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Yes it is possible

posted 12/6/2011 11:32:11 AM |
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That there could be other life out there in the universe. Well, according to NASA, who is excited about "discovering" another "Earth like" planet which COULD have a surface temp of 72F. Of course, this planet is 600 light years away...guess scientist better get working on those "jump gates". (anyone familiar with the series Babylon5 would know what those are. )

Earth like planet discovered

All kidding aside, I think it's awesome that this has been discovered. I'm hoping NASA will be able to learn more about this planet as time goes on. And wouldn't it be awesome to discover other life on it? What would these beings be like? What would they look like? I find this to be very interesting and look forward to hearing more about Keppler-22B.

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Dec 6 @ 12:02PM  

Read that yesterday. Three days ago i read about other places they were
looking at.

Dec 6 @ 12:26PM  
Well maybe we could use it when we have totally screwed up this planet....

I always loved the joke/picture where the alien is standing in washington dc and says We came in search of intelligent life...........ooops our mistake.

Dec 6 @ 12:40PM  
Yup, I read about that planet too! It was inevitable we would find one eventually! I have absolutely no doubt that there is life on other planets- maybe not like us so much but life, as dictated by the planet's conditions by the star it revolves around, to its distance from the star and to its own makeup!

Why shouldn't there be other life forms in the Universe- the planets, stars and galaxies are all made of the same basic elements, just in different proportions and densities and depending on the conditions at any one point! The stars create all the elements that we see throughout the Universe- some make more elements than others, depending on their size and what happens at the end of their life cycle! We basically are star material and we'll end up star material again!

So yeah, I have no problem believing we're not alone! There's no reason to believe we are the only living creatures in the entire Universe- that makes no sense!

Good blog sugar- greenie!


Dec 6 @ 1:08PM  
I dont know that I really believe that we can look at a distant speck of light some 600 light years away (for those of you keeping score at home, that works out to roughly 3600 trillion miles! I dont even know what that number is called, man! Fucking California public education...) and tell that the temperature is a balmy seventy-two degrees. Not when the bitch on tv gets tomorrow's forecast wrong close to 50% of the goddamn time, anyways.

But that doesnt mean I dont believe there is life out there, because I do. I just think that we've been spoiled by the aliens we see on Star Trek and the like. They are always humanoid, because, well... humanoid actors have to play them. But when you take into account the diversity of life on this planet alone (come on people...we've been here for 200,000 fucking years and we still dont know how many different species of life live here with us!), I suspect that any extra-terrestrial life might be so completely different from anything we have ever encountered that we might just miss it altogether if we're not careful. I mean, we're running around this bitch trying to find radio waves and shit. What if the aliens dont perceive sound in the same way that we do? It wouldnt make much sense for them to be broadcasting The Jack Benny Show then, would it?

I dunno...thats just my two cents worth. Good blog, though. Made me think (not that that is always a good thing, mind you...) anyway. Good job!


Dec 6 @ 10:48PM  
I saw this a few days back. Pretty interesting stuff with what's out there beyond our galaxy.

Dec 7 @ 11:56AM  
Humans would have to be pretty vain not to think there is more intelligent life out there in the millions of galaxies

May 7 @ 10:39AM  
Billions of galaxies Billions.

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