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Should a photo i.d. be required by everyone to vote?

posted 12/29/2011 11:08:03 AM |
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Should a photo i.d. be required for everyone in order to vote?

I personally have no problem with this whatsoever. If not anything, it keeps the election process honest.

Some people have a problem with this, and I'm not sure why they would unless.....

For those of you who think this disinfrancises certain voters, can you please explain why you think this would?

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Dec 29 @ 11:19AM  
Where I live you are required to have your driver's license and proof of residency, even if you are already registered. The only exception of that is if you have a military id you do not need to prove your residency or have a drivers license since the military id is a picture id. I don't think this is a bad thing and maybe will cut down on the duplicate votes and the 'dead man" votes.

Dec 29 @ 12:22PM  
Problem is some senior citizens do not have the proper ID and might be living with family so the residence would be in their name. There was a recent story about a woman who had cleaned the state capitol for 30 years(including the governor's office) and no longer had what they considered the proper ID for her state because she was elderly. They are not going to let this woman vote and that is not right. There are a lot of older Americans in that situation and we are in effect setting age limits on voting in some states.

Dec 29 @ 12:59PM  
I understand what you are saying but most states if not all have state id cards which are given out at the DMV..........and most elderly should have them as Social Security requires you to have a picture ID card.........and the places here would prefer a utility bill as proof of residency but will take a letter from social security (any thing that is sent from SS that is about the monthly benefit) as proof of residency. The problem with not requiring this stuff is like the absentee ballots........people die and those ballots are still submitted. There has to be a better way of making sure that there are no duplicate ballots ect.

Dec 29 @ 1:24PM  
I have a state issued ID card and even the bank won't accept it without a second picture ID to withdraw $50 at the counter. I have to remember my passport every time I go to the bank. Some states want the ID and some proof that person lives at that address. Then there are older people whose birth certificate has always been the family bible because they were born at home out in the middle of nowhere. That makes it very hard to get a modern birth certificate and a state ID. If they want to go to the photo id fine but there needs to be an exception for these people or social security needs to issue special id cards these people can use to vote. They built this country and to just push them out because they cannot meet modern standards is unthinkable.

Dec 29 @ 2:33PM  
This might be better put as a 2-part question, because 2-individual issues get confused when it's put like this.

First question: Should a person wishing to vote be required to prove they are a qualified voter?

Second question: Should a photo I.D. be considered proof of identity.

This country's long history with voting fraud should make it plain some evidence of qualification must be required. After that, it becomes incumbent upon the individual wishing to vote to obtain whatever evidence the law requires, regardless of the hardship exacted upon the would-be voter.

This argument about old people is framed by those wishing to cast fraudulent votes. It's a bogus argument. Better that an individual should be denied the right to vote because of infirmity than an election should be swayed because of fraud. In the first case the individual suffers. In the latter case the entire citizenry suffers.

Dec 29 @ 2:50PM  
^^^ That shows you know little about rural American life pre mid 1960s. It has nothing to do with voter fraud and everything to do with this not being as simple as those not familiar with some issues seem to think it is.

Dec 29 @ 2:54PM  
Most 'third world' countries, that 'our' politicians and news media badmouth for having rigged elections, require people that vote to have a finger dipped into ink, so they won't keep voting. Really? So who's the backward, corrupt system?

LBJ joked when asked, why so many dead people voted for him, said "If they were alive, they would have voted for him". Typical of Democrats and ACORN early, and vote often.
IMHO, if anyone gets into office through this type of fraud, EVERYTHING they do is illegal, and should carry no legal weight. ALL their and their immediate family's assets should be confiscated and put into the Treasury. ANY politician that profits from insider trading, Martha Stewart should be allowed to shoot them, after their assets are seized. Any Senator/Congressman/Treasury Dept. head, that cheats on their Taxes, should have ALL their assets taken and deposited into the Treasury, with no years of court battles. Any Billionaire that whines he's not being Taxed enough, if his company owes a Billion in back Taxes, should loose everything to the Treasury. Any Illegal that has 'fake' citizen ID, goes to jail making license plates for a year.
But......I'm an Arsehole. I don't care for career criminals, mostly ones whose job is supposed to be 'public servant'.
If you are required to show picture ID to cash a check, same-same. I know of Banks that require a thumbprint.

