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Have You Ever Won Anything?

posted 12/7/2011 1:22:33 AM |
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I don't Play the Lottery ....but.. I do think I will start!!!!
You can't Win..unless you play right? lol
When I was working back in VA....we had a Group at work.. that would put in $5.00 per person..and do the Group thingy...!!! WE never won shit!!! A few times we won a few dollars..and we reinvested the monies in.. more tickets...only to Loose anything we won!!!!
Back when I was Tournament.. Bass Fishing...... there was a Tournament Trail...where you could turn in Labels from a certain can good....with your name on the back, that they would reach in and pick one. I won that a few times....!! Got a nice Jacket...and a few free Tournament Entries..That was cool!!!
I've not won anything big...
I know someone that did win the Lottery!!!!! Their cut was around a Million and a Half!!! About $750.00 take home monies.....!!! Lucky bastids!!!

Today at work we had our Christmas dinner...and they Placed Gift Bags on a table... everyone gets one bag!!! The Top Prize is a Vacation day!!! Other prizes are gift cards to..Restaurants, Wally World...Lowes..etc.
I'm the "New Guy" I let everyone else have their Pic.. before me. Well except for my Boss..who has Won the Top prize for the past 2 years!!! Everyone was thinking it was rigged!!! lol He had the last pic...there was 2 Bags for him to choose from.
So ..the CEO. told us to dig in..and see what we got!!!!
I Won the Vacation day!!!! Yayyyyyy me!!!
Nothing big..but hell...I thought it was awesome!!!
I'm still a Temp...that will be hired in January (GLW)....and the Guy on 1st that Won it... is also was a Temp.....I'm thinking that's not settling well with some...Well..I know..because ..right before we went in for the of the guys was bitching about the Temp winning on 1st!!!
The Co. I work for is Awesome!! They even give me Holiday Pay...even though ..I'm a temp!!!! I have never heard of that before!!
But anyways.....
Have You ever Won Anything?
Big or Small....Have ya?
I have heard a Lot of PPL say..."Oh ...I have never won anything!!!"
Is that True with You? Think about it!!!?
Are some ppl just Lucky? Are You?

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Dec 7 @ 1:37AM  
I have won a few times at the casino...the biggest amount was $7500. I use to sell pull tabs in a bar that use to do meat raffles........I usually ended up taking home a couple packs of steaks each I won a color tv from work one time.........but that's about it.....I dont gamble much so like you said you have to be in to win...........

cute idea for a blog.......kudos to you.

Dec 7 @ 1:43AM  
Thanks Lady!!! You are a sweety!!!

Come to think of it..I did win a 13" Flat screen TV.....a few years ago!!!
Plus a few Ball "Pools"....

Dec 7 @ 2:11AM  
I won $20 on the texas two step twice back to back & get three or four dollars on wins quite frequently playing all the lotto shit but never got the whole enchilada. The most was $ 300 on a scratch off some years back but there is a better chance to win on a scratch & sniff pussy card meaning the odds are impossible to getting what you wish for, snatch or the lottery. I payed attention to my mom when she said wish in one hand & spit in the other & see which one gets the fullest. My dad never believed in making air castles & told me to face reality but I still hope of winning despite the realistic odds so I still play.

Dec 7 @ 2:20AM  
I know some ppl that will buy a Lotto ticket.. over food!! WTF?

Dec 7 @ 2:31AM  
Well I will never play the lottery in place of food when it comes down to my last few dollars. You are right my green friend people are addicted to the lottery as bad as a crack habit.

Dec 7 @ 3:26AM  
I won a ride on a Lear jet at the airshow when I was a kid (which was pretty cool at the time.) I think that's about it, though!

Dec 7 @ 11:52AM  
At work, our department used to have Christmas parties, and I've won at a couple of the games and got little ornaments as prizes. One time I bought a scratch off ticket, Cash Word, it's like a crossword puzzle, match 2 or more words and win the dollar amount. Anyway, for $2 I won $75. Never one any of the big lottery games. My best friend's mother won the Lotto here years ago, her winnings were $6,000 after taxes.

