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Can You Make Me Cum??

posted 11/29/2011 4:13:46 PM |
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I have been sitting here laughing about the poor misquided gentleman in the blogs who seems to think that he can "turned" any gay woman because he is the master of all in bed who can please anyone better than a woman. I commented on his blog...........but it waits for approval I guess he doesn't realize that it doesn't matter how good he is........if a woman is not attracted to a man...........that it wouldn't matter if he looked like Brad Pitt in Troy...........they are not going to be satified by him........repulsed maybe...........but never satisfied...........(oh and just a side line note.........if he does look like Brad Pitt in Troy...........someone give him my number.... )

It has always amazed me when a man (or woman) proclaims they can guarentee an orgasm for a woman...........especially when a lot of women don't have orgasms........for a matter of fact.......unless you have been with this woman a few times..........chances are you will have no idea what stimulates her to an orgasm..........but then again latest surveys show that approximately 50% of women have faked at least one time and most do it on a regular occassion. So if that new lady you are with are having a "When Harry Met Sally" momments...........there's a 50% chance she is faking it..............but than again a fake orgasm is better than no orgasm at all................right? well to a man it would be.

Now this is not an insult to are they suppose to know what turns a woman on unless a woman tells him. No matter how much a man says that they can find the g-spot.........again if they have never been with a certain woman before they are going to need a road map to get there. All women are built differently and depending on the position of their anatomy.....its going to take a while (rooting around in there... ) unless the woman directs you herself.

The sad part is that even if the man is as great as he proclaims.........there is like 10% of the female population who doesn't have orgasms, an even bigger percentage of women have orgasms but they are just the "now i feel relaxed" feelings, and some women can only get to an orgasm by clitoral stimulation, so you can jump on and hump all day but if the woman falls in those will both be sore before you give up.

Let's face it.....if a man is horny nothing distracts him from it or keeps him from getting hard..............his car gets stolen.............he keeps on fucking.....the phone rings.........he keeps on fucking (tho he will hold the phone in one hand.........never losing a stroke to check the caller id... ) Someone knocks on the door..........and unless he is in the home of his married girlfriend.........he keeps on fucking..........his secretary walks in.........he keeps on fucking............well you get the point...........but for us women its not that easy..........anything that is stressing us out can hold us back from not only orgasm but even enjoying sex. The kids, the bills, the house.........ect........we (of course there are exceptions to the rules) can't just put that in the back of our minds and fuck. If we could.........I can guarantee there would be a whole lot of fucking going on with the shape of our economy right now.

This blog was not written to insult I are you guys to know what pleases a woman if she doesn't tell you. I knew a lady who was 65 years old and getting remarried after her husband of 40 years had died. I was teasing her about the hot monkey sex she would be having and she told me she had never had an orgasm during penetration. For that matter she had only had orgasms when she was by herself through clitoral stimulation. I asked her why she had never taught her husband how to do it and she said she would have been too embarrassed. hey a man can't be held responsible if he doesn't know. (btw......for a wedding gift......I bought a couple of different sizes of dildos and wrapped them up with a note that said "guaranteed to put a smile on her face" lol

Women aren't to blame either.......we are just built differently. As for faking it..........well even the Roman poet Ovid recommended it in his book Ars Amatoria:

'And if Nature has withheld from you the sensation of pleasure, then teach your lips to lie and say you feel it all. Let your movements and your eyes combine to deceive us, and gasping, panting, complete the illusion.'

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Nov 29 @ 4:27PM  
I was going to comment to that one also, but saw the "comment will wait for approval" and decided not to waste my time.

I too got a chuckle out of his claim to being a master lover and all. Oh well, it takes all kinds in this world.

Leaving a kudo just cause.....I want to.

(also figuring if I bribe ya enough with the kudo's, you won't take off on us again.. )

Nov 29 @ 4:48PM  
Although the guy made me think...........I don't want anyone to think I was attacking him........because for one........he has an opinion and has the right to have one........and I am not going to attack anyone for stating their opinion. I just thought maybe a little "education" from a woman who actually does research on this. Of course he will probably just come back and call me a lesbian.........and thats fine.........I'm straight but even if I was gay...........I have enough sense to know that there is no one that can turn every one on.............not even Brad Pitt in Troy..................lmao

and you don't have to bribe me............I am here...........with no intentions of going to far............there are so few blogs.........i have a good chance of having an attentive audience here........... I wonder who will take that one but thanks for the loves them green cookies.

Nov 29 @ 5:25PM  
now this lady knows what she's talking about ..excellent blog!!

Nov 29 @ 6:50PM  
I don't know.....Brad Pitt looked mighty fine in Troy.


