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Hey everyone

posted 12/27/2011 10:49:12 PM |
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An idea here:

Step back, cool down, take a deep breath.....and let's stop the bickering. Please.

I was just reading Ewe-wish's comment on aftershox's blog, and, a good point was made.....we can't sit here and speculate that every new person who comes on here is "the" idiot who's been trolling the site. It isn't fair to those who actually are new.

Let's calm down some. We all know what to look for in regards to the idiot....let's not run off new members. Like I said, we know what to look for in regards to "you know who" .

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Dec 27 @ 10:56PM  
"He who must not be named" (Harry Potter movies) lol sorry you just reminded me of that when you said You know who LOL (OK I have been watching the Harry Potter movies lately LOL

Thanks for the mention MissSugarPie............I do love the attention...........and get so little..........


Dec 27 @ 10:59PM  
Don't feel bad...I was thinking that Harry Potter line while writing the blog and ALMOST put that down instead.

Not enough attention? Hmmmm.....gonna have to figure out a way to change that.

Dec 27 @ 11:03PM  
Not enough attention? Hmmmm.....gonna have to figure out a way to change that.
Well you could start with a quick call to the b/f of mine..........imagine him wanting to spend time this past weekend with his son instead of me.........just because he has only gotten to see his son 2 times since last March doesn't mean he had to spend this weekend with him........

You know what i was thinking about (well of course not but I will tell you) do you remember the days we hijacked blogs......especially when a few of us had gold memberships and could post pictures.....I know a few didn't care for that..........but for the most part everyone loved it and it was so i miss those days....

Dec 27 @ 11:11PM  
Just me, I'm sure.......
Any of you 'left' looking Avatars wanna fek?

Voldemort, Voldemort, Voldemort......kinda like BeetleJuice?

Dec 27 @ 11:19PM  
Any of you 'left' looking Avatars wanna fek?
Woo Baby.........I'll look right for you...........

Dec 27 @ 11:35PM  
When it all comes down to's who's wearing panties and who isn't and as we all know ...a life without panties is totally meaning Less....

Dec 27 @ 11:40PM  
You're so right Borty.............and if you would send my damn panties back to me......I could start wearing them think its cheap to replace panties that fit a sheep.............hell no............that's why I sent them to you to be cleaned in the first place...............NOW SEND MY PANTIES BACK..........oh and my other garters...........I am so tired of wearing the same pair all the time.........

Dec 27 @ 11:44PM  
I suppose you want me to send back your bra as well Ms.Ewe and that I will gladly do, because it pinches like hell. How you gals wear those things is beyond comprehension.

Dec 27 @ 11:47PM  
Borty you always come at the right time .. but you don't always bring the right panties back .. but that's ok .. I think they are uncomfortable anyway.. especially those thongs you been bringing ...ouch!!

Dec 27 @ 11:53PM  
Are you sure your not wearing those thongs backwards Ms. Summernite...

Dec 28 @ 12:01AM  
Borty.............if your wondering why my bras are pinching you..........check the other ladies bras you you notice I have two extra cups..........sheep are...............well lets just say............we may not be more endowed but we are more plentiful...............

Dec 28 @ 12:11AM  
Ms.Ewe...I wondered what those two extra cups were for. Reminds me of the six cup bra with the nipple enlargers I invented whilst consuming large quanites of Lysergic Acid. I believe I was living under the porch at Ladybootscooters residence.

Dec 28 @ 12:12AM  
no borty I think I got them right .. I think everything is sticking out that is suppose to stick out and I'm suppose to feel like I have a constant wedgie right??

Dec 28 @ 12:23AM  
Ah yes...........the nipple enlargers............and I believe you had moved from Ladybootscooters porch because that's where I had the subpena sent to when I sued you for the malfunctioning nipple you realize that my nipples are just now getting back to the same length.......shit for a year I kept stepping on the one with my back foot............

Dec 28 @ 12:26AM  
Please accept my apologies Ms.Summernite. I may have sent you thongs I designed for midgets or little people by mistake. I may have to visit you for correct measurements...

Dec 28 @ 12:31AM  
Don't worry Ms.Ewe....many of the gals use their nipples for skipping ropes and get lots of excercise as a result.

Dec 28 @ 12:33AM  
ooo my that could be the problem .. I'm a tiny bit bigger than a midget .. don't worry about bringing a tape measure you can just use your hands.
experieced hands can tell by feeling.

Dec 28 @ 12:55AM  
NOTE to meself:

Don't even think of starting a business involving women's apparel!


Dec 28 @ 10:33AM  
Mr. Borty, panty bush has died.... It's still under warranty, right?

Dec 28 @ 2:33PM  
Did you give it mouth to mouth? Sorry for being so flippent but I'm swamped with orders and the Skwirl just dumped all the orders outside the locked closet door. How she thinks I'll be able to attend to business is beyond me.

I'll send you a new Panty Bush and some rainbow panty seeds when little Skwirlie Girl cums to her senses.

Yours truly ...Professor Pan. T. Borty.

Dec 28 @ 4:22PM  
Borty your self a good business man .. sometimes it's just monkey business but

business non the

Dec 28 @ 4:22PM  
rainbow panty seeds
WTF??? You have had me on hold for over 2 months saying they were on back order.........and those thunder panties you sent me as a gift for my patience.......what the hell were you thinking when you invented those.......every time they make the thunder noise people think I passed gas............

Oh and the Skwirl gave me the key to the closet but i am not opening it until I get my rainbow seeds...........I just gave her a 100 of my green acorns and she was happy about the trade.........

Dec 28 @ 5:23PM  
You can do that!? Give the panty bush mouth to mouth!?

I guess I'll just have to try that and see what happens....but if it doesn't work, I'm returning the panty bush!

Dec 28 @ 5:35PM  
I'm returning the panty bush
I would suggest you do that anyway...........from what I hear when autumn comes and the leaves fall off....there is a smell of bad tuna in the it might have just been the person that owned it...........but somehow I doubt it.........

Dec 28 @ 5:50PM  

Dec 28 @ 6:19PM  
Ewe people are hilarious!!! Loved the comments!!!

btw, Borty, I'm still waiting for my rainbow panty seeds. They haven't arrived yet, and you said they were sent out a couple of weeks ago.

pssst!!! Send me an free packet of those rainbow panty seeds, and I'll tell ya where Ewe and Skwirl keep the key to the closet.

Dec 28 @ 6:22PM  
So ALL the panty bushes smell like that? Glad to know it's not just mine! Now it will definitely go back!! I want one that smells like roses!!

I do so love a hijack!!

Dec 28 @ 9:13PM  
Still waiting for the tie-dye seeds as well. Guess I could just get some of the rainbow seeds and then wash all the panties together in hot water to see what happens,

Dec 28 @ 9:31PM  
Now that's an idea!! I like it! So Borty, send me some of those rainbow seeds instead of a new panty bush!

Dec 28 @ 10:04PM  
As for that tuna fish smell is important to water your panty bushes says so in the fine print on the panty seed packet...not sure where cuz I can't find my glasses..

I'm in the process of developing tie died panty seeds in the panty laboratory as we speak. They will be labelled ...The Pinko Commie Socialist Seeds and will be popular with the Occupy crowd.

Thankyou with you patience in regards to this matter,

Your panty bush providor ...Professor Pan.T.Borty....

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