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What A Way Too Go!!!!!!!

posted 12/18/2011 11:17:26 AM |
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This is a true story....

Back before I moved here.... I had a Job offer by a Local co.....I Blogged about it ..I believe? Their offer was Lacking..In pay and benefits compared to what I am about to get!!! So..I turned them down....though from time to time..when I get Home Sick..I kinda wish I had of taken that Job!!!
But..its all about the money for me..right now!! I'm still Playing Catch up.....ugh!!!
anyways...the Local Co. that I turned down...builds "Tank" trucks....some are for Fuel, Septic..and Milk... I do believe...but you know what I mean right?

When I was being interviewed....the Shop Boss took me out on the Floor..and left me with a couple of the workers so I could see what my Job would be...I was with them for over a Hour.... So I got to see what really went on...and that was cool!!!
I would have Loved that job....I do love Building things..and that's basically what the guys did!! They take a brand new Truck/Tractor...with just the cab, running gear and frame and they "Fit" a Tank to would have been like putting a Model together. Cept some of the really needed to use your Imagination on....that would have been a lot of fun for Me!!!
Well.......getting to the "True Story" part....
This past Friday.....a Young man...26 yo that works there...was doing some testing from INSIDE one of the tanks...., and somehow ...he was sealed In.....and they Pressure Tested the Tank with HIM IN THE DAMN TANK !!!! OMGGGGGGGG!!!! I cant even let my Imagination take me there....
and Killed him!!!
As you will that they are Investigating it!!!!
My neighbor talked to his Family and thats the Story they were the Sheriffs Dept. !!! But they are still Investigating!!!! ...He lived just up the road from where I lived in a small Country town...
To be Heart aches for his Family, Friends..and his Co-workers!!! May God Bless them!!!!
The other Sad part is...that they had announced this past Tuesday..that they were gonna add 50 new Jobs!!!! This starving to death...because of NO JOBS!

After seeing what the shop was like...I'm Sure the Company will...take a Hard hit by Inspections!!!...I'm talking Majorly!!!

Whats the most Horrible way you have ever heard of someone Dieing? Just asking!!!

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Dec 18 @ 11:36AM  
When I was a paramedic I saw some gruesome stuff..........things I don't even care to write down let alone think about.

my biggest fear is getting hit by a train. I don't know why but i have always had a paranoia about that............and stupid me moved to where i have to drive over a set of tracts everytime I go can imagine how many times i look both ways before crossing them.

Dec 18 @ 11:36AM  
oh I meant to horrible for this young man and my heart goes out to his family.

Dec 18 @ 12:15PM  
I don't build 'tanks' for trucks but I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how he got trapped in it, without someone knowing about it, unless the pressure testing phase, is all automated maybe!

My condolences to his family!!

The worst I have personally experienced, was a type 1 diabetic forgetting his insulin at home and after he began to react without his insulin, he sent his son home to get it- by the time his son got back, his father was gone! Everything that happened while his son was gone, was very traumatic to me, being in my early teens 'n all!

If you think you've seen it all, there's a reality TV program called: '1000 Ways to Die' and you would be amazed of the weirdest ways in how people lose their lives- mostly through their own stupidity!


Dec 18 @ 12:26PM  
I don't build 'tanks' for trucks but I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how he got trapped in it, without someone knowing about it,
You and I both man!!!!
While I was there...I didnt see how anyone could get in a tank!!!!
I hope to have some Facts soon!!

Dec 18 @ 1:12PM  
When my aunt worked at Burlington Industries a man fell between two huge rollers feet first and became a human pancake. A neighbor's teenage son was walking along the railroad tracks listening to music and did not hear the train coming. People make unwise decisions and pay the price.

Dec 18 @ 6:02PM  
What a horrible way to die! I wasn't expecting that kind of story from you!

Dec 18 @ 6:20PM  
My Neighbor just told me..that "he" had welded up the outside of the Tank..and went in to inspect his weld....when they closed the hatch..and put the pressure in....not knowing..he was in there!!!

It blows me away..just thinking about it!!!
But..I saw for myself how they did things.....enough said!!!

Dec 18 @ 6:23PM  
Whats the most Horrible way you have ever heard of someone Dieing? Just asking!!!

A girl I knew in 7th grade worked at the same foundry (GM) as my dad, and they worked in the same plant. Her father was a maintenance worker. One of "stamps" I guess it's called, it's a HUGE cast iron rod about 5 feet in diameter, 3 or 4 stories tall, and it used to flatten iron parts. I can't remember exactly what it's called, hell, I was only in 7th grade at the time. Anyway, one of these "stampers" jammed, and so the maintenance crew came to work on it. While working on, this girls father poked his head in under where this stamps goes up and down, and just as he did so, the damn thing freed up, and blissfully, he didn't see it coming. Dad said when they got that part back up, there was nothing recognizable as human being. Yeah, it was closed casket funeral.

Dec 18 @ 6:40PM  
A girl I knew in 7th grade worked at the same foundry (GM) as my dad,

Let me rephrase that.

"A girl I knew in 7th grade whose father worked at the same foundry as my dad,"


Dec 19 @ 12:43AM  
That is a negligent way to go despite who the blame is pointed at. All parties should be investigated.

Dec 20 @ 12:09PM  
OMGosh, how awful. Thoughts and prayers go out for his family and loved ones.

About the worst , I'm just going to let that go.

Dec 20 @ 1:44PM  
When I was little I used to ride along with my dad who was a fireman every once in awhile. I was probly 7 or 8 and we went to the scene of an accident and the old woman who was in the passenger seat of 1 of the cars was decapitated by her seatbelt. Wasn't pretty.

Maybe like a year or 2 later I was once again out with them on the firetruck and this time the accident involved 1 of the cars catching on fire. The woman in the passenger seat again....the seat belt jammed and kept her tied in the car while she burned to death. The screams, the smell....and the sight of never forget it!

Dec 21 @ 2:11AM  
Damn rnj...
That's some serious shit for a child to have seen.. man!!!

Thanks for the comments everyone.....Yall are the Bestest!!!

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What A Way Too Go!!!!!!!