 9 @ 12:55PM  
never having enough of anything.

Jan 10 @ 4:47AM  
These are great you guys! Strega are we related? lol

Jan 11 @ 9:22PM  
TV that glamorizes crazy, drunk, stupid bitches...everything from beauty pageant brats to jersey shore to real housewives of whatever. What the hell happened to women with tact, class and dignity?
So glad Rob's daughter isn't like that cause I'd beat her ass myself

Jan 11 @ 10:38PM  
I can't stand inconsiderate people with no respect for others. A big part of this are the type of neighbors that I have. Jerry Springer like mentality, and obnoxiously loud.

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