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Merry Christmas

posted 12/21/2011 9:21:23 PM |
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Wouldn't it be nice to have those old fashion Christmas's you see in the old movies. Presents (expertly wrapped) under the tree, dinner all cooked and this gorgeous Turkey with all the trimmings, and the whole family settled down around the table? I can remember Christmas's when I was growing up that slightly resembled that. Not very many presents as we were poor, but my mother cooking for days and family pouring in, bringing more food to share and more presents to open.

I loved my one Aunt and Uncle coming over. They were always good to us, and brought us really nice presents. Of course it wasn't the presents that was the reason we loved being around them, (well hell maybe that was part of it, we were kids after all lol) they were just nice people that when you walked by them they hugged you and asked you how you were. They made you feel like they were really glad to see you.

And than there was the other Aunt and Uncle, the ones that I hated to be around. I am sure most people have at least one relative like this (or maybe not) but they were the ones that walked in the house with their nose in the air like they spelled something bad, and you could tell they really didn't want to be there. They had two kids and the oldest was my age. Tommy was a cool guy and I loved having him far as I was concerned he was the only decent person in the family, but then there was Linda. The cousin that was 2 years younger than me, the biggest snob I have ever seen. She acted a lot like her mother, who was a mean evil person who would pinch you if you got to close to her. She took the fun out of dysfunctional.

I personally would have preferred to have just a small family dinner. My sister and her family and us would have been enough. When those occasions happened, we would eat dinner, help each other clean up afterwards and than play games. Sometimes board games like which my brother-n-law would try to cheat.......some times card games like canasta......which my brother-n-law would try to cheat.......we knew he was going to do it so it was fun catching him. Of course this was before VCR/DVD or families did more with each other. When the cousins were there we just sat around cause Linda never wanted to do what the rest of us wanted to was those holidays you usually could catch me in the barn with the horses.........they were so much nicer than Linda..........and smelt better too.......

Holidays have changed for us. The last few years its just been my daughter, granddaughter and I. At some point my honey would show up and we would watch some movies. This year, however, we are doing something new. We have a suite reserved at a nice hotel, and we will be going about 3 hours away to meet up with my sister, my neice and her family, and some great nieces, and a few other family members. We all have hotel suites and will be checking in about 4p Christmas Eve and there we will stay until the day after Christmas. We will bring food and on Christmas we will order pizzas..........maybe a weird way to spend a holiday but we will be a family together............besides my granddaughter will love the 5 pools they have to offer. We are going to play dice games and cards and some board games.........and we are taking the portable dvd to watch movies, and my sister will bring her Wii, and we will just hang around and enjoy ourselves. Christmas has definitely changed but I think as long as you are together for the will be the perfect holiday.

I probably won't be back until after Christmas (and for those of you that are going to comment who the fuck answer is........who the fuck are you to think I was talking to you ) Just wanted to stop in and Wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I hope you get everything you were hoping for.........and if you don't get to spend the holidays with your family..........I hope you all are together real soon. Merry Christmas my friends.

PS forgot to mention, my son's deployment to Afghanistan will end soon and he will be home some time between Christmas and New Year. My only hope is that soon all of our troops will be brought home. To those of you that have family serving heart goes out to you and I will keep you in my prayers.

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Dec 21 @ 9:56PM  
Hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas.

Dec 21 @ 10:13PM  
I remember those days- the turkey and ham dinners with all the fix'ns and the presents! But people were in a better state of mind back then I think- less to worry about! Well... there was the minor detail of maybe getting nuked by a 50 Megaton bomb during the cold war days. Back then... that seemed to be the only real worry, it seems! But, I digress!

I'm just rambl'n!

Anyway... Have a joyful Merry Christmas!


Dec 21 @ 10:45PM  
Yes, it would be nice to have the Christmases you see on tv..those old fashioned ones. I remember as a kid, my parents would get 3 to 4 presents each for my sisters and I, but they weren't high priced things, usually a few bucks. Despite what some people think, just because Dad was a GM worker, that didn't mean he was rich. Far from it actually. Anyway, mom's parent's would stop in every year for dinner. Grandpa was always a riot, getting us kids laughing so hard our ribs would be sore. And then, there was the aunt and uncle, on mom's side, who would stop in, and my aunt, she wasn't the problem, it was the fool she was married too. He was just one of those type of people that gave me the creeps. Just didn't like him.

Things have changed since those days. We don't pack up and head over to grandparents houses on Christmas Eve anymore. Christmas day, is just immediate family now, my parents, my sisters, niece, nephew, and oh yeah, got a brother-in-law this year! Long story short..he's my niece's biological dad, he and my sister had broken up years ago..thanks to lie and manipulations from someone they thought was a friend. And well, my niece managed to get his email address a couple of years back from an old family friend, emailed him, and just this past March 25, he and my sister got married. My niece has been on cloud 100 ever since. So this Christmas will be extra special for her because she has her parents together.

Dec 21 @ 11:29PM  
It sounds like a good one for you this year. There will be plenty to do and no clean up for you As for the old days, our extended family wasn't real big and many people were not real close by, so there weren't big affairs very often.

Dec 22 @ 6:34AM  
I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, Dayna!

Dec 22 @ 11:13AM  
I remember as a kid every holiday the whole family would gather at my grandparents house and most Sundays as well. Problem is the cousins were spread out over a wide age range to where you had a generation gap between the oldest and youngest. Then there were the cousins no one liked. I had one female cousin two years younger than me. Her mom's parents were wealthy so every Christmas Santa emptied his sack at her house. Christmas was spent with her rubbing everyone's nose in the fact she had more than we did. The result of all this forced togetherness is we only tolerate each other at funerals now and just go our own ways the rest of the time.

Dec 22 @ 11:52AM  
You know I'm hoping you have a wonderful Christmas vacation.

I'm spending Christmas Eve day with my daughter, her husband and their girls... (well, My girls, lol). We are doing dinner and gifts then since the youngest 2 (1 his, 1 hers) are with other parents on Christms day this year.
Divorce is so much hell for little kids.

No plans for Christmas day. If there were a way possible I would be spending it in Minnesota with a certain Griz. But................
This being apart is so difficult sometimes, especially the holidays.

I am so glad that C is getting to come home soon. that's a truly Happy Holiday!

To those of you that have family serving heart goes out to you and I will keep you in my prayers.
Me too........

Dec 22 @ 12:35PM  
Merry Christmas sheepy.

Dec 22 @ 8:18PM  
Thanks everyone.............I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and may Santa put everything under the tree you are asking for ..............tho it would be funny to see LilGriz stuffed into a stocking under Treas tree LOL

Dec 23 @ 8:30AM  
Hey Ewe

I think CL would fit better in a stocking, but you know what she thinks of confined places ..

Enjoy your Christmas together

Dec 23 @ 1:25PM  
..............tho it would be funny to see LilGriz stuffed into a stocking under Treas tree LOL
I'm not sure 'funny' is quite the word I would use... But I sure would be thrilled.
BTW, I am so saddened that for the first time ever, I don't have a tree this year.
I swore growing up that I would always have a tree, if nothing else, still a tree.
So much for that idea.

but you know what she thinks of confined places ..
Baby, if it meant you were going to unwrap me and we could actually spend time together, some how I would endure it.

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Merry Christmas