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Another Bad Start To The Day

posted 11/14/2011 6:01:11 PM |
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Another minor misadventure occurred this morning. It was more of an inconvenience than a disaster, but I did relearn something. After working on aircraft engines for so many years, I was, or should have been very well aware that when you take something apart, if there are o-rings involved, ALWAYS replace them. Do not try to reuse an o-ring.

Well, the main filter for the water system in this house had not been checked for the last 4 years I know for sure. So, this morning, I decided to see how much crud might have built up in the housing. No biggie, except the person that installed it was of the same mind I have seen in many mechanics. If it don't groan, it ain't tight enough. Good way to break off bolts, break casings, and in general screw things up for the next person. Anyway, finally managed to get the filter housing off, not bad for crud, so went to put it back together. Now the fun starts.

Just being tightened too much had stretched the old o-ring. No problem I thought, can run into town here and get a new one. Good idea, but, neither of the hardware stores in town carry one that big. Oh well, Lowes will have them, so off to the Cape I go. Needed to get out of the house anyway, so the 25 mile drive was not a chore. I actually enjoy it when there is little traffic on the road and I can play. Read that go like a bat outta hell on these back roads. Guess who no longer stocks or carries these large filters. Damn, now it is looking a bit bleaker, and the coffee I had drank before leaving the house is well filtered and my bladder is just about to the full line. Still, no problem, use the bathroom at Lowes, and ask where I might find one, an o-ring that is.

The clerk was as helpful as he could be, but the business he directed me to is no longer under that name. I finally found it tho, and they do carry what I needed. Got a new o-ring, and decided I might as well get a new filter too. Already had the old one out, and the housing with me, just to check and see that things fit. Stopped at Denny's and had some lunch, came home and then remembered I needed something to lube the o-ring before it went back in. spent 30 minutes looking for the petroleum jelly. Finally discovered it out in the shop. Got the new o-ring put in the casing, got that screwed back in place, snug but not ready to break anything, opened the valves, and turned the pump back on. Good job, no leaks.

And after looking into just about everything I can find on alternative energy sources, I have come to one conclusion. I'd be better off blowing this place up and starting from scratch, from a cost stand point. Since I don't have the money for that, I’ll just have to keep scrimping on energy as much as I can. Right now is a good example, the cedar tree out front is barely moving, the sun is down, during the winter, we get down to about 10 ½ hours of daylight on the shortest days. Then if it storms, not enough sun to really charge batteries, and seldom enough wind to make that viable either. So, I guess I will spend what I need to on a standby generator, so that if we do experience a long outage during the winter, especially, I’ll be able to make coffee and flush the toilets. Propane does have some advantages in a situation like mine. At least I can keep warm, and cook. With the generator, I can run the pump, and take a shower too. Less expensive than trying to get a 120 volt pump, or setting up something that might give out on me when I need it most.

Hell, if the trucking companies are hiring, I may end up back on the road, if one of them will put me on. But what the hell would I do with Ralph? The first time I opened the cab door, he would be off and gone. Can’t use him as an excuse not to go back to work if I can tho.

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Nov 14 @ 6:36PM  
It wasn't the best day here either. The position I wanted was almost mine, then tables turned and I was out... so another one bites the dust.

The good news is that I completed a major project for a builder and delivered it today. That paycheck will get me through the winter.

Then I decided to hang a piece of art that I bought last year. Well, it didn't have any "d" ring hangers or even screw eyes. The fun begins trying to remember where the damn things are, but I finally remembered, so I grabbed those, headed for the tool box and located the spool of wire. So far, so good, right? No, the wire is coated... no problem I'll use wire cutters, but the wire cutters were missing from the tool box. That's ok, I can use pliers... I tried and failed several times over to cut the wire.

I decided to punt... scavenged wire from a couple of places around my condo and joined them together. The 'd' rings I had were too large, so I had to use screw eyes. What should have take 15 minutes at most, took
an hour. Now all I have to do is hang the damn thing! Wonder how that will go... LOL?

Nov 14 @ 11:09PM  
May have started out rough, but it all worked out in the end.

As for Ralph and driving a truck. If you really want to take him along, make sure you have a leash, have it on him before opening the door to the truck.

Nov 15 @ 12:58AM  
Well.. you got it done!!
Like CL says ....."Could have been worse"
The Filters I have dealt with were Monthly/Tri-monthly changed! That depends on the filter you buy!!
I have not dealt with the Yearly..filters..YET! lol

Nov 15 @ 12:19PM  
That didn't sound so bad compared to what the title suggested.

Nov 15 @ 9:10PM  
Mike, my well is so full of mica that it's a weekly wash out of the filter and a change once a month! It's a pain in the arse but that's what it takes to keep goodwater preasure! Want to trade?

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Another Bad Start To The Day