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Ok, let's talk Christmas stuff

posted 12/5/2011 10:15:17 AM |
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tagged: holiday

Who all has their house decorated yet? Not me. I might do it this week since I'll have a few days off. Going to be fun convincing the younger cat she cannot be messing with the garland trimming the entryways. Cats are always good for a chuckle with the mischief they can get into.

All that snow we had last week.........98% GONE. It warmed up to around the mid 40's, wait, got up to 52 yesterday, and rained. Dogs are disappointed, especially Princess..she's the one who loves rolling in the snow. But hey, my driveway is snow free....for the time being. It's early December, so I'm sure we will be getting more snow soon.

I've been seeing more and more houses getting their outdoor decorations up. That is one of the things I've always loved about this time of the year, seeing all the lights and decorations. Some of those houses are awesome. Of course, I haven't seen anything around here like the ones I posted in my other blog, be cool if there was. But, then again, I don't know if I'd want to live right next to one of those houses.

Shopping. Ugggg! I hate any type of shopping. I don't know, but, does it seem to any of you out there that shoppers are much more rude and obnoxious lately? I mean, they block the aisles, don't move over, well, a loud "excuse me!" usually gets them to move, plus they shoot off a dirty look for being embarrassed. And I hate being behind the one who just stops dead in the middle of the aisle to look at stuff...doesn't move over so others can get by. I've often had times where I think about how good it would feel to just ram their cart with mine. And, it seems this is the time where the lazy and inconsiderate jerks are out in full force. I'm talking about those who park in the handicap parking and they don't need to. They don't have the special license plate or the placard to hang in their car, they are just looking for the closest parking spot available and don't care that it's marked for handicap. But they sure do care when they come out of the store and there's the parking lot authority or the police standing there writing them a ticket. I've seen some of these jokers, there is no reason for them to be parking there, nothing wrong with their ability to walk or their stamina. They are just selfish and lazy. Very scrooge like.

This year I will be going over to my parent's to celebrate with the family. Got a new brother-in-law this year, actually, he's not all that "new" to the family as my sister had dated him 20 years ago, he's my niece's father, but circumstances caused their break up years ago. But, he's back, they're in love, and my niece and nephew are happy. My niece said she now gets what a "real family" is. She's been on cloud 9 ever since she got to meet her real dad a couple of years back. So, for her, this is an extra special Christmas.

I hope everyone is having a nice season so far...try not to let the ugliness of others get to you. (I know, easier said than done. Right? )

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Dec 5 @ 10:25AM  
I'm dragging my feet about all of this Christmas stuff....won't have any grandbabies around this year. I'm just not in the mood to start my baking like I do every year....soooo just not in the mood!!

Dec 5 @ 10:43AM  
Who all has their house decorated yet?
I have Put up my tree...and a Red Ribbon on the door..and I put One light in my Window!! thats all I'm gonna do!!
The ppl here don't decorate like the ppl back in VA. Far!!! I'm the only one in my Apartment complex..that has anything up at all!!! WTF?

Dec 5 @ 10:47AM  
I have my decorations up. They usually go up the day after Thanksgiving more or less just to get it over with this year. I have the holiday shopping mostly done. Just a couple more gifts and I am good. I cut way back this year and didn't go on a toy buying spree to rival Santa. I am leaving it up to the parents this time and told them that back in October.
I have noticed fewer people putting up outside lights these days in Fayetteville and those who do keep it simple. I never see those over the top yards now.
The rudeness of the general public is a good reason not to go to the mall. I am so happy I am not behind the counter in the children's department now. I used to think of that counter as a lone fort in the middle of enemy territory this time of year.
Hope all of you have a wonderful Yule / Christmas this year.

Dec 5 @ 12:55PM  

Decorated on Nov. 30 th, and have all my shpping done. Time to relax.

Happy Hollidays to all of you.

Dec 5 @ 1:59PM  
It took me several days to decorate...a one armed elf ain't very fast. No outside decorations this year. I'm not too sure I'd have done that anyway even if I didn't have a bum seems the skies have opened up and the rain hardly stops. We had all that snow and now it's back to rain rain rain... I still have a couple of tubs in here and I may do a tad more...if the mood strikes me.

I don't buy gifts...haven't for years. Being on a fixed income pretty much put a crimp in that. But yanno what? Ever since I stopped the frantic shopping 'n wrapping, Christmas has become a peaceful, joyful time. It feels pretty good to turn that all over to the kids now and I just sink into a mellow Christmas spirit that leaves my heart full of the real meaning of Christmas.

Dec 5 @ 4:42PM  
Just another day to me..

Dec 5 @ 8:23PM  
I do have the tree down from the attic does that count? Haven't had much with work and school . Finals are next week and two are online classes makes life a little less stressfull .I can go to class in my pjs lol Next Sunday I am off so am planning to finish decorating the house . Going to talk the girls into cookie baking .

Dec 6 @ 2:46AM  
Well damn..PPL from this area must Read the Blogs!!
I see a few have at least put something on their doors here, where I live.....and few more Houses are Decorated..on my journey home from work!!

Dec 6 @ 9:53AM  
I have some outside decorations up.. nothing inside yet... course I am the only one that will see inside stuff.....

But I will hang the fishnet stockings on the mantle,, hope finally this year they get filled........

Dec 6 @ 10:19AM  
I don't know, but, does it seem to any of you out there that shoppers are much more rude and obnoxious lately?
Everything you mentioned is true all year round especially on a holiday or a crisis. It seems like the only solution is to return the rudeness & it is rare to find unselfish people out there. Sometimes improvising taking what seems like second hand merchandise may suck but it works. For example during a potential threatening storm all the bottled water was sold out everywhere & the greedy selfishness the public displayed was pitiful but I just bought some mineral water for drinking & hoped the storm didn't cause too much difficulties which luckily it did not. I normally don't decorate because the family is always sporadic during this time of year.

Dec 6 @ 11:11AM  
I am not sure we are even putting a tree up this year. My sister and her family rent rooms in a larger town a couple hours away from here and they all get together and play games, watch movies. Everyone brings munchies and they just spend the time together. We were asked last year to go and I wasn't up to it...........but we promised we would go this year. So Christmas eve day we are going to drive down and check into our suite, and they will meet us later in the evening. And we will come home the day after Christmas. My honey spends Christmas eve with his family and will drive down the morning of Christmas and come home the next day with us.

I have all of my Christmas shopping done except for the last part of my honey's and I have to pick up the gift certificate I always include for my daughter-n-law. I hate shopping........I hate Walmart even worse..........but I did most of my shopping between Target, JC Penny and online. I started in September doing a little bit at a time so I have missed out on the obnoxious and rude customers. This town doesn't offer a lot of places to shop and being handicap limits where I can go..........thats part of the reason I love shopping online.

Dec 6 @ 10:52PM  
I haven't even started yet. Did go out Christmas shopping earlier tonight. Still have some shopping to take care of this week.

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Ok, let's talk Christmas stuff