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It isn't about issues anymore

posted 11/21/2011 10:43:09 AM |
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tagged: politics, rant

I was reading through blogs on the other site, and yeah, the political blogs are really heating up over there. And they are so hateful. I see the little remarks like "Faux" News, or Communist News Network (in reference to CNN) and I can't help but wonder if any realize just how manipulated we really are by media.

Pay attention to campaign ads. Do they really tell you what that candidate's ideas are? Or is it a slam on the opponent to make you hate him/her? I used to watch news on cable, I haven't anymore in a while because I just got so tired of the rhetoric. It wasn't about reporting news, it was about hating the "other side". I got tired of the sneers, the rolling of the eyes, etc...that is not professional journalism. News should be just that, news. No cheer leading for any particular political group.

I watch what goes on in Congress. Not on Fox or CNN or MSNBC, I watch on C-Span and C-Span2. And I'm astounded at what we the voters have sent up there. These are no more than overgrown toddlers who throw a tantrum to get their points across. How many times do we have to see/hear about a bill passed/not passed down party lines before we get it? That these morons are not for the better for this country, they are for their own agenda's? When are voters going to say "enough" and do something other than re-electing the same people over and over and over and over? Those people up there, they are bought and paid for by businesses, pharmaceuticals, unions, teamsters, and the list goes on.

And people wonder why there is the Occupy Wall Street movement? Oh, I've seen and heard the derogatory comments about them not knowing what they are talking about, that they are just dumb hippie wannabes out there doing drugs, committing crimes, and all that other crap. No, they are not. Sorry to disillusion anyone who may think that. They are people, young, middle aged, and seniors, out there who are tired of the big money buying the politicians and they want it stopped. They are not out there demanding that the wealthy just give them free hand outs. They want their country secure, they want their country to prosper, they want a future.

I'm so tired of the hate in politics. It's beyond ridiculous. When I cast my vote, I'm not voting on the party, I'm voting on what I've learned about the candidate by researching on the internet. Looking up their voting records if they served in any leadership capacity, if they hadn't, then I look at what ideas they have, whether I agree with their ideas or if I don't. Is it time consuming? You bet it is. But, I happen to love the country I was born and raised in, and I'm pissed off at what those assholes in politics are doing to it. I don't need cable news to tell me who to vote for, and campaign ads, they're a bunch of bullshit as far as I'm concerned.

They rely on voters not looking into their voting history. They rely on voters to "forget" about something stupid they may have done a few years ago. And hypocrisy? It's been overflowing for years. I remember the 90's, the Republican Party going after Bill Clinton, starting with one Miss Paula Jones coming out accusing Clinton of sexual harassment. Democrats called it a smear campaign, Republicans vowed someone like him shouldn't be allowed to be President because of family values. So, fast forward to today, another potential candidate being accused, this time, it's a Republican. Now, let's reverse the above. And then explain why that isn't hypocritical.

Yeah, I know, this is a rant. Deal with it.

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Nov 21 @ 12:07PM  
Anyone who lets what they are told by ANY news network deserves whatever government they get. Many people put more research and thought into buying a television than who is going to run the country. I tend to think it is because the American public have become lazy when it comes to putting effort into the process. The down side is the people who do make an effort get stuck with people who got elected by those who do what they are told by whatever network they listen to.

Nov 21 @ 12:50PM  
The following comment is one I posted on Yahoo a few days ago, following an article about one in five U.S. children being in poverty! It's subjects like that, that causes me to truly hate politics and more so, politicians! IMO, they are the lowest forms of life, ever to mistakenly evolve from a piece of mutant DNA!


Heh... I have to laugh at all the political comments on these boards! One comment blaming the Democrats for all our country's problems and the next comment blaming the Republicans for our country's problems! In reality, it's NEITHER by themselves- it's actually BOTH political parties causing our problems, but the citizen Democrats and/or Republicans are just too #$%$ thick headed, to realize that!

You've been and are still, being brainwashed by Washington and you don't even know it!!The American citizens are being sucker punched by our politicians and have been for decades! Do you really think our politicians give a crap about our citizens and what is needed for a harmonious functioning great nation we used to be??

If the day EVER comes that you fat headed politicized citizen 'bumpkins', ever wake up and realize the fools we're being played for by our own representatives, who care only about 'what their country can do for them, and NOT what they can do for their country', is the day you people might, just MIGHT realize we need to put the 'fear of God' into their putrid lives!

The Democrats and the Republicans fight back and forth and accomplish nothing- that's true for the politicians as well as the division of the citizens into both parties- which is what the politicians want in the first place- (divide and conquer) why can't you see that??

While they're dividing us, behind the scenes is where their dirty work takes place because we're not paying attention- which is what their goal is and always has been!This isn't about elections and who is elected to what- it's about taking control of the politicians who are out of control and forcing them to do what we want and not what they feel they can get away with!

Time to WAKE up America- our future good or bad, is in OUR hands!!

I have the link to the article and a handful of replies to my comment (not one negative response) for the 'sharp-shooters' out there, who love to argue about anything just for the sake of arguing, whether it makes sense or not!


Nov 21 @ 1:40PM  

I agree with the statement above. It's both parties that are to blame.

Nov 21 @ 6:19PM  
I got so bored with the right wing extremist, distorted rhetoric and disinformation dominating the blogs on the vanilla site that I don't even go on it anymore and haven't in over a month... too many kooks.

Nov 21 @ 11:50PM  
Dropping a greenie by the Door!!!........

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It isn't about issues anymore