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Some Deep Thinking

posted 12/9/2011 10:29:39 PM |
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Here I go, getting dangerous again. It seems I have been thinking, and at least one of my three brain cells seems to have gone off the deep end. I never have been able to keep that one under control, so off it went on it's merry way, gathering the tidbits of information gathered over the years, and put them together in what seems to me to be some sort of logical conclusion. Or at least a viable hypothesis.

Mind you, I know this is going to raise a lot of hackles, and some people are going to go ballistic over it all, but oh friggin well. Remember this is a free country, at least up to a point anymore. Now just what, you probably aren't asking yourselves, is this old fart thinking this time. Welllll, settle in for an abnormally long blog. 'Cause I’m going to lay out what my thought processes have lead me to this time.

It seems everything was once energy, in some form or another. This seems to be a constant, and it makes no difference what it is. We are a form of energy, it is our life force. Call it what you will, but without energy, we would not exist. Now as many know, you can change energy, but you can not destroy it. Plants convert sun light into forms of energy usable by other life forms. It is changed, but not destroyed. Plankton and algae convert that same energy source into something that can be used, again, by another life form, but it is never destroyed. Only changed.

Ok, we got that much down now I hope. The part that has clarified for me deals with something many here take on nothing but what someone else has said, and what mankind has been searching for since the first apes became self aware. That is, the meaning of life. And I don't say that with as much humor as may be indicated. But rather, it is put out as a constant question. There have been many attempts in the past to give an answer, but to me, we are meant to exist, and then the body lets go of the energy that is “US'. And it dies. The body dies, but the energy remains. Religion has tried to give answers to what happens once a person crosses from living energy to what ever is next on the list. It has also given people a set of rules to live by, no matter what flavor you put on it. But it has always been man, not some far off god that has put these things in terms the common person could understand. And which the common person followed blindly.

In the past, men have tried to give voice to a god, or multiple gods, depending on the religion, and make sense of the world and the whys of it. Floods, volcanoes, famine, drought, pestilence, all the maladies that plague us. Those are all things that the very nature of this world is going to hit the inhabitants with from time to time, and they will go away eventually. We may have some effect on them by our own actions, but for the most part, no amount of praying or beseeching a higher power does more than give is a warm fuzzy feeling when they do abate. As for the “most part”, it has been documented in the past that that people can have some effect on random happenings. Believe or don't, it has been documented. And when a lot of people can channel their thought energy into one thing, the outcome can be different than what randomness would dictate.

Now for the bug in this, since we are all literally wired different, no two of us think the same, nor do we feel the same as the next person about anything. Nature at work again, making us all individuals. Our brains use different pathways, process information, and come to conclusions differently. Some have what we call abnormalities in their processes, some can do more with what they have, but all do things differently.

If you are still with me, hang in there I little longer, I’ll get to the end here shortly. If there is an end.

I have been asking what is next, just as most other have all my life, and like most everyone else, been pointed to “god” and the rest of what religion espouses. That never really answered my questions, and no amount of searching did either. So now, I have at least some part of an answer that satisfies me, and fills in some of the blanks. We do have a spirit, and when our body dies, it does leave, ok so far. It is what happens after that point that the contention comes in. Now, lets add a little sci-fi to the mix, and it might help make it clearer to some. The series Star Gate had an interesting answer, we die, but the spirit, if sufficiently advanced, goes on to a higher level of existence. Again, that pesky energy. If not, then we have to come back and learn the lessons needed to move to the next level. It doesn't take education, but understanding of what life is.

Now, lets add something else to really gum up the works. There are those that don't fully understand, and are caught between here and there. We call them ghosts. Then there are those that are caught that have some really nasty personalities, and have learned to harness the energy to do harm, those are demons. And there are some that come back, many times to learn what they haven't, usually we call them children. It is a continual cycle, and until we destroy the earth, which is what gives us our life, mankind will continue it. We do have something to look forward to, tho it may not be the “Heaven” or “Paradise” so many envision.

I know there are many details not mentioned, but I’ll let you work on them for yourself. I don't have all the answers, even for me, but I’m working on what works, for me, not you.

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Dec 9 @ 10:43PM  
well mr sawduster you have turned a rather boring Fri night into an interesting evening .. you did a lot of thinking there and I'm with you all the way .. I know the Spirit leaves the body after that is when the adventure starts... after that we won't have these bodies holding us down ... who knows what we'll be doing.

Dec 9 @ 11:03PM  
past life experiences are not just science fiction, but documented, some of them by more than one source. and other "old" religions taught that we live more than once. what i tried to do here was tie together all the pieces i've picked up over the years into one cohesive bundle. and explain how i understand it is all supposed to fit together. i don't believe that one religion has all the answers, or that just one book has them. but each one has a piece of of the whole. you just have to winnow out what really makes sense from the rhetoric and moral teachings.

and not let what you have been taught cloud your findings. remember, the earth was flat at one time, according to a certain religion.

