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1% of what?

posted 11/27/2011 1:58:50 AM |
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tagged: whig

Ok...Im not going to lie. I have been fucking itching to write something about this so-called occupation that has been sweeping over the nation. The problem I have been running into is I don’t know what to fucking write about! I don’t know if I should touch upon the overall stupidity of a protest that doesnt have any effect on those being protested against, or actually talk about the problem (which the protestors couldnt be any further from addressing, btw). The problem with talking about the problem is that its one hell of a problem. Im not sure if I can do it justice in one sitting. To start some shit like that and not finish it is definitely not being part of the solution, and if you’re not part of the solution? know the rest.

So, that leaves the protestors. Great. Where to begin with this fucking who-haw? Why don’t we begin with their math and go from there? They say that it’s all about the 1%. The 1% are evil and must be purged. Because we in the 99% are fucking hungry and homeless and pretty much fucked, so those 1% of Americans who actually do whatever the fuck it is that supposedly makes us Americans in the first place (i.e. work hard, save money, build a life for himself and his family, get a little spot for the mistress, ect...), should foot the bill for the 99% of lazy fuckers out there who don’t want to get up off of their asses and go to work. So the plan is for the 99% of no-job having deadbeats to sit around public parks and whatnot until the haves pony up for the have-nots. Great plan guys!

These protests are never going to work and I will tell you why. First of all, the protestors are pissed off at the wrong people. The 1% didnt do anything wrong. They’re just following the American dream. They also just so happen to be benefitting off of the evil of others, but hey - right time right place, you know? Besides, punishing them is a temporary fix at best, especially since they aren’t the real guilty parties here. Think about percent of the US population is roughly three million souls. There is no fucking way 3,000,000 motherfuckers are runing shit. Its not even possible. It would be a logistical nightmare. And thats not even considering the security implications of keeping three million people to keep their fucking mouths shut about this whole goddamn fiasco, less the lid blow right off this fucking thing!!! Its impossible I tell you.

No...the real number is a lot closer to...I don’t know...eight? What is that? 1% of 1% of 1%? Im not going to name names (exxon mobile, haliburton industries, chevron, fannie mae, general motors, dupont chemical, bank of america), but I think we all know who Im talking about. These corporate conglomerates have been pulling strings in Washington and elsewhere since before there were strings to pull, and they aren’t about to give that up now! Not because a few no-job hippies have decided they would rather camp out in the park than take a shower! Especially since the biggest effect any of these occupations has had on anyone who could effect any actual change has been to have him direct his driver to avoid the park!

Somewhere sometime soon something is bound to break. Im betting it will be the will of the protestors. Before too much longer the majority of the majority will begin to understand the futility of their actions and wander off to find a tree to hug or something else equally as pointless. Their cause has no hope for any kind of cohesiveness as long as they cant even figure out who the right people to be pissed off at are. They are doomed by their own stupidity.

I don’t know if I got my point across or not. What do you think?

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Nov 27 @ 4:02AM  
Point made and well done at that.

Yes they are stupid, yes they are the tit suckers of entitlement which is why they're out there. Pleeze massuh Bama, pleeze take care of us, pleeze don't make us work (btw massuh, mu benefits just ran out). C'mon Man, dis is Merica and we knows you is holding back.

There must be a rendition country we can send them to....I'm thinking Iran. Get them a plane ticket marked to Hawaii but actually land it in Iran. OK maybe not Iran, let's reroute them to Afghanistan.....nah, they'd just hide behind the troops asking for a safe place to shit, or a nice comfy tent and let the troops sleep outside. Let's see, let me think, let me think.....ahhh Hollywood, yes Hollywood, the perfect spot, there's tons of %1'ers that can relate to them man, yeah they even feel sorry for them. They'll take them won't they? Shack up with Sean Penn, Bill Maher, Tim what's his name and his wife with the big saggy old tits, Susan, yes Susan Surroundme.

Ahh, I could go on and on but if massuh Bama cuts military spending please, please order more pepper spray.

And that's my %1 worth.....good blog.

Nov 27 @ 4:26AM  
beth I like how you think ..

Nov 27 @ 8:09AM  
First of all, the protestors are pissed off at the wrong people. The 1% didnt do anything wrong.

This is all too true. At least, to an extent.

The "have nots" like to frame the latest predicament as a class struggle against the
"haves". Granted, there are some very rich people in our society, but that doesn't
make all of those people evil.

There will always be good people and evil people in any segment of society. It's the
evil rich people who have given all of the well-to-do a bad name, and who have
caused the latest economic collapse. (JMHO...)

