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Consequences & Paranoia

posted 1/2/2012 10:14:37 PM |
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I am as honest about who I am without totally giving away my identity here on AMD. My age, my interests and my experiences are true and not exaggerated or altered in any way. And now I have just had a situation that went south directly as a result of the fakes and maliscious trolls here at AMD.

A gentleman 2 hours from me messaged me last week His intelligence and recognition of what I am about impressed me, and made me smile in a number of ways. We exchanged, several messages -- sometimes he didn't answer right away like I might have expected from someone who expressed his interest as elequently as he did. There seemed to be a hesitiation -- I could see that he READ my messages witihn a couple of hours of y sending them. This is a busy time of the year, no one is obligated to reply within but then the nagging notion of paranoia crept into my brain. Maybe he isn't real .. maybe he is really a teenager or the "resident troll" .. What if the sender is rolling on the floor with laughter at my every serious response? Maybe that hesitation is just an indicaton of how many identities that troll is juggling here at AMD.

So I penned a message which mentioned the possibility of him being a fake, My pride does not want for a second to give any misguded trolls or fakes the satisfaction of getting the better of me.

Here is part of the last message I got from him.

The more I thought about your message the more it bothered me. We haven't even met yet and you appear to be jumping to conclusions about me and my intentions. My ex-wife used to always assume bad intentions when that was not the case. That is one of several reasons why we aren't married anymore.

Not only have I lost the chance to meet someone who could be interesting/hot/ a great friend and lover but I have caused another human being pain in reminding him of his ex. My loss is something for which I can accept the responsibility . His pain is an unthinkable and horrible tragedy.

I am 99% sure he is "real" , but I still have this awful paranoid feeling that he could still be a "fake".

So Dr. Cocktail. what do you have to say to that? I don't really expect you to feel any remorse. Maybe you will realize that your malice and destructive troll posts actually hurt people, not just scathing insult as smart ass remarks.What you do has consequeneces,

So go drown your guilt in another fifth of alcohol. Or better yet, get yourself to a therapist and an AA meeting. The latter would be good for you, and it would be good for this planet.

More drinking just makes you numb. And being numb to life is so not sexy...

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Jan 3 @ 12:32AM  
Big Hugs to you!!!

Its Sad..that this person has to be like it is...(CF)

All Newbies..are considered to be his PPL or him/her!!!

Hell.... lately...All of them have been..!!!

I just don't understand his/her way of thinking!!! But...I really pray I don't ever...!!!
The PPL that back it up...Well.....can you say...Damn Fools!!!


Jan 3 @ 3:08AM  
It is totally sad that we lose out on meeting new people because so many times it has been fake profiles on here...........hell you and I both know he is still here.........but you know i have found that the ones that are so upset because you want proof they arent a fake ............are usually a fake or hiding I am not to sure you lost out on anything...............Just keep being you...........the real ones will find you.

Jan 3 @ 5:35PM  
There are alot of fakes...I see no harm in asking someone who has shown interest in you, corresponded with you to let you know they are real. It doensn't have to be name address phone number etc, but something. I agree with EWE if the person gets upset he/she is probably hiding something...

Jan 3 @ 5:41PM  
You know....there are more fakes here than just an annoying troll, there are people here cheating on spouses, there are people here pretending to look for a hook up when all they really want is some sucker to send them money. There is absolutely nothing wrong in asking for some sort of confirmation. I don't look at this as paranoia, but rather, following your instinct.

Like Ewe said, "just keep being you".


Jan 3 @ 11:26PM  
All newbies are a fake to you, get real, we have as much right as you do

Jan 3 @ 11:42PM  
All newbies are a fake to you, get real, we have as much right as you do
ah crap i was holding out hope for you........I need to throw these friggin rose colored glasses away.................

Jan 4 @ 9:17AM  
Maybe you ought bury yourself with them, and take a few others with you

Jan 4 @ 9:24AM  
All newbies are a fake to you, get real, we have as much right as you do
Nope. It's up to the owner of the site, I believe...

Jan 4 @ 6:26PM  
All newbies are a fake to you, get real, we have as much right as you do

Typical. Another whiner, wimpering about his rights.

You have a right to be here, unless the site owners boot you out. They can kick you out for almost any reason, so long as they don't violate laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of gender, race, etc.

Now, if they want to kick you out for being an asshole, unfortunately for you they can do that. There is currently no law that prohibits discrimination against assholes.

Maybe you assholes should all get together and lobby for a law to protect your rights.

Jan 5 @ 8:06AM  
(JAA, my answer to your comment)

I'll bet it took you all day to come up with that one, arguing on the internet is like running in the special olympics; even if you win you are still retarted, i believe your IQ involves the square root of 1

I'll respond to your blog here, since you blocked comments.

When using the word "retarded" to insult someone's intelligence, it is important to spell it correctly.

Irony. Look it up.

Go back and correct your blog now. No charge, Bubba!

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Consequences & Paranoia