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Aw Shucks!!!

posted 12/1/2011 6:04:30 PM |
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Thank you Sugar for the birthday blog and to all of you have wished me happy birthday. This has been a rough day..........I turned 50. I did get some nice stuff......roses from daughter and granddaughter (tomorrow they are getting me the new Smurfs movie that will be released then. ) My honeys folks stopped over and brought me a plant and card, my honey is taking me out to eat tonight (and there will be presents lol) but probably the greatest gift was my son calling me from Afghanistan to wish me happy birthday.

My birthdays have never bothered me before........well except that my children usually call me and wish me Happy Aids Awareness Day. My age tho has never been something that bothered me. I have never thought to much about getting older, although I am rather sad that I have not accomplished all I had wanted to by this age. My daughter-n-law told me today that with age comes wisdom.........yup I agree, unfortunately I don't remember what the hell i have learned.

50 is not middle age. I didn't mind being middle aged, but isn't. People for the most part do not live to be a therefore I am old. My dad died at 63 and my mom was 77. So does that mean I have 30 years at best? To be honest that doesn't even bother me............Not that I want to die..of course I don't, but it is the circle of life and when I go I want to was a hellava no its not something I normally think of.

I have belonged to a card club which is part of an over 50's club for over a year.......I finally meet the requirement because I am 50, most of my friends from there are over the age of 75. My honey and I are the youngest members and its quite refreshing to talk to and spend time with some of them who not only know about the depression but lived thru it. So I really can't complain I am getting old to them..........cause they would just laugh.

50 years old........... I already have the "standing in the middle of the room trying to figure out what the hell I was going to do" syndrom. I have noticed more and more I get lost in thought.........and its unfamiliar territory! It's not even the age of me that bothers me, its the mileage. If i had known I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of me, but like my car........I just didn't do the upkeep when i was suppose to...........I mean really how often does a person need to change the oil in those stupid cars.......

I hate the fact that when I say I am getting a little action, it just means the prune juice is working. And thats another thing........its bad enough that I am getting old but does it mean that the things I have come to count on working regularly is now only doing it when I ...........shall we say grease the wheels Fifty is the ultimate F word.

Gravity has taken over too. Wrinkles on the face, (they are no longer called happy lines.......they are fucking wrinkles.........and they don't make me happy. Bags under the eyes big enough to pack for a week in Jamaica. I use to wear shirts that showed my cleavage..........well as I said gravity has taken over and if I wore something to show my cleavage i would have the damn thing unbuttoned to the waste.

I have been told its never to late to get into shape and I will live longer. Hell with that.......I need all the perservatives that I can get. The only precaution I have made is to install an airbag on my walker.

But here is what I have realized..........

I started out with nothing, and still have most of it left.
It's hard to make a comback when you haven't been anywhere.
I finally got my head together and now my body is falling apart.
My secrets are safe with my friends, because they can't remember them either.
Kidnappers are no longer interested in me.......(I had that covered before........Kidnappers definitely don't go after fat people......they are too damn hard to get in the getaway car.)
My memory is not as sharp as it use to. Also my memory is not as sharp as it use to be.

Continued in comments

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Dec 1 @ 6:05PM  
Now all kidding aside........yup this birthday did bother me a little bit.........but I have set back and realized what I have..........I have two grandchildren who are the best in the world...........young people have the older ones get the fun.

Life is what you make of it........and we can look at it as we are one day closer to death or we can look at it as this is one more day I have to enjoy the life I have.

I have the greatest friends.......and that was proven today when I saw the birthday wishes I got here, on farcebook, and in text and phone calls. I may not have a fancy house, I may not have an expensive car...........but I do have some of the greatest friends in the world. Thank you so much for being in my life.

I love you guys!!!

Dec 1 @ 6:24PM  
Awwww!! We lubs you too!

Dec 1 @ 6:35PM  
It's good to see you back and hope that you had a nice B Day.

Dec 1 @ 6:54PM  

Dec 1 @ 7:15PM  
We're just letting ya know, we like having you around- now... WANNA FUCK???


Dec 1 @ 8:56PM  
Happy birthday. Just got home thats why its late.

Dec 2 @ 2:40AM  
Happy birthday to Ewe,
You belong in a zoo,
May god bless and sheep Ewe,
happy birthday to Ewe!


Dec 2 @ 11:24AM  
As someone who has 50 fading away in the rearview mirror and 60 heading towards me like a big rig in the wrong lane, I agree that the 50th seems to slip up on you and smack you in the face. It does seem that birthdays just get easier after that though. Although things like climbing steps, tying your shoes and doing yoga do not.


Dec 2 @ 5:08PM  
Although things like climbing steps, tying your shoes and doing yoga do not.
Damn with my disability that is already hard to impossible to do. but Thank you for your words of encouragement.

As my sister n law reminded me..........50 years old beats the alternative.........and she is so right.

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes.

Dec 6 @ 1:02PM  
You're right, you did tell me some secrets.. but damned if I know what they were.

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Aw Shucks!!!