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posted 1/1/2012 6:44:38 PM |
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tagged: rant

New year, same old shit. Fucking idiot shows up, we all get worked up, he gets the boot, and we all bitch about him.

Can we do something new this year? Like actually ignore it? I know, I've been guilty of blogging about the moron and letting him get to me. I'll admit it. I let the dumb fucker get under my skin a few times. And I can say "never again" as many times as I want to, and there is a phrase that comes to mind, in fact, there was a James Bond film with the same title, "Never Say Never".

Yeah, the stupid fucker is a bore, yeah, I know the son of a bitch is reading this. Yeah, I think he needs a straight jacket and locked up permanently in a rubber room with the key thrown away. I know his goal is to chase us off....and he can go fuck himself. It's the only way he can get a fuck is to fuck himself because no self respecting woman would want to be with such an immature and hateful little prick.

Yeah, I am blogging about the stupid fucker...he wants to cry and boo hoo and get my blog deleted...let him. I don't give a damn. I'm sick and tired of his stupidity. I'm sick and tired of every damn time a newbie shows up, everyone is wondering if this is him again. Fuck that. I'll welcome the newer bloggers, I'll interact with them, and if it turns out it's yet another one of this pathetic idiots gender bender nuisances, I'll just report him again. Sooner or later, those who run this site will have what they need to press charges on him. And he will have no one but himself to blame. And while he's off crying about his hard life, the rest of us will carry on and have fun. In other words:


Yeah, I addressed him...big motherfuckingdeal. Don't like it...don't read it.

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Jan 1 @ 6:59PM  
Anybody ever stop to think that maybe he only sticks around BECAUSE ppl pay him any attention? Maybe he has nothing in his real life except for what he gets online, be it good or bad? It won't happen over night but I'd be willing to bet that if nobody mentions him, nobody comments on his blogs, nobody deletes his comments from their own blogs....he'd slink off into obscurity and nobody would notice or care. He's an attention whore looking for what lacks in his real life. Don't feed it and it will eventually go away. Til then....sit back, enjoy, and laugh your asses off at him.....but do it privately so as not to give him any attention whatsoever!

Jan 1 @ 7:43PM  
I'm with ya's.....
Its more than one person..hell..Just Look at there lil group!!!
I say..Fuckem and Don't feedem anything!!
Its have many Groups of ppl here..or hell... anywhere....
They have the right to Post what ever they want....
I totally agree ...with freedom of Speach.....!!!

Just don't Fuck with me or my friends!!! For No ...apparent reasons!!!
Being Rude and a Complete Ass really don't help anyone!!!
Is that asking to much?

Jan 1 @ 7:55PM  
I'd hi-five you if I could, but here's an internet hi-five

I left because I couldn't be bothered anymore. In the real world, he/they/whomever would've been sacked by law enforcement by now, but since this is the 'net, different rules apply. So since were on different turf, its just best to heed Richie's advice and ignore him/them from here on out until their interest fizzles.(I hope) But that means we have to bring our A-game, more decent content means more attention payed to those blogs and less to you know who..erm, not to say you guys havent been good. I just wish everyone we knew way back would come back.

Jan 1 @ 8:25PM  
That's what I do anymore is just ignore it.... the italianslut for some reason felt the need to email me twice... I never did read them and now they can't be read because he was booted.... again! I have nothing to say to him... I choose my battles, I'm not going to let him choose any for me. He's a lifeless idiot and I really do feel sorry for him.... he is a very lonely and miserable person.

Jan 1 @ 9:58PM  
I still dont know who you are talking about. it doesnt really matter. I read the blogs that interest me and ignore the ones that dont, just skim through the blogs and see if they catch my interest. Yes PLEASE get back to anything thats fun and interesting. I have been here for awhile and have even been sent emails stating i was a troll. Dont care. I write what i want. If you dont like it delete it or ignore it. The constant fighting does get old and very frustrating. I understand. But have you read a paper, listened to the radio, watched tv, or read the news on the net. Being nasty is big business. Its a way of becoming popular. LOOK AT ME I AM BEING BAD. My 2 cents. By the way I still love you sugar. Write more blogs.

Jan 2 @ 6:38AM  
I agree sugar and as I said on xcuse me blogs which has to wait for approval i am done trying to be nice or accept the newbies, they can write all the blogs they want and they can comment all they want except on mine...........they will be blocked.......from now on its ppl i know...........and if they dont like it they can thank their buddy dr, fuckup for that.

Jan 2 @ 7:41AM  
Well, since the troll has proven he is a worthless little prick, my blogs from this point on are going to be set up to where those on my friends list can comment, and others will wait for approval.


Jan 2 @ 9:58AM  

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