"But what about you, xquseme?" you may ask. I'm FAR from rich, TYVM, but
have few expenses, so no complaints here. I just believe in personal responsibility...

Nov 27 @ 9:41AM  
One thing they did..It gave some sanitary workers some job security cleaning up their garbage..

Nov 27 @ 10:29AM  
I support what the protestors are trying to do in theory but they need to ask their grandparents to give them lessons in protest 101. First off you have to be on the same page as to what you are protesting and you don't scatter your protest in parks in hundreds of locations. And you need leaders for the movement. Smart educated people who can get the word out what you are all about. Then you load up your people and head for Washington. You hold rallies there with speakers and some songs by famous people to get the public's attention,
As for who to protest against. Those who created this recession would be a good start. But those people are not hanging out in a park. You take them one at a time pick up your signs and you march.

Nov 27 @ 11:03AM  
From all I've read and seen, not a one of those Obama's Whacky Socialists, have beoitched about Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac......which if you dig, is near the root of our financial problems.
Although I heard Al Gore made around $69 Million on one green energy bailout.
Nancy Pelosi made several million $ on Citi insider trading. (It's perfectly legal for politicians to make insider deals, which I sure pisses off Martha Stewart.)

IMHO, it's OUR corrupt politicians that are above the laws that apply to everyone else.

Nov 27 @ 12:52PM  
The Occupy movement seems to be a popular target.

Regardless of how I may personally feel about the specifics of the movement, these are people who are sticking up for what they believe in. How many of us are willing to spend our time doing something like that as opposed to writing a dismissive off-the-cuff blog calling people stupid?

These protests are never going to work and I will tell you why

The fact people are talking about the movement and the underlying problem means they are working to some degree. Obviously the protest isn't about solving the problems, but bringing attention to them. You've heard the phrase "the squeaky wheel gets the oil?"

It's unfortunate the media makes so much of the "1%," but I suppose a catchy phrase is a catchy phrase. The top .5% just wouldn't do in a slogan, would it?

Nov 27 @ 1:08PM  
If you're curious what the "1%" is I found this to be informative.

Nov 29 @ 8:28PM  
Smoke another one. As someone who's been on the ground working with this issue, I can tell you that we ARE addressing the problem and we ARE making changes already. At least on the state level and at least in Oregon. I can't speak for everyone, but here, we have gotten the attention of the state and are getting things done.

Those who say it cannot be done should STFU and stay out of the way of those of us who are doing it.

Nov 30 @ 1:19AM  
Go Skwirl!!!!!

Nov 30 @ 10:36AM  
Those who say it cannot be done should STFU and stay out of the way of those of us who are doing it.
Hail to the Skwirl!!

Nov 30 @ 11:19AM  
I do not Occupy. I am a 99%er. I'd Occupy if my health were better though. Damned skippy I would.

They say we are not addressing the issues. Well, Wall Street is a symbol for the puppet masters of our government. We have the finest government that money can buy. Votes in the senate and the house are paid for by lobbyists, and well paid for, no way the People can afford that kind of government. That's the BIG issue.

We fight for Health Care to be a basic human right, and a single payer insurance system. Not for free, but affordable for everyone. Right now the only disagreement between us doing the work is whether it should be paid for by taxes or a $30 per adult monthly fee. We are clear on children being automatically covered.

We fight for Mega Corporations, Oil Companies, Big Pharma and those who make more than 750k per year to pay their fair share of taxes as in a single percentage for EVERYONE. No more loopholes for anyone. Only tax breaks for the poorest of the poor.

We fight for work groups, if people are unemployed, in order to get their check they should be able to work for the state, doing whatever needs done, picking litter, whatever it is.. and then get paid for it. We fight for welfare reform and stricter policing.

There is a National Congress being built with members from every state and every county. These folks will first go to Philadelphia, where the original group began and finally to DC with a clear, cohesive set of bills and plans to implement.

So tell me again how stupid we are? Again I say, if you aren't out there doing the work, seeing what's actually going on and not what you are spoon fed by mainstream media.. STFU.

Nov 30 @ 11:25AM  
WOOOOHOOOOO Skwirl!!!!!!!!

Nov 30 @ 10:39PM  
Here in Fayetteville there is no park to occupy. There have been marches though. The only problem I have seen here is getting the various groups on the same page. Here you have jobless vets, A large Native American presence and various other groups. I spent a Saturday afternoon helping with one march and figured out I would do more good working behind the scenes.

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