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Trolls, America and Getting Around, Part One

posted 12/7/2011 12:46:30 PM |
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Records and Observations Assembled
by Grandpa Carl

On a trip last winter a number of Trolls were spotted in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah. There have also been sightings in Mesa Verda in Colorado, California and in and around the Grand Canyon. These sightings, along with other evidence has lead Trollologists to the conclusion that there are more Trolls on the American Continent than anyone previously suspected.

This fact should come as no surprise to those interested in Trolls and Trolldom for several reasons. First it is a well documented fact that Trolls, by their very natures, are curious wanderers who take great pleasure in going places they have never been before and in revisiting places they once enjoyed. Secondly, wherever people from Scandinavia, especially Norway, settle Trolls seem to naturally gravitate toward the area. There is actually a large contingent of people and their descendants from all the Scandinavian countries scattered in Arizona, Utah and other Rocky Mountain states so it there weren’t any Trolls around them it would be unnatural. Some of these Trolls, like our House Troll Maas, followed ‘their families’ here while others slipped in unnoticed over the years in a variety of ways. Others were born here and that leads to the third point. Trolls have known of the Americas long before the first of the Europeans arrived.

The Norseman would have you believe that the first Troll to arrive in Greenland came with Eric (Erik) the Red as a servant and status symbol. (Few, if any, could ever afford to have such a luxury as a Troll in such a capacity and far fewer could befriend a Troll but Eric, born Eric Thorvaldson, is reputed to have been such a leader.) His son Lief the Lucky (Lief Ericson) visited the New World, calling it Vinland, several years later and some say that same Troll went with him and stayed behind when they returned to Greenland possibly gaining his freedom as a reward for some great feat or heroic action. This claim, by the Norseman however, is put into some question by many of the artifacts found in North, Central and South America among the ruins of the several great civilizations found there. If one looks closely at some of the masks, statues and other artifacts found there one can easily wonder if they are not ‘Troll inspired”.

How Trolls got to the American Continents is anybodies guess though it is possible some may have crossed over the Bearing Straights or perhaps one of the ancient ‘mountain sized’ Trolls carried smaller ones across the waters to Iceland and on to Greenland (using the current names for them) and beyond. There is even a remote chance that they traveled over the Arctic Wastes to explore the ‘new world’. I suppose it really does not matter how or even when they arrived because the point remains that there are and were Trolls in the Hemisphere of the Americas for as long as can be remembered. Personally, I like to think , that ever since their creation Trolls have ranged throughout the world and have thus influenced nature and civilization in unknown ways. I even heard once that one of the great peaks in the Rocky Mountains was actually a Troll at one time but there is nothing to prove formally that this is true.

This migration of Trolls was not without risks. With the ever growing expansion of Humans, Trolls found it harder and harder to find the privacy and isolation they desire. To avoid unnecessary and usually unwanted contacts, most Trolls moved deeper into the hills and underground or further into the uncharted/uninhabited regions of the planet. Here they built a few villages and set up homes hidden away from mankind. Those who moved underground dug tunnels and passages linking many natural fissures and caves hidden deep below the surface. Clever Troll artisans took great pains to conceal hidden doors and other entrance ways in order to prevent the inquisitive risk taking humans from intruding to far into their world

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Dec 7 @ 1:08PM  
very interesting and timely

Dec 7 @ 2:16PM  
Thank you for posting a real blog. It took time, original thought and was informational. If we could have more postings like this and 'summernites' it would attract more people.

Dec 7 @ 5:10PM  
(----sigh----). I work with a Troll. Unfortunately, she is not the docile, nice creature you describe, that loves adventure and new horizons.
The Troll I work with, stalks about.....watching people. Looking for any infringement, or possibility they are having fun, perhaps even goofing off. While 'said' Troll will take four or five, 30 minute breaks a day, is not the matter. As the Humans are only allowed two, 15 minute breaks. But she will run straight to 'management' to get a gold star off the back of any hapless victim. Imagine Gollum, with slimy breasts....
I've had 'our' Troll sneak and follow me for hours, looking for any wrongdoing.
Unfortunately, while Troll was watching me, some Humans walked over her bridge. NOW....the Troll is even more angry with me, as she missed out on several tolls.
Hell hath no fury like a Troll ripped off.....


Dec 7 @ 5:15PM  
I agree it was very interesting but as a suggestion next time post the link so people can also enjoy the pictures that go with it. I also liked there words and wisdoms (my favorites are in bold)

1. One does not go hungry when one travels with a Troll (Slickears the Fox)

2. Troll, to thyself be enough. (Peer Gynt)

3. But with Trolls, one never knows.

4. Troll magic twists trails.

5. Trolls do not forget good or ill.

6. To share with a Troll is to go beyond yourself.

7. If you share with a Troll they will be always aware (of you).

8. A little butter and a little cream go a long way.

9. Never forget to care for ‘your Troll’.

10. Troll pranks show we know. (Maas)

11. Use all to give it thanks. (Lilly)

12. The nature of a troll is to be one with nature.

13. Give, take is the same when as needed.

14. Troll. Earth. One.

15. Troll know Troll voice. (Troll listen Troll voice.)

16. Know Troll voice, listen good.

17. Self respect is vital to a successful, meaningful life. (Like self do good in life.)

18. Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk your private life, to be needed. (Be happy, feel heart, enjoy small things, think for self, give self, be needed.)