Nov 29 @ 7:25PM  
WTF!!! You mean I'm not all that and a bologna sandwich? I've been fooling myself all these years? That's why I always lick it, stick it, then lick it again just to make sure I have hit all the good areas. Oh yeah and for the G-spot...If it's in there I'm gonna find it hehehe. So there it is. I am Mr. Perfect after all.

Nov 29 @ 8:30PM  
I can too guarantee you an orgasm!!! Why? cuz I won't stop til you get there :P Oh wait.. this was aimed at men.. never mind.

Nov 29 @ 8:35PM  
I have found that nbo matter how long you are together there needs to be variations. The same old thing all the time got boring. What was fun became hohum. It took years for her to tell me what other spots needed attention. I thought I was be good and loving. After we were able to tell each other what we wanted the fun really begun. I like this blog I will give it a kudo too.

Nov 29 @ 9:23PM  
I just usually asked where the switch to turn her on was on the rare occasions I couldn't find it first..
I think it was either two or three times in my 55+ years of activity.

Nov 29 @ 9:27PM  
It may also have been because I once had a school for rookie lesbians

Nov 29 @ 9:33PM  
Of course he will probably just come back and call me a lesbian.........and thats fine.........

Now I have met some guys who claim to be Lesbians....LOL.. and they do know their way around a woman's anatomy. So maybe they learned from a Lesbian,, or were Lesbians in a past life...

As has been said here, every woman is different, and most woman really do need a special feeling, connection before they can be free to orgasm. No man, not even the very sexy guy I know from Denver can guarantee orgasm's. He has never ailed me, but he can't guarantee it.

I find thinking about orgasms blocks me from having one. If I am with someone that is hell bent on making me have one, it pretty much guarantees the Big "O" witll be a no show.

I need kink, I need a connection, I need passion and wild creative abandon. And fucking with all that fire and desire is fun in its own right, but then I am surprised by that ebb and flow of tingles and rushing pleasure... again .. and again.. and again....mmmm

Nov 29 @ 9:36PM  
Can You Make Me Cum??

Hmmm... well, I dunno but I'll try- (motioning with my finger) HEREEE... kitty, kitty, kitty- got some kitty candy for ya!


Nov 29 @ 10:45PM  
I don't know Ewe? But I bet it would be one hell of a good time playing in you yard! I like a old dog I can be taught new tricks and may even teach one now and then!
Great blog and so true!
Green cookie and a

Nov 29 @ 10:47PM  
I also saw that blog and considered commenting but shrugged it off. Most know that I've "switched sides" this past year and I've blogged about the woes of the 'ex' that was driving me nuts (which have since been resolved ) but I've said little else about my new lifestyle.

IMHO, it has nothing to do with the's all about the heart. I don't consider myself gay yet I find myself in a gay relationship...I am NOT attracted to women in any way, shape or form. So how'd I get where I am? My partner is just as masculine as any man yet with that tender side that has always touched my HEART.

As strange as it sounds, the physical side of our relationship is almost platonic but the satisfaction is over the top. I know that's because the love is solid, enduring and more real than any I've ever known and all has to do with the heart.

A man has the ability to achieve that kind of satisfaction but has nothing to do with the genitals. JMHO

(cookie cookie cookie...good blog... )

Nov 29 @ 11:27PM  
Brad Pitt in Troy
He did tell a man to get up so a stone wouldn't take his glory.
you will both be sore before you give up.
I'll be a sore son of a gun then because if she is willing I'll make sure I enjoy myself.
how are you guys to know what pleases a woman if she doesn't tell you.
I'm sure cave people thought it felt good when they discovered playing hide the weenie but did the caveman explore enough to eat pussy. Probably not with rotten crotch or could that have been the first buffet picking insects off of it & as bathing became in effect it was discovered pussy tasted better w/o the additives.

Nov 29 @ 11:39PM  
Spoken like only ewe can. A cookie....

Nov 30 @ 12:37AM  
I thought I could make any Lady one time,....but I got a rude awakening!!
I Worked.. me like a Fool, too Prove that I could!!!!.....Hell... I used all the toys I had,...and even went out and borrowed a few, .. I fucked like a Stallion... I Licked, till my tongue was sore as a bitch!! (I'm sure her kitty was that way!! My Bad!)
Some women are......Hard Nutz!!!!

Nov 30 @ 10:35AM  
Wow what the hell did I miss...........Softie switched sides.........YOU GO GIRL!! and Skwirl.......if there was a lady that would do it for'd be the one

Thanks everyone for the I know.........some of you can make me cum......

Feb 26 @ 3:25PM  
very funny story. and the answer to your question is yes i can make you cum.
if you can make a woman laugh, hug you, be a best friend it comes out in the bedroom and multiorgasms do exist.
one funny food joke.
whats long, hard, and has cum in the middle of it?
a cucumber the sexy fruit.

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