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posted 1/20/2007 9:36:51 PM |
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tagged: anal, sex, straddle

How many guys and ladies out there would actually let your lover use toys on you for anal purposes? Never had that done to me and I never will. Also, have any of you guys and ladies actually performed that on yourself using a toy with anal purposes?

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Jan 20 @ 9:48PM  
Also, I asked this a while back on a blog...what guy would actually let a woman straddle his tongue while she twisted and swirled on his tongue with it up her ass? Never tried that and doubt that I would. Haha Women, would you want him to do that for ya?

Jan 20 @ 9:56PM  
honestly .. no i dont think i would like that.. but you never really know what will happen in the heat of the moment..

Jan 20 @ 10:13PM  
So many many parts to this question. ... where to start.
Ok, I've attempted anal sex a few times. I did not enjoy it the first two times. However, third time's a charm I guess? The difference? HE KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING. He 'warmed me up', fingering, eating, and toys were used to "relax" me enough to comfortably take his cock. The toys were actually, QUITE enjoyable. Best part about the whole experience.
I took home those lovely anal beads we used that night and I do use them myself occationally.
Also, I've been with men who have anal fetishes. They aren't gay, they just like having their backdoor toyed with. Popped a couple bullets in during oral (those are some funny looks you get if you don't warm em...ahahaha), eaten honey that dripped down off one guys asshole (we had JUST gotten out of the shower... had we NOT, I probably wouldn't have done it...) And I distinctly remember that same man taking an entire eight inch long and three inch around vibrator up his ass. Definately NOT a turn on for me. More of a "how the HELL did you DO that?!?!" LoL

All in all, a little ass play is fun.

Jan 20 @ 10:34PM  
Personally I love anal sex if it is done slowly and carefully. Once they are in its very very pleasurable. I have also used toys myself and had toys used on me anally.
I completely respect that this is not for everyone but for me its a great experience.

Jan 20 @ 10:35PM  
Ass play just doesn't interest me. I don't like it at all when my doctor sticks his finger up my ass, and that's the only thing that's gone in there. There are so many other things that are much more enjoyable.

Jan 20 @ 10:41PM  
I never thought that I would enjoy anal sex and have only done it a couple of times. The first time was with a guy friend and our friendship developed into casual sex. This time was actually about a year into our sexual relationship and we did it because of my curiosity - he had never done it either. Honestly, it pretty much hurt, but once he was in it felt fairly good in a tight sort of way. The second time we did it, it was on his impulse. It was much better, but while it felt okay, I was not able to get off on it. However, I do get horny as hell when my hole is played with and teased.

Jan 20 @ 10:42PM  
Loveyoulongtime, that's why it pays to have a woman doctor sometimes for such cases.

Jan 20 @ 11:12PM  
Even a woman doctor doing that would be a turnoff for least that's what I think.

Jan 21 @ 12:35AM  
I like anal sex and I do use toys myself. LDR is right, the first time usually isn't pleasant, but now I have better orgasms with anal. Occationally I find a guy who wants his ass played with while I suck his cock. So I keep a small high speed vib for such occations

Jan 21 @ 5:53AM  
*walks up to podium puts on his glasses to appear smart clears throat*


Annalingus, or rimming, if the person is clean, preferably freshly showered, there is no problem there, it is recommended that you use an oral damn due to risk of certain infections. A person’s rectum only fills with fecal just prior to using the bathroom, so unless you are with an inconsiderate, or malicious person, you are not going to get a mouth or face full of shit. Men and women have a bundle of nerves in their anus which is what makes this act so pleasurable.

Personal experience has taught me, that a woman on all fours, being rimmed while massaging her clit and g-spot with fingers will pretty much be open to going further and allowing anal sex… The scream like the devil is chasing them.

*Flips page in note book*

Anal sex, is not an act that absolutely everyone should really engage in. What? Why? I’ll tell you why, first it requires as LDS stated, foreplay of sorts. Also because the first few times women tend to not relax, and further their discomfort, they never learn to relax their sphincter and therefore, never learn to enjoy the act. Relaxing your muscles is the key ladies. Anyway, as also pointed out by LDS knowing what one is doing. Vaginal intercourse is fun in my opinion anyway, because of the many different angles I can penetrate with my cock. I can shift my hips and bump her g-spot, shift again bump her cervix, etc.. With anal, you have to go straight in. Watch porn, you see the guys standing squatted behind the woman on all fours? That is to follow the proper angle. Fuck it just watch one, you’ll see.
I prefer on her back legs way back, I get the angle better myself, plus I can easily reach her clit or g-spot (I’m quite a handy fella, being a musician).

*Cleans glasses puts them back on*

Men and anal sex. There is still the misconception that if you like having your ass played with by a woman, it somehow means you are gay. Never mind the fact that being gay has to do with the gender you are attracted to, not the sex acts you are into. Men in particular have a prostate gland that responds well to stimulation. I have not experienced this sensation personally, though I have had fingers and slim vibes inserted while receiving oral, I’m assuming my prostate is just more difficult to reach. I also noted that increased pressure of having body parts or objects in there delayed my ejaculation considerably and actually increased the power behind my ejaculation. Though this is personal experience, I’ve not read of that being the case for all guys.
Would I add anal play to masturbation? Nah, I would rather dry hump stuffed animals!

Jan 21 @ 10:51AM  
In my younger days I had expereinced a rimjob after some beer diahrea. Does this qualify?

Jan 22 @ 3:03AM  
I've given it a fewchancesand not been pleased with it, just not my thing i guess

May 9 @ 5:00PM  
Id have to say it makes me wetter than normal pussy sex)) Licking.. toys...restraints is just even more sexier with the right person. Add a vib in my pussy at the same time and ahhh... :) Have fun with it and explore .. Patients is a must.

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