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Dating Older Women....

posted 12/11/2011 8:05:16 PM |
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I have been on that Fishy Place.....and I have been talking to a Lady..that is 61 YO....just less than Ten years older that I...!
We are headed toward... having some Good times!!
How do I handle that?
Do I .. Not ..Try to make her much?
I'm a Pleaser.....butttt Not a Killer!!!!!!!

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Dec 11 @ 8:39PM  
I'm a Pleaser.....butttt Not a Killer!!!!!!!
Don't worry she is old enough to know better. She knows what she can handle & definitely knows what she is doing. Ride her like the wind & you will be rewarded immensely. The only thing you are going to break is your own spirits. Go for it ten years aint shit & I bet she will teach you a thing or two. Older women are the bomb & I think you will enjoy the plate of fish ...

Dec 11 @ 8:43PM  
hey women peak later than men .. so I say go for it.. both barrels blazing

Dec 11 @ 8:56PM  
enjoy the plate of fish .
Now ...that Funny!!!!


OK.... if you read of a Man fucking a Woman to Death, my Area....Blame it on Flavorbuster!! Just saying...

Dec 11 @ 8:57PM  
Flavor and summer are right: go for it!

Dec 11 @ 10:08PM  
ask what she wants

lol i have worn out guys 12 years younger than me

Dec 11 @ 10:44PM  
Met my girlfriend on there. Next week we celebrate 1 year of being together. he's 8 yrs older than I am. She can definitely handle me

Dec 12 @ 5:52AM  
Chronological age and energetic age are not the same thing.

I am 57 and find I usually match up energetically with guys who are 45-50. That is not ALWAYS true, there are guys over 60 who can keep up with me.

I consider sex to be very life affirming and a "fountain of youth"..

Don't worry. You will just be helping her stay young!

Dec 12 @ 9:25AM  
Chronological age and energetic age are not the same thing.

Shocks is right. And I like her analogy of sex being the fountain of youth.

And to think, people traveling all over to find this mythical fountain, and it's really in the hormones.

Besides, hasn't anyone ever heard the saying that sex is the best aerobic workout?

Dec 12 @ 9:58AM  
Besides, hasn't anyone ever heard the saying that sex is the best aerobic workout?

I keep telling the ladies that but...... they ain't buy'n it!!

But then... I keep think'n that sex can kill too and has in the past! So what to do? I think people (especially men) in their 60s and beyond, should 'build up to it' over time... like weight lifting, before they end up with a 'Weekend at Bernie's' situation! You don't have to make it a point to experience a 'grand finale', every time you get together with your partner!


Dec 12 @ 10:31AM  
But then... I keep think'n that sex can kill too and has in the past!

You just reminded me of, I think it was a Goldie Hawn movie, where her husband dies on their wedding night from a heart attack when they are "consummating" their marriage. Can't remember the name of the movie.

And yes, you're right, people should "build up". I mean, even with the Viagra and Cialis commercials, they advise to speak with a doctor before having sex.


Dec 12 @ 11:17AM  
Can't remember the name of the movie.

Private Benjamin

Dec 12 @ 11:31AM  
Thank you Bruce!

Dec 12 @ 12:07PM  
A lot of older women can wear out a younger man. Might want to make sure your ticker is in good shape.

Dec 12 @ 6:33PM  
I keep think'n that sex can kill too

That reminds of one of the scariest date cancellations I had. THe guy I was going to see the next day called me from the parking lot of the Emergency Room. He was having chest pains and told me if he didn't call the next day, um, he was cancelling.

Found out later he had heart surgery and a couple of stents put in. Married guy. The thought of being in a motel room with a dead guy on top of me was VERY sobering. Fortunately for me the pains started to develop the day before we were supposed to get together. If it were 24 hours later I might had had to dress him, haul him out to his car before calling 911. Or at least consider doing that Shudder.

My other friends are much healthier,,,,

Dec 13 @ 2:20AM  
I'm in my mid-30's and I have been with a ton of guys just out of their teen years. I can tell you one thing NOT to do...don't ever...I mean ever, ever, ever tell her you like being with 'OLDER WOMEN".

Dec 13 @ 2:24AM  
If you DO kill her she'll die happy, so fuck her till she cums through her pores...BUT...

ask what she wants

DO NOT ask her what she wants. Man up and demonstrate you may be a child by her standards, but you know what you're doing.

Dec 13 @ 2:07PM  
Man up and demonstrate you may be a child by her standards,
Wow......what an ignorant thing to say. Man up? just because Toady wants to please a woman...........not all women want to be skull fucked and than pissed on.............for a matter of fact I believe its probably a low percentage that do. MOST women want to be treated with respect and dignity. And I know of no man who wants to treat his sexual partner as a door mat......and have her just follow his lead. Now i am sure they are out there.......but all of the men I have known...........tho I am sure I don't have the vast knowledge of the man-up its never been my practice to pick up strangers off the street..........that didn't like women to be somewhat agressive.........when they are not at all aggressive.......the man is probably looking at a long future doing nothing much more than the missionary position. But at least since the author of man-up is so willing for all of the.........ummmm...kinks she likes..........she will at least have a profitable future if she ever decides to start charging.

As for you Toady...........stop worrying about her age..........if there is an attraction go for it..........I am sure her heart will hold out for just about anything you can come up with ............well unless you plan on skull fucking her and pissing on her.............

Dec 13 @ 4:09PM  
I have not experienced sex to be like running a marathon or showeling snow. Most of the time you will be horizontal in bed and can take a break after you give her a few orgasms. She will probably be doing much less than you anyway.....I wouldn't worry. Pace yourself, it could be a long night.

Dec 13 @ 7:38PM  
Oh Toad don't you worry about that woman keeping up with you . You might need extra vitamins to keep up with her. You might very well be in for a surprise.

Dec 14 @ 12:39AM  
Thanks everyone for the Comments!!! Yall rock!!!

Dec 29 @ 12:26AM  
MOST women want to be treated with respect and dignity.

I have made it the practice of a lifetime to elicit respect and celebrate my own dignity through the manifestation of my intellect and the power of my prose. My pussy I use for fucking. If you will do the same, I'm certain you will quickly learn that the man who is treating you with dignity and respect during the daylight hours is fucking the hell out of me at night.

This is what you get when you are facing left.

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Dating Older Women....