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How have attractions changed?

posted 12/13/2011 10:33:57 AM |
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I just read and commented on a blog about age and sex. Got me to has attraction changed in what we look for when it comes to a partner. A little edit here since there appears to be a question of what type of attraction. Attraction can be whatever you are thinking..sexual, physical (appearance in case some need the clarification. ), emotional, intellectual..all of the above, a combination of whatever. Hopefully that clears it up.

For me, back in high school, it was the "bad boy" that I was drawn to. He wore the leather jacket or jean jacket, white t-shirt, ripped jeans, biker boots, smoked, partied, had the hopped up hot rod. The jock, I ignored. Although looking back, there were some damned hot looking guys. And they did look good in the basketball uniform. Anyway, high school, it was about........"cliques" I guess is what I would call it. There were the "popular, preppy" ones, the partiers/burn outs, the jocks/cheerleaders, and then there were the nerds/geeks. My group of friends I hung out with were the partiers/burnouts. Thus, my attraction to those long haired hunks. And that was what I was attracted to probably through my 30's.

What I find attractive today, isn't the "image" anymore so much as it's what's inside. Damn that sounds so........overused. There is still that small part of me that still likes the bad boy because I still think Nikki Sixx is FINE! But today, it isn't about how rebellious the man is, it's now evolved into how responsible he is. Do we respect each other enough to actually talk instead of just hop in the sack and fuck each others brains out. It isn't all about the image anymore, it's about the partnership. There, I finally got around to it. In other words, no, he doesn't need to be wearing the leather or jean jacket anymore, although I do still find that attractive, no, he doesn't have to have the hopped up hot rod...and I'm a little old school on I love the old muscle cars like the 68 Dodge Charger, or the 72 Chevelle SS, 68 Camaro, or 68 me, those cars from that era are the true muscle cars. I look at today's cars and I just don't see "muscle car" in any of them. Well, Ford and Chrysler brought them back with the Mustang and Challenger.

Yeah, ok, a little but it's my blog and I can do that. I guess I've "grown up" a little bit because men aren't required to have long hair, although I still find that to be a nice look, and they aren't required to be the "rebel", but can still have that "tough guy" appeal. But, overall, I'm attracted more to men who can be "real". Be who they are, and not worry so much about image.

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Dec 13 @ 12:24PM  
In high school I was in a relationship that had been building since we were kids. Hawk was a biker type with a triple digit IQ and a code of honor that ended up getting him killed as a marine in Nam. In college when I started dating again I went for smart guys. I dated everything from musicians to a translator for the UN. I am still attracted to smart men and if he is the long haired hippie type involved in a good cause, that is a plus.

Dec 13 @ 12:48PM  
How have attractions changed?

Attractions for what (LTR, playmate, FWB, etc.)? For the latter two, I have widened the age range. For the former, NA... not interested.

Dec 13 @ 1:49PM  
But, overall, I'm attracted more to men who can be "real". Be who they are, and not worry so much about image.

Ya know, after reading your blog, I took a real look at myself in the mirror- what I saw was a figure standing there, looking like I was a little faded! So my question, in multi- part form, is this:

1- Am I really beginning to fade away from age, like part of General MacArthur's Address to Congress on April 19, 1951 suggests saying: "old soldiers never die; they just fade away"? Or...

2- MY image is actually fading just like the dialog boxes that pop up in the newer versions of Window's operating systems where you can control the transparency of the dialog boxes or...

3- The reflective silver on the back of the mirror, is fading itself!

(1) Age I can't do anything about!

(2) I can't do anything about image transparency because my mirror isn't an intelligent mirror I can manipulate! Which explains the intelligence of some of my decisions... at times!

(3) Soooo... I guess the most practical thing I can do is, re-silver my mirror! That's the easiest, cheapest way to solve my fading problem! Works for ME!!!

What's my point? There is none... Hah Hahhhhh!


Dec 13 @ 2:57PM  
As i get older what I find attractive changed from what it was in my teens, 20's, 30's.......ect. Which is good..........because even tho I did find the bad boy type attractive when i was younger.......when you get to my age......the bad boy types........are usually losers.........that think they are still 20 years old, only working when they want to, and riding the harley. The problem my age.........i don't want to support a man (nor do i want him to support as in financial) and when he climbs on that harley........his pants are riding so low the crack of his ass is showing and his tummy is covering the gas tank. Which is ok........that I am not attracted to them..........because in their little dream world they are still looking for that 20 year old to ride on the back of the bike with them.........yea that won't be happening. LOL Of course i am talking in general terms..........not all bad boy types are as I described...........but way to many for me to disregard. Anyone who met my Gary.........knew he was definitely the bad boy type..........with the exceptions he was still built well for a man his age and had a great income..........and when I met him that bad boy image was part of what attracted me to him.....but way.........bad boy types are like 20 year old hot women...........great to be a round but high maintenance. My honey.........wears a suit to work, has this nice round tummy, is so nice he would give his shirt off his back to help anyone...........sound boring...........well to some he might be.........but he also makes me laugh, he worries about me when I am not feeling well, he calls me everyday just to see how my day is going, we see each other every day if only for a few minutes just so he can say hi.........he would buy me anything I asked for.........even tho he knows i won't ask.........there isn't a birthday, christmas, valentines day that he buys me presents that it isn't something I absolutely love.........because he knows me and knows what I like. So yea.............I probably wouldn't have been interested in him 10 or 15 years ago.........cause he wasn't the type I was attracted to..........I am so glad that my attractions have changed.

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How have attractions changed?