Dec 9 @ 11:31PM  
I agree with you .. past life experiences may well be a fact .. but we don't remember them like we do this life experiences .. I have always had a strong pull towards pioneer people in the 1800's and my daughter is drawn to the early 1900's .. things like this just don't happen's a different feeling than you feel about the place you spent your vacation .. it's actually a feeling of comfort like you have been there.

Dec 10 @ 1:32AM  
Conservation of energy has nothing to do with conservation of consciousness or self-hood. The energy contained in the body becomes completely disorganized with death. It doesn't 'leave' the body so much as what doesn't stay in it is leeched back into the surrounding environment. Hell, energy leaves the body constantly while we're alive. Is our soul just slowly being ripped to tatters by life?

You pretty much dismiss the 'documented' history of many religions but trust in the 'documented' evidence of people who believe in reincarnation. Of course, neither offers direct proof, so I'm not really certain why you choose one over the other outside of personal preference.

"Remember, the earth was flat at one time, according to a certain religion. " The earth was not flat according to a certain religion. The uneducated espoused that belief in medieval times, some of whom were probably religious and some of whom were probably not, but the scholars of the time, and much, much earlier were laboring under no such false assumption. Some of those scholars were probably religious. I'm guessing some weren't.

I hope this doesn't sound like I'm attacking you, because I'm not. I just don't think this is very well thought out as a theory and you seem to have a historical misconception or two.


Dec 10 @ 1:42AM  
I think everyone just goes back into the force that is nature until another plant, animal or mineral comes into being. Humans have just made their theories of this way more complicated than it really is. If you think of everything being connected as part of a whole it is simple. Due to the human ego most will never see it that way though.

Dec 10 @ 9:29AM  
Everybody thinks, feels, believes but nobody knows. I'll let it go at that.

Dec 10 @ 2:30PM  
Humans were simply prey animals who became more developed to keep from being eaten by the nearest larger animal or starving to death. As they became more developed religion was born to explain the mysteries of nature. They developed a little more and science was born, but it still all comes down to the same thing, survival of a prey animal.

Dec 10 @ 6:35PM  
Well, I'm going to address the religious part of your blog because there are questions as to what happens to someone when they pack their bags for their eternal vacation when they descend to a much warmer climate or ascend to a much cooler climate!

I did have somewhat of a long comment but, I figured people would get bored reading it so... suffice it to say that I'm an agnostic with a technical background! That just means that I need to be able to run a test(s) on something for verification purposes for one thing- to do that, involves physical properties! When it comes to religion, I know of no way to prove or disprove of a God(s) for any religion and... neither does anyone else!

That doesn't make me a bad guy just because I can't find out the truth, which, is what an agnostic is looking for and simply can't find- neither can anyone else- no matter what they have been taught growing up about religion, no matter what religion! It seems to me that humans need a sense of direction- I think they get a large part of their direction through religion- something to believe in! I see nothing wrong with that- if that's what they believe in, so be it!

I just said in another blog the other day that, we and everything we see, hear, touch, smell and taste on this planet, came from stars in the form of basic matter, elsewhere in the Universe and I believe we'll all, including us, everything on this planet, the Moon, our solar system etc., will end up right back into matter in a star not yet born! I really believe matter, is basically the next step higher than the energy state it was in before being converted into matter- without energy, I can't see how anything can exist!

Energy to matter, matter to energy, eventually! Happens every day throughout the Universe!

I do have one question about religion though: if, as proponents of religion would have us believe, religion is a belief humans should follow foe a belief system and a sense of direction- then why have millions for centuries, suffered in many different ways and died because of religion? And actually, still are!

I hope you all see my comment in the light of a commenter simply expressing his thoughts on the subject and NOT condemning anyone, and respect their own personal beliefs! So, I would expect the same in return!

Just my 2¢ worth and then I probably have change coming back!


Dec 10 @ 6:56PM  
When my friend, Steve, was gunned down about 20 years ago, I remember being at his funeral, and I remember the pastors words: Steve isn't dead, his energy is still moving". And it made me realize then, that yes, energy is what makes us move, get up, etc. So, when the body stops, what happens to "us"? I've often wondered about this very same thing myself over the years.

Still haven't come up with any answers. But I have enjoyed reading what others think on this subject. And for that, I'm leaving a kudo.

Dec 11 @ 10:45AM  
My take. You are born, you live, and you die, the spirit dies, the concienceness you have fades to black and does not come back. Eternal life is not for man but for mankind. If man follows the golden rule, stops wasting all of the time, money, power, effort etc on destroying each other and the ship of earth we are all on because my god is better than your god and I am better than you, and redirects all that energy for good, then imagine how the world we live in would change...we would go on forever as a species on this beautiful planet that is our one and only home. I am a realist.

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Some Deep Thinking