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Has the world always been so ugly?

posted 11/15/2011 2:22:49 PM |
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That was a question I asked in my blog yesterday. Has it always been so ugly? And we are now more aware with the advancement of technology like cable news channels or the internet bringing it into our homes to see?

I think back to when I was a kid, the world seemed so huge, so "Brady Bunch". Us neighborhood kids all playing outside, not a care in the world. Riding our bikes all over, again, not a care in the world. Until one of us wipes out resulting in the rest of the troop wiping out and we have a pile of bikes and kids trying to untangle our selves. We didn't know what a terrorist was back then. "Bad things" always seemed to happen in other countries, not here. Seemed like there was always a war going on in Asia or in Europe, but never here.

Even in my teen years, it didn't seem so bad. I mean yeah, there was the hostage crisis in Iran, that was the first time I remember hearing about Iran and the Middle East. I wasn't really watching much news then either, I was more into hanging out at arcades with my friends and having fun. I remember Regan as President, and my biggest gripe about him back then was he always seemed to interrupt a show I was watching for some "big announcement". I was a kid, I didn't care back then about Libya or Russia. Like I said, my only concerns then were hanging out with my friends and having fun. I wasn't old enough to vote yet, so I didn't pay attention to other issues. I only knew he used to piss me off when he would interrupt a show I was watching.

First presidential election I was old enough to vote in was when Bush and Dukakis ran. And, I really wasn't all that knowledgeable on politics yet. I had the intent to watch debates, but, there was always that party or whatever that was more important, and I would get "caught up" on issues by watching the news. In other words, that election, I didn't take all that serious. The Bush and Clinton election, I started becoming more aware of things, by then most households were connected to cable, and CNN (I think) was the only 24 hour news channel on cable. I remember the Iran Hostage Crisis and then the Gulf War being the first and second time I ever heard of the Middle East. Before those two stories, I always thought of that area as of being "magical". I knew nothing about Islam yet. I didn't even know about Arafat and the PLO yet. Like I said, as a kid and then a teenager, stuff like that, I wasn't thinking about it. I do remember wondering why Israel and the Jewish always seemed to be so hated by others. I didn't really watch the news back in those days. Life to me was a party and rock music.

Then, eventually came the PC, and I can remember news stories about how computers will take away jobs and unemployment would rise, and how politicians were reassuring everyone "that would never happen". I even remember DOS, and how frustrating it could be if you got just one character wrong on the commands. There was no "point and click" like there is today with Windows. (thank you Bill Gates! ) But even then, Internet wasn't available to the average household, but Government was already using it. And, when it finally became available, it was a whole new world of experiences! A real eye opener is some cases.

I always knew there were people who just didn't get along. There were the "groups" in high school, the cheerleaders and the jocks, the nerds, the outcasts, the party crowd , and the burnouts. But, on the Internet, it was amazing to see just how mean people could get. I often wonder. Were people always this mean and nasty to each other? Or, is it because of the anonymity of being on the Internet, that we feel braver? The Internet has opened up the world to each other. 20 years ago...I didn't know a soul in England, now, I've got a few online friends from England. People I never would have known if not for the Internet. I've made friends who I never would have known if it hadn't been for the Internet. While the Internet is wonderful, it has it's dark side also. I have seen the ugliness in people come out via the screen. Seems there is more and more about child predators, and of course the "bad guys" (terrorists and other criminals) using it to destroy lives, wait, let me rephrase that...attempting to destroy lives, and other abuses.

Guess it's just that some people are so full of hate, they forget what it means to be humane.

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Nov 15 @ 3:25PM  
Not long after Adam and Eve... two politicians (one Democrat and one Republican) happened upon each other one day- it was almost as cataclysmic as matter and anti-matter bumping into each other! And from then on, life in general got ugly!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!


Nov 15 @ 9:48PM  
When I was a kid we had nuke drills at school and the KKK burned crosses right down the road from where we lived and racism and discrimination was rampant in the south so I was well aware there was ugliness in the world. I just regret that kind of ugliness still exists in the 21st century.

Nov 15 @ 11:48PM  
Ugliness always existed just better hidden before. There is alot of good here to we just doesn't travel as fast a ugly. We as people like to see the ugly and talk it up we play down the good as a rule.

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Has the world always been so ugly?