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My Thoughts on What A Real Man Knows

posted 12/31/2011 1:25:00 PM |
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After reading a blog here called "What A Real Man Knows" by a frequent blogger here. (giving credit where credit is due) I wanted to voice my thoughts on this but I am afraid as long winded as I am, I would hijack her blog so I thought I would just post my own. The blog was very well written and i agreed with about 99% of what was written but am going to ad some to it.........I certainly hope that the writer of the original blog does not take offense.

All you have to do to get a ton of mail on AMD is come out of the closet and admit you’re a slut.
Although I am sure that improved your mail considerably, you can also fill up your email by being a frequent blogger on AMD. Considering how few bloggers there really is............there is literally hundreds who are lurkers who only read the blogs. I wonder if they realized if they came out and wrote blogs (other than wanna fuck blogs) they would get recognition in the form of women getting to know them to a point of perhaps wanting to meet them and ummmm dare I say it..........have sex!!! Also a naughty photo speaks a lot louder. Although women deny wanting to see the cock pictures..........women know that men want to see skin.........the more the better.

my sample base does not include men who don’t secretly message sluts on the net
There are 3 kinds of men on sites like these, the ones who don't care if everyone knows they write to women of the slutty nature, those who hide the fact that they write to women of slutty nature, and those who wish they had the balls to write to women of slutty nature...........I am guessing that the last one is pretty small percentage.

Men generally believe the more sexual experience they have, the more likely they are to know how to please a woman
Sadly most of the experience they have is doing the same thing over that the woman who took their virginity showed them how to do. That's fine if every woman was the same as the first one but more chances than not they are totally different. A certain percentage of men like to be showed new things and the other percentage just want to blame you for not responding to what they are doing.

A good lover is like a good salesman – he doesn’t dwell on features; he focuses on benefits.
Well said.

Men think there are two kinds of women on sites like this. They think we are either willing to drop our panties just because he emailed us and the other think we are only looking for marriage, Just like with sex they don't want to take any time to getting to know the woman before or during sex. Now i am sure that there is a certain percentage of both but even the ones who are admitted sluts probably don't meet every man she has gotten an email from. Given that maybe that admitted slut would like to write a blog on how she does decide on who she is going to drop her panties so that all could understand how she decides who she is going to drop her panties for, I would suggest that this would be a way to cut down on her amount of email, but in fact in most regard, the men who write her would just change there emails to include what she is looking for.

Some of the best sex I had ever had was by a man I met on this site. We were both looking for different things but became good friends and decided to spend a weekend together even tho we both knew we were not what we were looking for long range. There was an attraction there after getting to know each other through emails and blogs. He flew in to meet me and we spent the weekend fucking and frolicking and when the weekend was over the only sadness we had was that we hadn't planned for a couple extra days. We are still friends today even tho we have moved on. He never once told me he was the best at pleasing a woman but that he was willing to learn........ and man was he willing. We are still friends today. Now I realize that there are women who don't want to be friends afterwards and there is nothing wrong with that. But my guess is that even women that just want sex want to know who they are having that sex with to some point. This is just my humble opinion and in all reality.......that's what any blog is............just someone's opinion.

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Dec 31 @ 2:22PM  
Actually the best lovers IMO are people you know well enough to be comfortable with and that you actually like. Any guy with a penis can fuck a bunch of women and think he is some kind of stud, but I bet if you asked the women you would get a different story. Quantity does not equal quality. Neither is thinking on the part of either partner that their is a magic button you can push and all of a sudden every person is going to respond in the same way.

For the guys who e-mail the women here claiming they have a big cock I have a question. If you really have eight or ten inches, why have none of you responded to my request of a picture of said cock laid out on a ruler so I can see if it is really eight or ten inches? I am beginning to think perhaps the size of the cock is like the fish who got away story. It gets bigger every time they tell it. These are the same guys who say they are great at pleasing a woman. In my experience those who really are good at pleasing a woman do not have to go around advertising it to get laid.

