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naughty or nice?

posted 11/24/2011 7:01:54 PM |
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This has nothing to do with Santa or the lists he is making. It is about "nice guys", guys who are "too nice".

I have been talking to someone about kink , in theory he has been asking me for advice on how to attract a submissive. One of my comments was that he seems too nice. There is an aspect of a man who is too nice that I find a real turn off.

I really enjoy the company, the personality of "bad boys",, not in a mean malicious sense, more in the mischievous, adventurous, risk-taking zest for life sense. And if it also turns out that he is a nice guy too, a fun loving grandpa, a guy who will bake pies with old ladies and help friinds of the family who are in need, etc it adds to his attractiveness.

But I have got to see the devilish gleam in his eye first. I have got to feel his ability to unapologetically take charge of what will happen first.

I think with this gentleman, it was he was trying to be so polite, "ladies first" as far as what subjects we would talk about about, that he came off as being too nice.. and perhaps also indecisive and wishy-washy.

Comments? What makes a guy "too nice"? Do nice guys always finish last?

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Nov 24 @ 7:30PM  
I'm with you on this one ... I like nice guys with a little zing to their personality

otherwise they get boring real fast..

Nov 24 @ 9:51PM  
I agree... there is such a thing as being too nice! In fact with me and probably with most guys, hearing: "you're a nice guy", is really tantamount to "don't plan on get'n any- 'cause... it ain't gonna happen."


Nov 25 @ 5:56AM  
yep, what he said

Nov 25 @ 10:29AM  
I like to be considered a nice guy! I rode with a club for years and was looked at as some kind of degenerate . So being considered a nice guy with a attitude is a nice change!

Nov 25 @ 12:13PM  
I think nice is just the adjective many people use to pigeonhole those who don't have other attractive qualities. In other words; bland, but likeable.

I don't think it has anything to do with being too nice in most cases, but maybe I'm biased. I'm a nice guy.

Nov 26 @ 8:18AM  
How about an old whore/dog???
Just don't give a fuck for nothin'???

Nov 26 @ 9:36AM  
Being a nice guy is often tanamount to being taken for granted.

Nov 26 @ 4:12PM  
Being a nice guy is often tanamount to being taken for granted.
I have to agree with Bruce on this one......I have been with my b/f for over 2 years and he definitely fits the description of a nice guy. He never says harsh words to anyone, if someone is rude to him he just lets it go.........I have never really been attracted to that sort, my late husband was a bad boy type, but my b/f is nothing like him, and yet I love him dearly.............but I do have to watch myself not to take advantage of him. That would be unfair to him and very disrespectful but whereas some women would find him boring...I don't...........he picks me up when I am down, he makes me laugh, we have fun together and we are comfortable together. That may sound boring to some people but we make each other happy and that's what counts.....

Nov 26 @ 10:54PM  
well if he makes you laugh EWE .. then he's not boring.

Nov 26 @ 11:44PM  
I prefer guys who have brains and an edgy personality to go along with it. I tend to have an alpha personality under a laid back exterior and accidently run over the bland types. Never on purpose but it has happened. I also find some of the bland nice guy types tend not to have a passion for life which gets on my last nerve rather fast.


Nov 27 @ 5:28PM  
i think that as a society we're all fuckn lost to what constitutes good vs bad. there r women who think that if a man doesn beat the hell outta them then he doesnt luv them (to these women, a woman beater is not bad). then their r the guys that punch a clock everyday to support a dumb bitch as well as the kids that she had before she met him, & while he's worried about gettn extra hrs to buy her kids a video game she's fuckn her baby daddy who never gav her a damn dime toward his own children. just because a guy wears leather, speaks his mind, chugs beer & curses & spits doesnt necessarily make him a bad boy. and just cuase a guy doesnt use foul lanuage, has a normal/steady 9-5, & doesnt covet a woman as if she's property (talking at her instead of to her) doesnt necessarily make him a good guy. we need to re-evaluate the definitions of these terms cuz if u wanna examine the situation foreal, most of the serial killers we've learned about were usually always the "nice guy" who worked a steady gig, helped the old lady next door wit her groceries, sometimes volunteered in the community, were extremely smart/gifted, and was luved by friends/fam/neighbors. yet, the guy with the motorcycle who has been in trouble with the law more than half his life is the 1 who cried when scar killed mufasah in the Lion King. the point is: what u may percieve as "GOOD or BAD" may be just that - a perception, & millions of miles away from the truth. ppl only let us see what they WANT us to see. nice guys only finish last when the objects of their desire dont want/appreciate/respect them. and ppl always want what they shouldnt/cant hav.

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naughty or nice?