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posted 1/3/2012 6:00:39 PM |
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tagged: rant

When you post a blog, look up there ^^^^^^^^^^ and you will see a box that sets the guidelines and rules for the blogs here at the site.

Now, one thing I think is childish as all hell is this comment:

"those here who think they own the site".

No one here thinks they "own the site". I know who owns this site, Online Singles LLC, that's who. THEY set the rules for this site and the blogs. If one is getting a profile canceled, or a blog deleted, that is because THEY have seen something that violates the TOS they set forth that ALL OF US agreed to when we signed up. No one here is treated anymore special than the next person by Online Singles LLC, they have someone who Moderates this site, in fact, the profile even says, "Moderator", so there's no mistaking who the person is.

As for the troll, yes, I know the fool is here, and little things he has said in his profiles have given him away. I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the entertainment watching the dumbass trip over his own stupidity. In the meantime, treat me with respect, and I will return the favor, act like an idiot, don't expect me to play nice. I've been a member at this site for a while, and I'm not about to let some fool who has nothing more to do in life than create multiple fake profiles and talk to himself chase me off. I'm going to continue to enjoy the site and what is offered, I've made friends here, and hopefully I will make more friends.

This site is set up so people can meet, mingle, hook up, whatever. There is no "rule" that says this site is "just about sex". Nothing in the above guidelines that says the content of blogs HAS to be about sex ONLY.

Now, let's stop the bickering, accusations, and just have fun for crying out loud.

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Jan 3 @ 6:06PM  
Very true, but in the same respect Sugar, ignore their blogs...........anyone can see who the fools are especially when "they" argue amongst themselves..........and really who gives a shit..........ignore them, they aren't worth the effort...............but hell what can I avatar faces left............oh wait actually I face straight forward my body faces left...........but lets not quibble over the small stuff......I mean the person who attacked me for facing left is not even facing who is she/it/he/them/??? to talk?? have a good evening..........its my card night.......

Jan 3 @ 6:09PM  

And its kinda fun- they're all squabbling amongst eachother, oh the hilarity!

Jan 3 @ 6:40PM  
The mods will probably delete the profiles once they stop laughing long enough to do it. All sites have those creatures from under the bridge They come and they go and then they come back again. I call it the yoyo factor. Usually just people with nothing better to do and a chip on their shoulder at the world. They do tend to be amusing at times though.

Jan 3 @ 7:29PM  
No one here thinks they "own the site".

I beg to differ with you. I think I own this site, and don't try to tell me I don't. In my universe, I own it. Let me explain.

Long ago, I came to the realization I was different from most people. And I determined that I would be the empress, excuse me, emperor of the universe. It follows that everything I do, by definition, is right. What anyone else does that doesn't meet with my approval is wrong.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. Essentially that's the dynamic behind a two-year-old's tantrums. Wrong! It's my universe, remember? So, no, I am NOT a screaming toddler. I am the most educated, erudite, and God-like being that you could ever encounter. So there.

I demand your full attention. I tolerate no criticism whatsoever, because no criticism of me could possibly be valid. And if I criticize you, it is ALWAYS valid criticism, even if I am criticizing you for behavior that I engage in myself.

So, for example, if I find another member's blog to be inappropriate, I will post a comment in it pointing that out. However, if you criticize me by pointing out that one of my blogs was something less than divinely inspired, I will wail that I am not being made to feel welcome by the "regulars" on this site. A site that, after all, I believe I own.

And besides, my comment does not contain the overt nastiness of that troll you all seem to talk about, (and of whom I know nothing about, of course). My comment consists mostly of benign condescension, although I may choose to say something a bit rude to you in doing so. You call it rude. I call it direct. And I am right, by definition, just as you are wrong, by definition.

Now, you may choose not to allow this comment to appear under your blog. In my universe that makes you a coward, even though I would feel totally free to exclude you from my own blog.

Now, all of you, GET OFF MY SITE!


Jan 3 @ 8:52PM  
My blog, my rules.

In case some don't know it, the comments for my blogs are set where those on my friends list can comment, all others wait for approval.

So, some ground rules, just to be fair:

No insulting me, or others who have commented. Can't act adult, not going to be approved.

Being belligerent isn't going to get your comment approved either.

You want to participate in school yard drama, comment will not be approved.

Don't like it...not my problem.

Jan 3 @ 9:16PM c*ck was facing left before i decided to change my pic. now im in limbo... so i guess im a liberal?

Jan 3 @ 10:13PM  
YUP YUP YUP HairyPus is an excellent writer or should I say HairyDoc.........but does anyone remember when she/it/they/him whatever.......came back.......she jumped on my joke blog..........a fucking copy and paste joke blog.....and tried to rip me a new one.........and when she found she couldnt get me to retaliate she wrote a couple more blogs about me.........and guess what............I dont give a fuck......personally there is something more smelly in denmark than Hairy's pus...........since she came back and her profile is different..........all of her blogs had been erased from when she was here I don't give a rats ass what a preson does in their own home........but that profile was written to cause blow it out your hairypus one gives a royal fuck who you are where you are or what you write.........or at least they shouldn' are nothing but a little air time that playing on pogo is a better waste of.

Jan 5 @ 8:47AM  
I see a lot has been going on since i been here last, just another day

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