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A Small Rant and Big Savings from A Sheep

posted 12/16/2011 8:00:04 PM |
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It is official............I Hate Christmas. I was done with shopping or so I thought....but that fat ass red suited Santa forgot there was a 6 year old in the house who wanted a certain present...........well ok........Santa and I didn't forget..........we just didn't know that it was the one thing every girl child in this air was going to want. I believe there was a bigger run on Lalaloopsy doll and tree house set than on the Tickle me Elmos that we saw years ago. We discovered that WallyWorld was out of them, so I started doing a search and they were all out of them in any of the stores, and sold out online for 60 miles............well further actually. I finally found it in Target 75 miles away which meant a road trip to a bigger city today. Target had one...........and my hero for the season was the manager who had no problem putting it on hold for me until I could get there today.

This is where my rant comes in, I realize that everyone is in a rush and worrying over money and running out of time............but I have never seen such rude assholes in my life. They drive like old people fuck.........slow and sloppy...........unless its in a parking lots than its fast and sloppy. And no way can they be bothered to look to see if anyone is coming up the lane before they pull out in front of you. They tend to park in handicap parking when there is no reason for my choice was either not going into the couple of stores we had to stop at or my daughter dropping me off at the door. AND then you get inside and the customers get ruder than ever. Merry fucking Christmas.

However, even tho people's attitudes drive me nuts..........the deals today were awesome. I got my honey these great long sleeve polo shirts (of which he loves) marked down from 35 dollars to 11.99 and I had a 10 dollar coupon to use with a 25 dollar purchase. So after adding another little do dad so I could get to 25, I basically got his two shirts for a little over the sale price of one..........I love it.

I had to be careful on how much I was spending this year, and took advantage of different sales to make my Christmas list at the least expensive it could be. Walgreen's has some great sales, and I bought two gifts for my granddaughter at half the price it would have cost me at Walmart, and than got a 3rd one for free. You can't beat free. Maurice's gave me a 5 dollar gift card to go with the 25 dollar gift card I bought my daughter-n-law, (Then they threw in a 15% coupon for her) Last year I gave her a 25 dollar gift certificate and she bought off the clearance and got a pair of jeans, 2 pair of shorts and 3 shirts. With the extra they gave me this year.......she will probably own the store. LOL Thanks to Facebook, Target posted a one day coupon on there for a $10 dollar gift card if you spent $50 dollars. I usually give my one great niece a 15 dollar gift card for Christmas. Its not a lot but she is happy with it. but this year, I am bought her a $10 dollar one and giving her the other 10 dollar one that they gave me for my 50 dollar purchase. I am able to give her a bit more for a bit less.

I also found a place called Listia. Its like an ebay without using money. You post stuff on there and auction them off for credits. And than you can buy stuff with the credits that you got from stuff you sold. Some of the stuff is free shipping and other stuff you pay shipping on. As Listia says, if you don't want to pay shipping don't buy stuff you have to...........sooner or later when people don't sell stuff they will list it with free shipping. My daughter and I sold a ton of stuff we had around the house that we really didn't have a use for........and we made a ton of credits so we "bought" a lot of stuff off there. In the months of October and November, we probably spent 100 to 150 dollars a month on shipping. If that sounds like a lot, we added up everything we "bought" from there...........and we got well over 1500 dollars worth of stuff. Some for Christmas and some for our own personal use. We didn't do a lot with Listia this month, just because I didn't want to spend any extra money on shipping.........but come January I will be going on there listing again. I have hopes of saving up my credits for a Wii for the family. Listia actually offers up new stuff like that for us to bid on. Casuallylooking bought a
lot of her Christmas presents from there after we got her to try it out. Her one granddaughter is getting an Ipod from off there.

I also used Ebay more this year. My grandson is getting a Little Touch Leap pad with books for part of his Christmas present. His mommy is looking forward to getting that because its not only fun for him to use but its also a learning tool. My granddaughter is getting a MP3 player that is hot pink......and I only paid 10 dollars for it. Of course I had to wait almost a month to get it because it came from Hong Kong, but I bought my daughter one just like it two years ago and she loves it. I also order (for a whopping 1.29) hello kitty ear buds to go with it. I also got a couple new books for my honey for Christmas (that will be from my granddaughter) that were cheaper than if I had bought one from walmart. Of course now he is talking about getting a kindle or nook next year so books won't be as cheap.

continued in comments.

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Dec 16 @ 8:00PM  

In truth, I would prefer to just go to the store one day and get all my shopping done, but I found this year I was able to give nicer presents and get by cheaper than I normally would. I also started in Sept.with my shopping so I had time to do some comparison shopping and I watched for specials. I love the internet for shopping too........not just what I can find online but just finding out what is cheaper at the stores in my area, and who has it in stock. I told my daughter today that I think next month I am going to make a list of names and put birthday in one column and Christmas in another and start buying one or two gifts each month. I just hope I remember to wrap them as I pick them up cause I hate wrapping presents.........and they always look like a 3 year old with no thumbs wrapped them

So what did you do this year to save money? Did you get any good deals? I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend...............and Happy Holidays.

Dec 16 @ 8:20PM  
Yeah, the closer we get to Christmas, the more rude those shoppers are going to be.

I'm doing my Christmas shopping on my employer's dime. Where I work we get these gift certificates, and we can use them on anything on our employer's 3 properties. Well, at their main restaurant, in the lower level, they have a kick ass gift shop, and that's where I've done my Christmas shopping the last few years. On top of that gift certificate, I still get my employee discount (35%). So basically, I can do my Christmas shopping for free.

Gift Shop

It doesn't show everything, it's just the one picture, but under the picture, they list the stuff they have. Like I said, I've done my Christmas shopping this way the last few years.