19. Trolls cannot change truth, but truth changes Trolls. (Applies to people too.)

20. If you have knowledge, let others light their candles of it. (You know things, let all use your light.)

21. Great things are done when trolls and mountains meet.

22. Better a little fire that warms than a big one that burns.

23. The love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay. Love isn’t love ‘till its given away.

24. I will send you strength when you need it.

25. Make each new morning the opening door to a better day that the one before. (New day, new door you make better day.)

26. Friendship is to be purchased only by friendship. (Be friend to get friend.)

27. If you see someone without a smile give them one of yours.

28. Do not fear going ahead slowly; fear only to stand still. (Go fast or slow but go!”

29. Lost time is never found again. (You not live over life)

30. The further you know yourself to be from perfection, the nearer you are to it.

31. A smile cost nothing but gives much. (Show teeth make Trolls happy.)

32. Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

33. Close your eyes to the faults of others and you open the doors to friendship. (See Trolls first with eyes closed to know best.)

34. A friend is to be taken with his/her faults.

35. Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking outward in the same direction. (Troll love not in soft looks but in looking same target.)

Too bad more trolls don't follow these wonderful words of advice. This information came from here. Sorry I didn't mean to take over so much space in your blog..........but seems to make more sense than to post a new one since they go so well together.

Dec 7 @ 5:44PM  
Thank you Ewe for all that great advice ... and

thank you Runaround for giving Grandpa Carl credit for the blog.

it was all good

Dec 7 @ 6:22PM  
If you have knowledge, let others light their candles of it. (You know things, let all use your light.)

OK, I'll shed some light which the few remaining Pervians are well aware of you is a registered pedophile who uses the site for connection with others of his kind. And you're all enabling him.

Dec 7 @ 6:36PM  
Isn't that weird..A brand new person posting exactly like Cockfail??

Dec 7 @ 6:36PM  
OK creampie........or doucepie or whatever the fuck your next profile is going to be..........let me shed some light for you...........unless you have fucking proof and I don't mean your ramblings of an idiot bullshit...........I MEAN REAL FUCKING PROOF.............shut the fuck up. I have no clue who you are accusing and I don't give a royal flying fuck.............but unless you have proof that you can actually show me and others...............than your word is shit .......and I mean actual newspaper clippings of where he/she was found guilty, or links to actual court documents. And my only thought in them being here is to connect with their own kind is that you must be that kind and that's how you found out.

And the only person I am enabling at this moment is you irritating the shit out of me...........but that stops right your bullshit, change your profile, do what you show every time you do that what kind of a sick twisted jackass you really are...........and takes and credence of your claims away from you.

Dec 7 @ 6:43PM  
You know his name, look it up, I did. And just a suggestion, clean up your language. Make your point without resorting to vulgarity, it would make you so much more credible, and shows a lack of control and therefore clarity of thought.

Dec 7 @ 6:54PM  
Hey Creampie.......FUCK YOU..... I would say that is pretty clear wouldn't you.....except make me more clear...........its my way of saying you're a idiot..because when it comes to fucking.........I stay within my own species. Why don't you come out of who you really are so quick to accuse people of us the proof..........I have no idea the real names of most of the people who are left come on show me the proof and since you are such a hero as to let us know about others on here...hows about you giving us your real know tit for tat..............because personally i think we need to check you out also. So stop hiding behind your many a man.............ooops.........sorry........I didn't mean to set such high goals for you.

Dec 7 @ 7:01PM  
Much better, but you're going to have to work on that 'controlling' your emotions issue. Ranting serves no purpose dear.

I have no idea the real names of most of the people who are left here........

Come, come,'re enabling again.

Dec 7 @ 7:09PM  
Ohhh, leave RunAround alone. My apologies sir, but never mention the word troll with these amoeba. You become immediately suspect and by now they're crying to mommy as they are want to do until they get their way. "Children of the Corn" so to speak. Musn't hold contrary opinions to the herd especially now since they are quickly dying of self immolation. You wrote what you thought what was an appropriate blog but you don't know the paranoia of the herd.
I prefer dangling their strings...they make wonderful playtoys.

Dec 7 @ 7:11PM  
IF by telling the truth is enabling.......guess you caught me.......the only one I have been enabling is you..........and that stops now. I really don't care what your opinion of me or others are I said unless you have proof that you just need to STFU because no one believes you. In this are innocent until proven just because you want to accuse someone doesn't make them guilty. Now i have exchanged enough words for you for today........actually for a lot longer than that.........I am going to get ready to watch Survivor with my need to shut the computer down and get out and meet people...........if you weren't such a sad, lonely and bitter wouldn't need to keep making up fake profiles and making false claims against people.........get off the computer go find a life.

Dec 7 @ 7:31PM  
Ok, you may go now. Wheel on over to the Reality And try and calm down, have some walnuts or take a fish oil......good for your heart and circulation.....LOL>>>>>>>>

Dec 7 @ 7:49PM  
Time For A Break

Guess I'm not used to making lenghty visits in person anymore. Time to sit down, have a glass of wine and do some reading. What should I have.....mmmmm, perhaps a Pinot Noir....I have a delicious 1998 Chamonix, South African, rich and red with hints of cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and chicory I believe. It's either that or the Duckhorn Merlot......MODS, please clean this place up for when I get back....if I should feel so inclined.

Or maybe the Club......

Dec 7 @ 8:25PM  
Hey cocktail you are an idiot. You think you can hide but isp addresses can be traced and you are edging into territory where you could find yourself in court. The laws concerning the abuse of the internet are changing fast and cyber bullying and cyber slander are making some very interesting cases right now. Better watch it dude or you might just end up as someone's girlfriend in prison. Of course you might enjoy that.

By the way you never know who might be lurking in a website either.

Dec 7 @ 9:19PM  
wow! Take off for a while and look what happens!

Dec 8 @ 1:21AM  
The laws concerning the abuse of the internet are changing fast and cyber bullying and cyber slander are making some very interesting cases right now. Better watch it dude or you might just end up as someone's girlfriend in prison.
Strega.......that's the Plan!!!
PPL are in Jail for less!!!!

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Trolls, America and Getting Around, Part One