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98 year old women

posted 12/26/2011 12:49:27 PM |
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Instead of fostering actual connection, blogs inevitably activate our baser human instincts—narcissism, vanity, schadenfreude. They offer the petty, cheap thrill of perceived superiority or released vitriol. How easy it is to tap tap tap your indignation and post, post, post into the universe, where it will velcro to the indignation of others, all fusing into a smug, sticky mess and not much else in the end.

Can you say hypocrite? Just adding to the fakeness and internet anonymity and hostility with her ownprofile.
98-year-old Female
Seeking Men: 99 - 99

I have never undestood what motivates anyone to post a 98 year old profile. What ts the point? Maybe I am not one of the privileged to know her real identoty, but I think she should be reported as a fake.

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Dec 26 @ 3:07PM  
Call it privacy if you like, but a 98 year old woman on AMD is fake no matter how you slice it.

It is a real shame too. You make some pretty atute comments.

Go ahead and wrap yourself in the warm blanket of hypocrisy.

Dec 26 @ 7:23PM  
I am going to post this on both your blog and summernites.....because i am lazy and because I can............
Since the days when I first came here..........which is more years than I care to count.............but quite a few.............women and men have used the 98 or 99 years if they have decided to quit looking and just want to hang around in the blogs as it usually counts down the idiot emails by about 50%. I have even used the 99 for quite some time and it might still be that way...........I am in a relationship so why do I care if someone knows my true age. You may call it a fake profile.........but it takes more than that, in my opinion, to be considered fake since the Doc keeps coming on here with all different ages. And if she put down her age plus 5 or minus 5 would that still make it a fake? perhaps in some people points of views..........but since i have met men on here that lied about their age by 10 years...........I would guess that the lie about the age isn't so important. Also, as far as AMD is concerned..........a fake profile is having two profiles..........when you are only allowed therefor you have made up a second person. JMHO


Dec 26 @ 8:45PM  
why do you try to mind everybody else's business but you own, just thought i'de ask

Dec 27 @ 4:38AM  
I think she should be reported as a fake

Nah, they already integrated into the community like a bad computer virus- a trojan horse, if you will- which is funny since that's a type of virus. Anyway, can't beat them, won't try; as long as they keep their multiple personality disorder to themselves I don't care about their little pretentious circle jerk and summoning Whapper as if they're Houdini's widow.

Dec 27 @ 7:23PM  
Ewe_wish - Thanks for your comments. You make some really good points. Unfortunately you were not permitted to display a comment on Summer nite's blog.. So you must not be one of the "friends" she is here to hangout with either.

SummerNot posted her blog in the middle of the Christmas Day Troll infestation. I was going to add a nice comment to her blog and decided to check out her profile. The irony and hypocrisy floored me especially in the context of the fakes and trolls I thought she was talking about. I guess it was the last straw. Who knows, maybe she is a Cockfuck alterego too. If she isn't him, she certainly plays up to him, and well there are some wise words about the company you keep....Anyways, I beleive she is hiding more than just keeping the riffraff from filling up her INBOX.

And then we have another hypocrite, RunAround not minding his own business by asking me why I am not minding mine!


Dec 27 @ 9:14PM  
Yes you got it right, aftersox, minding your own business, try it sometime

Dec 27 @ 9:49PM  
Funny, when I've blogged, it wasn't for the "look at me" factor, as, I've said before, I could care less if the blog gets a comment or not. Whatever it is I'm thinking at the time..I put out there.

As for the age thing, if someone wants to say they're 100 years old...that's their business. Now, if someone is running around calling others "fake" while they them self are portraying them self as fake, then yes, that most certainly is hypocrisy.

I wouldn't report someone as fake for posting 98 as their age. Could be any number of reasons why they would do that.

Dec 27 @ 10:30PM  
Aftershoxs.........I am going to respond to you but understand some of it may go off topic........(like you didn't already know I had a habit of doing that LOL)

Yes i have heard the rumors that summernite is either a troll lover or a troll herself........I will neither agree or disagree to this.......I sometimes question those she "buddies" up with..........but I wouldn't allow her to dictate who i am friends with so I will not dictate who she is friends with........her choice whether I agree to it or not. She did post my comment on her blog and then removed the's where I go off topic.........not just to Summernite but to anyone...........If you have the balls to post a blog........than have the balls to leave it there. If you regret what you said..........than man up and post that on the blog..........if you just posted it to create chaos..........well its your party.........but the "guests' that were drug into it should be allowed their say.

Yup I missed the troll infestation this weekend.........and I am thrilled that I did........tho I see Dr. Fuckup wrote me his usual letter..........well I will assume its his usual since the message was removed before I got home.........but thats OK I don't read his shit anyways...........the only reason he has to write to me is to put me down or to put people I happen to like..down.........and I am not interested in reading it.

Going off topic again........and I see she is also a whapper fan........again her choice..........she wasn't here when he was attacking me in his blogs..........or was she? Again I don't know and I don't care...........I have come to the point that this place will never be what it once was........and I realize there are those that point the finger at me for that.........but I left for a year.........where is all the fun that I supposedly was for the trolls thats been going on forever.........I remember a time that TheSkwirl and I were fighting off attacks daily.........Other of our friends got attacked too..........but we tried not to point fingers at new people until they had proved they were trolls............keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

So no I am not on Summernites friends list but I was at one point, she removed me..........again I dont care..........i am not out to win the popularity contest..........I do know though that if every new person that comes into this place that disagrees with someone gets named a troll...pretty soon there will only be a few of us left to bitch at each other......You yourself, have on many occasions said Don't feed the Trolls...........perhaps its time for you and everyone else to just ignore them, if they attack you, go past it, hell I got called on for having my friggin picture turned the wrong way, and I just walked away............because in all reality WHO THE FUCK CARES??

OK I am done Hope your have a happy New Year.

Dec 28 @ 10:52AM  
everybody else's business

When there's at least 40 of you, its hard to keep track. Try being one person to make it easier okay?

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98 year old women