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Catching up with an old friend

posted 12/17/2011 11:11:20 AM |
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Ever wonder whatever became of childhood friends you lose touch with? I mean, in the little neighborhood I grew up in, there was a small group of us that were always playing together everyday. Staying overnight at each others homes, playing outside, riding bikes all over the place. Then we hit jr high, high school, and we made new friends, and that is when we started moving in different directions. Parents sell their homes and move. Life moves on.

There was a group of us, about 7, who as little kids, we were always playing together, and yes, even a few fights now and then. But we always patched them up and were buddies again. I remember one time one of my friends and I begged our parents for kites, and got them. We were out in the field and after a bunch of tries, finally got our kites up in the air. I mean, we got them up there, they looked like little dots in the sky. And I remember my friend grabbing a small Y shaped branch that had fallen out of one of the nearby trees, and jamming it into the ground and loosely wrapping his kite string on that branch. I asked if he was sure it was going to hold, and he said he was. He no sooner said that, than we saw that branch pop out of the ground and he was off running after it and trying to dive on it. After about the 4th or 5th attempt, he finally caught it. Me? I was the whole time. Even after all of this time, I can still get an image of that in my mind..and chuckle.

Anyway, one of my closer friends, she was always wanting a horse. She had the biggest collection of toy horses/figurine horses I had ever seen, and books galore about horses, stories, etc. She loved horses. I remember she used to every year for her birthday or for Christmas saying she wanted a horse. We lived in an area where even if her parents got her a horse, they couldn't keep it at their house. Where I live, law says you must have 2 or more acres of land to one horse, and cannot be within a certain distance of a store etc...and, at that time, where they were living, the yard wasn't even close to an acre, and the little grocery store behind my parents house, too close. But every year, that was what she always wanted..a horse. And one day, about a week or two after her 14th birthday, I remember being in my room, I was reading "The Black Stallion", and Mom came in and told me "K" was outside. I told her to send her in, and Mom said she wanted me to come I went outside. And right there in the middle of my parents front yard, is "K", sitting on a horse! I remember one of our favorite books to read was about a pony named "Misty", and yep, that was what she had named her horse, Misty. Her parents finally got her a horse for her birthday. They kept Misty at their place for a couple of weeks while arranging to board her at the local fairgrounds, which was walking distance. "K" was so happy to finally get her horse. And shortly after, her parents put the house up for sale, and moved to a place set up where they could have up to 5 horses, and even though "K" now lived further away, we still kept in touch at school, phone calls, and on the weekends when either my dad would take me over to her place, or her mom or dad would bring her to the old neighbor hood. It was great fun going to her place, her parents had bought a couple more horses, and we would go riding in the trails behind their house.

After high school, somewhere, somehow, we drifted apart...moved onto other things..other places. And eventually, we just lost touch with each other. Just a few months ago, I opened an email with a familiar name on it, and yes, it was "K", it was a friend request from her through Facebook. And she really doesn't look any different from when I last saw her except that instead of short hair, she's let it grow out. And she now lives in Kentucky, and has a full stable of horses, and she also loves motorcycles. Anyway, she and I were chatting last night on Facebook, turns out she's going to be here in Michigan over the Christmas holidays and we're planning on getting together with a few of the gang and have a little reunion.

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Dec 17 @ 11:14AM  


Dec 17 @ 11:23AM  
Awwww that's great! Old friends are the best, sharing memories for hours at a time. I'm glad she found you, that's such a good thing.

Dec 17 @ 12:43PM  
All of my "old friends" are gone from moving, getting married and worse! I've moved myself a lot over the years and have lost touch! But there are some I know where they're at and hopefully can visit one day!


Dec 17 @ 1:10PM  
Sadly I have outlived most of my old friends due to their choice of lifestyle. I still keep in touch with the few that remain above ground. Every so often they stop in when they are rolling through town, usually with a batch of my favorite 60s style brownies and some herbal tea that I can't find down here.

Another friend who lives outside Paris keeps in touch every week. Her brother and I do business together now so all of talk on a regular basis.
I am surprised we have all remained close all these years. All of us met in 71 and 72 after I moved to NYC. I did not have a lot of childhood friends in NC. I grew up in the south when being part anything but white pretty much made you an outcast so my friends were pretty much family members and Native American children I met at the pow wows up at the Cherokee reservation. I am not sure where they are now as we lost touch years ago.


Dec 18 @ 1:21AM  
Good for you!!! Have some Fun!!!

I'm like Strega..most of my Old friends are gone...
Life is Life....!
I'm looking forward to making New Friends!

Dec 18 @ 10:35AM  
I was raised in a neighborhood that the families with kids were all my relations. So if i want to see any of them or go to any of the family reunions I can see them. I met a girl when I was 11 at an auction and spent the whole day running around with her and as the summer went on and my parents went to auctions, her parents also went. So i got to know her really well. The next summer we started seeing and hanging around together at auctions to. The following year I started a new school and there she was, and we were the best of friends from then on. Through the years she moved to Illinois and moved back, i moved to ohio for 10 years and moved back, and yet through everything we are still great friends and talk often on the phone and I go up to see her when I can. She doesn't drive (can you imagine anyone our age never having a drivers license?) she was married for 30 years and her husband always drove her and when they got divorced she moved to town and walks everywhere including work. (oops off subject) anyway we still talk and get together when we can and I know if I ever needed a place to stay, if my children ever needed a place to stay or anything else she would be there for us, just as i would be for her.

Dec 18 @ 11:48PM  

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Catching up with an old friend