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Mmmkay... Here We Go...

posted 11/30/2011 11:40:00 AM |
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Instead of individually typing this out a thousanteen times to splain where I been and what I been doin... I know some of y'all have seen my bullshit on facecrack and probably thought the Skwirl's gone off her nut...

Some of our former Pervians and I have been working hard on the Occupy and 99% movement. We've been in the parks (public gathering places, no permits needed), we've been in the streets, we've been working behind the scenes to create a cohesive message to take to the seat of Government.

Yup, you guessed it. Skwirl is one of those damned, dirty, uneducated, whining crybaby hippies. Why? Because I give a shit, that's why.

Folks say there's no clear message.. there is. Enough Already! That's the message in a bucket.

Other than that, I'm still battling infections and stuff, nothing truly life threatening this week. Had some set backs is all. Still living in sweet delicious sin with my lovely sidekick G. Have a new girlfriend too, but I'm protecting her because she's delicate and sweet. I wanna keep her that way.

Crappy garden year here in Oregon, stuff drowned before it sprouted except the freaking tomatoes. I ended up with about 50 tomato plants and nothing else. No, I didn't consciously plant 50 tomatoes.. they volunteered. Yay, so it was all red and orange in my world for a long time.. making loads of salsa.

I did go to Faerieworlds again this year but the weather was shit and I wasn't feeling well so I don't have a lot of fun stories to tell about it. Looking forward to next year though.

Let's see, anything else? Oh yeah.. any of you Pervs wanna fuck?

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Nov 30 @ 11:40AM  
Gimme my kudos and nobody gets hurted.

Nov 30 @ 11:48AM  
Bout time you got back in here! Been saving these kudos and they're piling up. And you know I always argue about parting with them. So, here ya goes...I'll give ya one for now.

Nov 30 @ 12:26PM  
Thank you.......all i get to do is write them darn politicians........who very rarely even bother to send a form letter saying they recieved the darn thing..........but that's ok......but Thank you, I know you haven't been feeling well and it must take a lot of effort when you're not feeling well just to do the daily I know this takes a lot out of you.

Have a new girlfriend too, but I'm protecting her because she's delicate and sweet. I wanna keep her that way.
Ah sweetie........I'm not new..........but you got the rest right......................Oh weren't talking about me..........

One tomato is too damn many..........let a lone 50 plants worth.......... actually i do like things like speghetti......just hate raw tomatos. ewwwww lol

Good to see you here........I hope you will pop in an visit us when you have time.........and you just keep on doing what you're doing............there will be those who will never understand, those who don't want to understand, and then there are those of us who know you are working toward a greater good.......

Hey Da' Skwirl for President.................HELL YEA!!!!!

lubs ya...........heres your kudo...........and as for wanna fuck? does a Skwirl have nuts?


Nov 30 @ 12:40PM  
Prezident? I done that already, I wanna be supreme overlord of the NWO next. Someone has to run against Billy.

Nov 30 @ 12:42PM  
So it was you that kept nipping my nuts when I was in the park. I would feel a little nip, look around and you were gone you silly little Skwirl. Bout drove me umm nuts hehehe. Oh yeah... HELL YES I WANNA FUCK!!! Good to see you back Sammie girl and here's your damn kudos. Damn shame when ya have to beg for em.

Nov 30 @ 12:50PM  
I know, right Maxi? They should just give em to me cuz I am!

BTW your nuts are a touch salty.. just thought you should know.

Nov 30 @ 1:36PM  

BTW your nuts are a touch salty.. just thought you should know.
Well he was eating potato chips and watching porn prior to going to the park..........just saying

Nov 30 @ 2:18PM  
A kudo for you. Glad to see you back.

Nov 30 @ 3:29PM  
Some of our former Pervians and I have been working hard on the Occupy and 99% movement

You're gonna need a supply of 4 X 4s with one end shaped into a handle using a wood lathe, if you wanna pound some sense into the heads of people who hibernate in so-called 'responsible official positions' (politicians, CEOs of banks, corporations, along with Wall Street and warmongers for starters) if you wanna get anywhere!

As a peeker to a peekee, glad to see you peeking in from time to time!


Nov 30 @ 9:01PM  
I am a sucker for feeding critters. I still look for any excuse to go to a children's petting zoo just so I can buy handfuls of feed for the goats, the bunnies, the llamas, etc. Yeah, I don;t begrudge squirrels any ill gotten sunflower seeds and bird seed they might steal from bird feeders either.

I live near Kent,the town of the famed black squirrels, and they are genetically dominant.. so BLACKS SQUIRRELS arepreading everywhere. Twenty years ago, you might see 1 or 2 black squirrels in Stow, and now it is more than 50/50. Just this fall I saw several on the West side of Akron (Kent and Stow are on the East side), and there were none that I know on teh West side of as recently as 10 years ago.

Watch out Skwirl.. the black squirrels may be moving into YOUR neighborhood soon! What's the Prez gots to say about that?

And sure, I am leaving you a green nut. You little critters are sooooo cute when you beg!

Dec 1 @ 1:30AM  
Have a new girlfriend too, but I'm protecting her because she's delicate and sweet. I wanna keep her that way.
Well would you mind if I kept my rod buried & nuts protected on the surface

Dec 1 @ 12:41PM  
Wait a minute....360+ views and I only got 270??? Oh no fair!! Now I'm crushed!

No not really......

Hah! I just found out that I can add another kudo! How do ya like that? You got 2 kudo's outta me. Ain't ya just so special?

(for any wondering......I kudoed the blog today is a whole new day..and I got to kudo it again. )


Dec 1 @ 4:26PM  
Here is your green nut. I now have some squirrels in the back yard giving me the evil eye. Guess they had planned on saving it for winter.

Dec 1 @ 6:38PM  
It is nice to see you return and I am sorry things haven't improved dramatically for you.

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