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posted 11/28/2011 6:45:10 PM |
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The blogging participation has plummeted in the last two years. No news there. Two questions:.

For you individually, why don't you blog, blog less, or put less effort into it when you do?

For me it is because::
I have little new to write about that I haven't done before
Not enough people are interested enough for me to put forth the effort

For you individually concerning commenting on the blogs of others, why don't you comment, comment less, or put less effort into it when you do?

From my POV:
The blogs are now largely lame and/or boring to me
Little thought or effort is pur forth to engage a reader with something that is well thought out and written in an interesting fashion
The subjects are retreads that have discussed to death over the years and become tiresome.

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Nov 28 @ 7:23PM  
Well after being absent from here for a year I am not sure you are directing this question at me.....but part of the reason i took my leave before was because of the lack of participation and the drama from the troll brigade. I came back and it was the same shit from the same people. It makes ya wonder...........and like you.........I want to write blogs but I am afraid I will bore people. I really don't care if lots of people read or comment.........although I really do appreciate the ones that do.........but if I can entertain one person, or make one person think or at the least make one person say I am so glad its just not me...........than I am happy..............and if truth be known I love to I may just start writing blogs that entertain me...........hell its free why not..........there is not much left in life that is LOL

I do miss some of the great bloggers here............and when I say great I mean in my opinion not all would agree and that's fine.........but I am thrilled there are still some of them are here...........

so Bruce write your blogs...........I will read them............and at least you have one person doing it............

Nov 28 @ 7:42PM  
I read a lot of the blogs. Dont comment much usually because I dont have much to say. I just like to read and enjoy other peoples views without the drama. Blog all you want. I read and if i comment okay, just dont expect me to agree.

Nov 28 @ 8:37PM  
For you individually, why don't you blog, blog less, or put less effort into it when you do?

Fickle audience, no energy, discouraged and realizing that if this place did have its "glory days"- they're long dead now. Besides, I write on my own personal blog these days where I know I don't have to adjust my views or content to please anyone.

Nov 28 @ 8:48PM  
I have never blogged with any frequency, and I prefer to blog on something that is related to sex and relationships. On rare occasions I might post a joke.

I was very annoyed with a certain excessive gibberish blogger. Whenever he was in cowpie mode, I would avoid blogging, or I would resort to bitching or taunting him. Now that he is gone, I hope he stays gone. But I don't feel any urge to fill the gap with my blogs. When something hits me as a good subject for blogging AND I have the time, I will write a blog.

Sometimes I just lurk , sometimes I ignore the blogs altogether.

I am a bit of an originality snob, so I don't have a very high opinion of ppl who find a joke or some piece of news somewhere on the net, and post it at AMD as a blog. You could write a computer program to do that. I don't learn anything about a person's thoughts or values.

Well, maybe I do, I end up thinking they do not value their own thoughts and feelings enough to post them. If they do not value themselves and their thoughts, why should I?

Nov 28 @ 9:04PM  
aftershocks brought up a good point: originality.

When I first started blogging here, I'd post jokes I'd get sent to me...and after a few "words" from a certain someone... (won't mention any names... ) about repeat jokes, copy/paste, and lame...etc... I started to venture away from that and just go with what I was thinking or feeling at the time. Lately, I've been busy with homework and my job, and yes, I'll say it, got fed up with that idiot who thinks his gender bender id's are fooling people, and just didn't want to deal with his stupidity anymore.

Lately, whatever it is I'm thinking about, and I have the time and desire to blog, I blog. As for others reading and commenting, I'm not so hung up on that. If they want to read and comment, great, if not, that's great too. I've said it before, I'm not blogging for any popularity contest.

As to my reading and commenting on blogs, I read them, some I'll comment on, some I will not. I've just never seen commenting as being a "requirement" on blogs. That's just me.


Nov 28 @ 9:07PM  
I do blog, just not usually here. Why bother? Either my views on the world will have one of two effects depending on subject matter, little or no interest to others or stirs up shit because they don't agree with me. I don't have the time or patience for either reaction.

I do comment from time to time on blogs, but that is becoming less often as well. Just no longer see the point in doing so.

Nov 28 @ 9:22PM  
Pretty much just lost interest. I come read what little there is but I don't seem to have the energy to even comment. Even lately with cold weather setting in, we seem to find auctions to go to or other activities that keep me busy. Then too...I haven't a lot to blog about other than the mundane-ness of just daily life.

Glad to see Dayna that gal can write blogs...I may not comment but I enjoy reading what she writes.

If perchance I come across something to blog about or the mood strikes me, I'll blog. Other than that, I just lurk.

Nov 28 @ 10:18PM  
Well I for one know that I'm not a writer! I was never very good at expressing myself in writeing.
I do love to read a good blog though and will comment what I feel about blogs.
I feel I show support to the blogers here!