Dec 29 @ 3:19PM  
Seems some just can't tell the difference between voter fraud and people who have every right to vote not being allowed to do so.

Dec 29 @ 4:21PM  
Seems some just can't tell the difference between voter fraud and people who have every right to vote not being allowed to do so

I think the difference between those two things is pretty easy for a reasonable person to discern. After all, neither has anything at all to do with the other. However, it would be impossible to see the difference if voters were not required to prove their qualification to vote -- and that's when the trouble begins.

If your cripple grandma doesn't have to prove she's qualified, then neither does the busload of illegal Mexican aliens Representative X just brought in from Texas and paid a dollar each to vote for him. Surely.....please tell me....surely, you can see that's a problem that can only be solved by requiring qualified voters to show evidence that they are qualified. And if you still don't agree, then please offer a solution that will prevent the problem this recent move to demand photo I.D.s is designed to address.


Dec 29 @ 4:43PM  
Should a photo i.d. be required by everyone to vote?

Well yeah... that and the impression:


should be stamped on their foreheads with a 3lb sledge hammer and metal stamp!


Dec 29 @ 5:09PM  
one idea may be to have voter identification cards with pictures on them. They would have to be a legal document but it would also provide a second picture id for those who need it. To take care of the elderly that may not have legal birth certificates because they were born at home, perhaps some way where 3 people could testify at a public office that they have known this person for say at least 10 years and that they leave at the address given. Perhaps their family bibles could also be used for documentation that they are the age they say they are. Then when they go into vote everyone could produce this card so they are able to vote. This would also give an accurate account of how many eligible voters there truly is. It is kinda funny that in our day and age that there are still people without certified birth certificates but people are living longer and in rural areas where hospitals are a 50 miles away from homes this happened quite often 70+ years ago. No one wants to prevent our actual citizens from voting so we have to do something to make sure that their rights are not infringed upon. When I moved back here from Ohio, i hadn't gotten my license switched over because I was too sick to go have it done, I wanted to vote and took my military id down with a copy of my rent lease (utilities were included so I couldn't use that as proof of where I lived) I was told that I would not be able to vote and the man who was in charge came over and said she has a military ID thats all we need from her. So there is going to be exceptions to the cases. JMHO

Dec 29 @ 7:34PM  
I don't get what this uproar is about. Since I've been voting here in Michigan, we are asked to show our driver's license or state issued id. It's always been that way as far back as I can remember. And just like the driver's license, the state id has to be renewed every 4 years.

Dec 29 @ 7:47PM  
I like the thumb in the purple ink method...

Dec 29 @ 10:21PM  
If no one is required to show proof of their ID, then how do we know they haven't already voted?

So long as no one is excluded due to race, religion, etc... no harm, no foul.

What I have an issue with, are illegal aliens voting for canidates that are in favor of giving them free benefits, and a free ride.If they are not from here, they have no right to dictate our votes. It is our desicion if we want to give away all the money we don't have.

Take it from someone that has worked in government and has delt with the voting system, it is severly corrupt, and asking for ID is the least we could do to help point the broken system in the right direction.


Dec 30 @ 12:15AM  

Dec 30 @ 7:40AM  
I honestly can't see how people can navigate their lives without a photo i.d. Almost everywhere you turn, one is required.

Dec 30 @ 9:57PM  
Should a photo i.d. be required for everyone in order to vote?
That's the way it was in VA....but if I'm not mistaken ...the Elderly/Handicapped... hell most anyone....can mail in their votes!!? I think this Link will show that!
Check it out!!!

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Should a photo i.d. be required by everyone to vote?