I have been asked a few times that if I won't just drop my panties why am I on a sex site? Or if I won't web cam or send erotic e-mails to someone I just met. I would say to these people get real. While I am not adverse to having sex with someone I meet online, I do have standards. The first standard is having a brain located above the waist. If I just wanted a penis they sell ones that vibrate at the local adult toy shop.

To the women who will fuck anything that comes along I say bless em and to each her own. I will be happy to forward the requests I get to them.

Dec 31 @ 2:24PM  
although I've never been a one night stand or even a one week end stand as the saying goes ... everything that I have started has always ended up in a LTR .. maybe that's why I'm hesitant to start.

Dec 31 @ 2:36PM  
Oh.. I hope the men read these blogs. I really hope they read them.

ANY picture makes you get a tone of emails in this place or any place. Even mediocre not so sexy pics. I have some hot pics, but choose not to post them here because I don't want to pick thru the junk mail. And although I freely admit to being a slut, I have my standards too.
The first standard is having a brain located above the waist. If I just wanted a penis they sell ones that vibrate at the local adult toy shop.
Well said, Strega.

He never once told me he was the best at pleasing a woman but that he was willing to learn........
The ones who brag that they know how to please a woman are usually quite mediocre. The ones who are willing to learn , to explore, to frolick and play, mmmm those are usually the proverbial deep waters that are worth the dropping of panties with wild abandon.


Dec 31 @ 3:29PM  
I agree with Strega..i meet women first and be friends then the sex is better with someone you are comfortable with.i was on a swingers site and never made friends with any of them they just wanted sex which i was happy to provide and wanted to make them my friend to do other things beside sex all the camping,dinners,movies etc..i met 1 female friend from here and have been friends for several years and will always be friends...and now i met another lady here i am trying to know better and want to meet soon and be better friends...

Dec 31 @ 3:45PM  
do other things beside sex

Sex does not start when the clothes come off, it starts way before then in my experience.

Dec 31 @ 3:59PM  
Well...Ummmm ...from "My" Experience....
The Women that Claim that they are Sluts...just want the Attention....from all of the Men!!!! But ..they only fuck a the very Best!!!!

Take this site..and that Fishy Place..for instance......
This an Adult Site....most would 1st would be No Problemo...getting!!!! Right.... ....
As In...That fishy Place...when the women are seeking an "Intimate Encounter".....
Some of Their essay's say....that they just want a good strings attached....Absolutely No Relationships of any Kind are wanted!!!!!!!
What a Joke.....
I'm sure the Women get Tons of emails..on both Sites....but...they don't fuck Many...if Any!!!!

When I 1st left my X....I was on that Fishy Place.....and I was all fucked up...over our relationship ending like it did....

I met many from that site and a couple of other sites....That were Strictly for Dating...No Sex sites!!!!
I had Many women get Pissed off...because I did not At least Try to make a Pass at them!!!! They even told me so!!!!
As far as I can tell...from my experiences ....A a lot better off...just to..go after women that want to Date....rather than the women that Claim that they are Sluts!!!! They maybe Whores....but its the Attention that they Seek...rather than the sex!!!!
After I got over my X....I met a Couple from this site...and that other Adult site.....I admit I had sex with a Couple....with out really knowing them that well..I well can you get to know someone in a couple of hours chatting??? Thats right...we chatted for a couple of hours..and were fucking in 3!!!!
Those were women..who wanted to Get LAID!!! Not talk about it!!!
But...I have to be honest...that left a Bad Taste in my mouth(no pun!!)...because..thats Not... who I am!!!
Don't get me wrong..I have a couple that I play with from time to keep Our Pipes clean...
But...I was married all off my Life......and I would rather Make Love for 1 hour..than to Fuck someone I didnt Love..for 20 hours!!!! But..Thats just me..and My 2 cents!!!
Oh...and Pic's rock!!!! Speaking as a horny toad..don't ya know?
Don't forget..all of us Men are Different also!!!!

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My Thoughts on What A Real Man Knows