I don't have much cash to try on those things, so I haven't bought any tickets for a long time.

Dec 7 @ 11:53AM  
I won$4.50 back on a $5.00 ticket once

Dec 7 @ 1:06PM  
This is a sore subject with me right now!

I have won $100 listening to a radio station years ago!

Now the sore part...

A friend of mine I've been chatting with online for years who gave me a phone # to a lotto club! I figured this was a good deal because I've been buying 5 plays on two games each week for a while and thought I could same some money by joining the club, which, would have been the right thing to do!

She sent me a form to fill out, I was busy for a couple days but then filled it out and sent a check (good for 1 year of plays) with it back to her! This was last Nov. 22. I kept checking my checking account for the check to clear! A couple days ago, I called and asked if she got the check yet- she said no and gave my slot to someone else and that filled her quota.

I've been pissed for two days- somewhere out there is a check for over $150 floating around! I think my post office or hers fucked up! Now I can't join until Sept. 2012! And you know what's going to happen? The club will win a large sum of money and I'll be out of my share, thanks to the fucking P.O.s. And yes, I did mail it- made a special trip to do it! If it was my club, I would have at least given a courtesy call! The Pony Express had a better system than these goof-balls do. I'll just play my own tickets!

Oh BTW, during this same period, the P.O. did manage to deliver a couple utility bills though- butt-faced twits!


Dec 7 @ 1:23PM  
Wayne and I seldom bought lottery tickets or even those scratch off tickets. But back in the early '90's we accumulated 3 scratch off tickets that you send in to win a possible seat on the Hoosier Lottery show.

I let them hang on the bulletin board for weeks before I mailed them in. We seldom watched the show so imagine my surprise...and disbelief when a friend called half hysterical and said my name had been drawn to be on the show!

I won $4000 plus a vacation in the Bahamas which I turned back in for the cash so altogether I won just over $7000.

The show was both fun and a nightmare. It was at Christmas time and in November my granddaughter was born and days later my mother-in-law had died.

You can't imagine the attention I got the 2 weeks before I was to go on the show! My gaud I didn't know so many people knew me... And neither did I know what hellish arguments a husband and wife can get into over money they haven't even won yet... Wayne had it all figured out...if I won the million dollars he was gonna quit his job and do all these wonderful things...he just couldn't get it in his head that after taxes, what money was left would NOT see us through the rest of our lives!!! And he was PISSED when I didn't win that it was MY fault and made my life miserable of weeks afterwards.

Like I was a good time yet a bad time. I don't think I'd want to do it again....well...maybe....

Dec 7 @ 7:11PM  
Yep. Won $100 lottery ticket once. Also a few more things.

Dec 7 @ 7:22PM  
You allowed to spend the Vacation day with your kids?

Dec 7 @ 8:47PM  
Where I used to work every time you got someone to fill out a credit app you got to draw an envelope out of a box for a prize which could be coupons for free food from the food court to $500 gift card. I won a $50, $100 and the $500 gift cards in October. The family had a pretty good Christmas that year. The people I worked with were not too happy with me though.

Dec 7 @ 9:25PM  
I've won a few things in my lifetime..... 75 bucks on a scratch ticket..... Many concert tickets!! Fairly recently I won a $50 gas card which I did blog about. I felt very fortunate to win that!!!
I threw 3 bucks out for 3 scratch tickets the other night... the girl at the store gave me the wrong tickets but I said what the heck.. I'll take them.... ended up winning on every ticket.. it was only $29 bucks but hey.. it was more than I had...

My very first "win" was off the radio when I was about 15.... I won a Suzi Quatro ALBUM!!! literally an ALBUM!!!!!! lol It was fun and I was happy!!!

Winning is always good!!!

Dec 7 @ 9:38PM  
Ok young need to share some of that winning "magic"!

Dec 8 @ 12:48AM  
Thanks everyone for the Comments!!!
We have some Winners among us!!!!

I'm still trying to figure this one... Comment out...though!!!
You allowed to spend the Vacation day with your kids?

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Have You Ever Won Anything?