Nov 28 @ 10:22PM  

Glad to see Dayna that gal can write blogs...I may not comment but I enjoy reading what she writes.
Thanks Softie.... I am hoping to see some from you too......I always enjoyed reading your definitely have a way with words.

Nov 28 @ 10:52PM  
for me to write a blog...I have to put it on paper first so that my thoughts are in order. I've got one brewing, but haven't gotten it on paper yet.

Nov 28 @ 11:03PM  
but haven't gotten it on paper yet.
What's Paper?

Kinda reminds of that movie Easy A..........he says to his mom I got an A on my spelling test and she tells him that's great honey but everyone uses spellcheck now.

I haven't written more than my name on the rent check for so long my beautiful handwriting is now the scribblings of a tortured soul.

Nov 29 @ 2:10AM  
From my POV:
You might get a ticket for blogging while driving.

Nov 29 @ 11:00AM  
The blogging participation has plummeted in the last two years.
It's a majority fault that people pretend that doesn't exist. People concentrate on voicing on dislikes & complaining about other peoples stuff that not only it gets tiresome for us it gives a troll an opening to chime in. In addition that is where the pretending starts. People use the excuse to blame a troll but in reality seem to enjoy feeding them & we know what that means. If we would practice what we preach & not boast on negatives it would get better. Although a troll is a nuisance the real problem lies within ourselves which triggered the decline of blogging by starting it off by bitching about what others do here. The main involvement for the longest time is about trolls & interacting with them for what seems to be everyones real entertainment rather than blogging. I feel if everyone would just start off fresh without all this woe is me crap & just type,blog, & discuss what you want then things would pick up around here. I may be an off the wall character here but an original one & I find everyone stressing solely on trolls rather than seeing active blogging puts me to sleep. Sugar comes to mind who is trying to lead by example & continues to positively blog through this whole two year period even though she is attacked by trolls. Maybe we should follow.

Nov 29 @ 5:38PM  
I attend to agree to some extent to what FB said about the troll issue. But another thing comes to mind when people think about blogging and its the way people criticize how they write/spell/punctuation ect. If we would be more willing to voice a positive response to someone who has taken time to write a blog instead of pointing out how they spelled things wrong, or how a comma was needed........i think more people would be willing to blog. I try to use firefox as a browser because it will correct my spelling mistakes but sadly it doesn't fix the rest. I use to be a great speller but who has to be anymore with different spell check programs pointing them out for us LOL

Now I am not talking about being positive in a response as far as in if you don't agree with the writer you still have to say you do to keep them blogging..........there is nothing wrong with a long as it stays in debate form and not turn into WW3. For those of you who know me I have been as guilty about fighting here as everyone else........more so in some cases............but there comes a time in a persons life you just have to say...........How important is it? and its not worth the fighting for me anymore.

Nov 29 @ 8:19PM  
Good points, but many points drifted off topic. The subject was why the proverbail "you" individually doesn't blog or comment.

The post was not intended to be a rehash of be kind to bloggers, ettiquete,,why other people don't blog/comment, troll commentary or things that have been gone over many times for many years.

Nov 29 @ 8:33PM  
I've been busy changing the world, one mind at a time. So I haven't had a lot to blog about .. have had a LOT to say but nothing anyone here in Pervia wants to hear.

BTW.. skwishes!

Nov 30 @ 2:13AM  
Personally, I feel like the reward to effort ratio is just too small for frequent blogging.

Dec 1 @ 2:53AM  
For you individually, why don't you blog, blog less, or put less effort into it when you do?

Well...If I have the Net... ...I will blog as much as I want to!!
The "Want Too"...really don't want too... when Noone is posting!!
I really don't want to be the center of attention!!!
The Trolls...really do make me not trust anyone!!! Who's Old account will be hacked next? When they are running wild here... that really blogging balloon!
When I Post..I am Talking to friends.... some I have talked before... and to some..that I have not met yet!!
Participation from others... comes into play also......when others are posting/commenting...its like Everyone is awake/at home...kinda like a Family get together!!!
The same goes with Commenting!!!
All I know is...I sure do miss a bunch of ppl that was here....!!
Has anyone seen a Beautiful.. lil Bunny? Just asking.....

Dec 1 @ 6:59PM  
Okay, so to answer your original question, I don't blog anymore because I lost interest in AMD and very rarely pop in anymore.
When I do, it's usually just to say hi and I'm gone again.

I stopped in today because I knew Ewe was back on and wanted to leave her another B-Day wish on her B-Day blog.

However, on those rare occasions that I do stop in, I do usually read your blogs, Bruce, if they are on the front page or in the recently commented on list.

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