Dec 16 @ 8:46PM  
I prefer to just keep it simple by going when there is not any crowds.

Dec 16 @ 11:45PM  
My daughter had the Lalaloopsy Jewel Sparkles on Ebay for sale last week . She bought a bunch of those for resell back in November and started them for the price she paid + what it would cost to ship it. They ended up going for well over $65 each. She was shocked they went for that much.

I do all my shopping online and at Rose's up the street. They get overstocks from other stores. I was a little late getting started this year and cut back on how much I bought people. No choice there. I found good deals on what I did buy by getting more than one item from ebay sellers who offered free shipping. And I shopped the sales at Rose's plus coupons.

Dec 16 @ 11:52PM  
Lalaloopsy doll

Okayyyyyy... what the Hell is a Lalaloopsy doll and who the Hell sits around dreaming up these names anyway? I know it can't be Santa 'cause apparently, his vocabulary is strictly limited to: HO HO HO, MERRYYYYY CHRISTMAS HO HO HO and sometimes: on Dancer, on Prancer, on Vixen- I mean, that's all I've ever heard come out of his mouth all these years- so, it couldn't have been Santa what named THAT doll!!

They drive like old people fuck.........slow and sloppy...........

Then there's the other extreme drivers careening down the streets in their 'two-ton bullets' we have to look out for (Butttttt... nothing that a few radar-guided missiles can't take care of!) and after surviving that, ya gotta watch out for the same people that rocket their carts down the isles, like they drive their cars!

BTW, it's been a while... slow and sloppy is look'n good right about now!


Dec 17 @ 1:52AM  
I have not.. even.. Started... Christmas shopping!!!

When I had a lil money.. Ebay was great!! I got screwed a couple of times.....but no big loss!!!

The Dollar Tree,.. near where I work..has some great stocking stuffers...and Believe me...the PPL....there.. are All over it!!!
The town its in.. is..considered... "Old Money" but.... damn at the Gorgeous Women that shop there... !! I'm sure they are shopping for the "Daddy"..after getting his Sugar (Money) !!
I go there Regularly...

I hate wrapping presents.........and they always look like a 3 year old with no thumbs wrapped them

Get gift Bags...Cheap and easy..

Don't even talk about Drivers..... and Christmas..has Nothing to do with it!!!
I get cut off...stopped in Front of...(for No Purpose...they will not turn in anywhere.. ) many a 25 minute drive to work...!! I most of the time just shake my head...and LOL.... sometimes I will Flippem off... ..depends on the Mood I guess!!
Have a Verrrrry.... Merry Christmas!!!

Dec 17 @ 4:12AM  
OHT You had better watch out for those NC drivers. They will chase you down for a perceived insult. And most of them are Dale wannabes and forget they are not racing.

Dec 17 @ 8:23AM  
Whew!! you are a busy lady ... I got tired just reading about everything you've been doing!!

lucky family to have you !! such a caring lady!!


Dec 17 @ 11:01AM  
I'm not into gift buying anymore...just can't afford it on a fixed income. But this year I wanted to get Susie a hardboiled egg cooker...her's is going on the fritz.

So off to the internet I went. It tells me Walmart, K-mart and Target has them...well, not in my area... So back to the internet. I've never purchase anything online so I'm off on a new adventure.

I shop through what is offered and find what I want at K-mart...also known as Sears. I wade through all the fill this out, fill that out, nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rockers. Why? 'Cause I don't like giving out personal info on anything in cyberspace. But....

They have what is called ebill pay that lets my bank pay the bill and no personal info is necessary to Sears. I'm pleased with that so the order is placed. Well damn 'n damn...those egg cookers were outta stock! Who woulda thought those gadgets would be so popular...

So for now I'll let it ride. Purchasing anything online makes me a nervous norvus and I'm not ready for another new adventure yet....

Dec 18 @ 11:52PM  
I spent quite a bit on a few people very special to me this Christmas, same as every year. Other than that, that's about it. I still haven't put up a tree yet this year.

Dec 20 @ 1:58AM  
I got tired just reading.........
Yes, don't you have a readers digest version of your rants?
You're so boring when you just rattle on.

Dec 20 @ 12:45PM  
I'm baaack... lol well at least for the moment I am. Later may be a different story.

Yes, I did a LOT of my shopping on Listia. And I love, love, love it!!
I can not say thank ewe and s enough.
I got 2- $25 gift cards and 1- $50 gift card to the places of MY choice and it didn't cost me a penny. But they are going to make nice Christmas gifts.
I don't normally give gift cards, but I am quite sure that my daughter would much rather pick out her own stuff from Victoria's Secret than have mom do it.

I got out to do a little shopping this year, but for the very first time I did most of it online. And it just worked better that way for right now.

Yes, don't you have a readers digest version of your rants?
You're so boring when you just rattle on.
Okay, this coming from someone calling them self backslider... I know this was most likely meant to be an insult, but I about fell out of my chair laughing when I read it.
Dayna, you didn't tell me you got published in Reader's Digest.
Oh well, tis the season................

Dec 20 @ 5:36PM  
Oh thank GAWD I'm not the only one who's over this whole happy crappy holiday bullshit!!!! wanna fuck?

Dec 21 @ 2:04AM  
A Small Rant and Big Savings from A Sheep
So we get a discount on some wool socks ?

Dec 21 @ 8:58PM  
CL i wish i had been published with readers digest........maybe I'll submit some of my blogs to them.............and I am sure it was meant to be an insult.........but how insulted can a person get from someone who gets canceled before he has a chance to get new off his profile...........he thinks he hurts our feelings with his negative comments.....and all he does is make me laugh.

Thanks everyone for your comments..........and no FB no discount off wool socks..........but I got a wool muff you can have..........

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A Small Rant and Big Savings from A Sheep