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Change, Making New Friends...And Other BS........

posted 11/11/2011 10:27:35 AM |
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As most of you know..I Moved from the Country in VA to the Big City in NC..(Charlotte)
I moved for Employment....because I couldn't find anything at home...that would Pay my bills! Life is Life..right?
I have learned a lot about myself in this Transaction...that for sure......
I Loved where I Lived before this Move.....! I had Deer and Turkeys...Cows and Jackasses for neighbors!!! Well hell... I Still do!!!
I could watch any Volume I wished!!! I have Tinnitus(ringing in the ears) and hearing Loss.....So yeah...I would have to have the TV Loud....but I bothered Noone!!! (well at least they didn't complain!! )
My 1st week here...(I Stayed in an "Extended Stay Motel for 3 plus weeks!)
My Neighbor ask me to turn down the TV...! It was not Loud...the walls were paper thin...and had doors joining the rooms...! When someone was talking next was just like them being in my room!!!
So I learned to use Caption....100% of the time with lil or no Volume !!!

The is best!!!! When I stayed in Charlotte...I had to travel the Interstate....going to and fro work. Gotta love road construction....right? They do most of their work here at nite time!!! I work from 2pm till 10pm
The PPL here drive like........fools!!! The Construction Crews...have gotta learn their right from their Left....!!! They will have the big Lighted sign saying Left lane closed ahead......(2 or 3 sets of them) and when you get to the Construction sites....its the right lane that is closed!!! WTF? and Yes..this causes accidents!!!
I moved to Concord NC last week..which is a step in the right Direction...for me!!!
The Great thing about where I live is....there are Trees and No Interstate...(well its a mile up the road!) I also have a "Pond" to fish...which is a Blessing in its self!!! I Caught a 5 # Bass last week!!!!
I am So thankful for the JOB I have!!!
But yanno...I Fucking HATE it here!!!!!!!
Change maybe good for some PPL.......but as of right now...Its not for me!!!!!
Its all about the I suck it up...and strive on!!!!
I'm a Little bit on the shy making New Friends is very hard for me!!! I could really use some help with this!!!
If I had some would really help out..I know! I have never exchanged #'s with someone I met at a Store...or such....! Can some of you point me in the right direction please? I don't wanna come off as being rude...yanno?
I'm on that Fishy site also...but with only a couple of Nibbles so far!!!
Any Suggestions on making New a New Area?
Thanks in advance!!!

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Nov 11 @ 11:12AM  
Volunteer for a charitable enterprise... they usually make you feel welcome and you meet lots of new people. Plus you are doing something for people in need, so you can feel good about what you are doing too.

I've met tons of people volunteering at a children's hospital, homeless shelter and as a docent at the museum. I you want to make extra money and meet LOTS of people register with they all kinds of way to earn money that take you out in the public which in turn provides more opportunity to meet people.

Nov 11 @ 11:47AM  
Just go where people are is all I can think of to tell you. Just make sure the females you meet down here are not trying to figure out the fastest way to get you down the aisle. They have arts festivals in Charlotte so you might try those. Best way to meet people is just smile and say hello to them. If that person is taken she might have a single friend. The charity work type thing is a good suggestion. I had friends who got together working for habitat for humanity.

Nov 11 @ 12:25PM  
Try Craigslist... not the personals, but the Groups/Activities announcements. Find a group that sounds interesting. Play Euchre. Join a singing group. Maybe a Paranormal group will catch your fancy.

Maybe see if there is a Toastmasters Group in the area. Check out the community continuing education courses and take a $35 course on basket weaving, yoga or learning a foreign language. Volunteer at the Humane Society.

The "Fish" site sometimes sponsors events and parties. Offer to help sign in folks, and you'll meet everyone there...

Good luck and hugs!

Nov 11 @ 12:44PM  
Well first... welcome back!!

As far as the TV goes, a set of earphones would probably have help- assuming there's a port to plug them into- most TVs these days have ports for just about any kind of connectivity you might want! Probably a little late but, there are many types of wireless headphones you can use so the noise level doesn't bother anyone else!

Just some examples of what headphones are available

When you get some time and gas money to spare, get out into the area where you live and see whats out there! Grab some sight-seeing pamphlets from some hotels they have in racks in the lobby and pick places to go to- maybe you'll have a better liking of what's out there!

As far as meeting people- ^^^^^ Linka has some good ideas!

Hope all works out for ya!


Nov 11 @ 1:18PM  
Kill two birds with one stone. Grab a nice looking lady and parade her around to some of the local spots. Pretty soon you'll have them wondering who that guy is. Might work out in the rack as well, so there's the second bird....

Nov 11 @ 1:19PM  
!!!!!!!! ....... Hey guy don't be quick to answer questions from smiling strangers. Boo Koo cons in every city even Tim Buck Two. Good Luck in the city my friend & don't act like croc dundee grabbing a wrong kind of handful. Yep a lot of fucked up shit in the city but you will be alright.

Nov 11 @ 1:38PM  
Toad go out to the Huddle house and the Waffle House on I think it's hgy 73 right off 85 there are some good folk that hang out there and you will fit right in ! It was where I first met a lot of my friends when I worked in Concord. The are a mixed breed of truck driver ,plant workers and waitresses among others but they are a good bunch!
Luck my friend!

Nov 11 @ 4:40PM  
!!!!!!!! ....... Hey guy don't be quick to answer questions from smiling strangers. Boo Koo cons in every city even Tim Buck Two. Good Luck in the city my friend & don't act like croc dundee grabbing a wrong kind of handful. Yep a lot of fucked up shit in the city but you will be alright

This is Charlotte we are talking about. While it might be the largest city in NC it is hardly New York, Chicago or LA.

Nov 11 @ 6:03PM  
I think it is a lot easier for city people to adjust to the country than vice versa. I have heard that Charlotte is the largest small town in America.

Nov 11 @ 6:11PM  
The others have given you some good advice.

Just hang in there, it's all new, you will come to at least kinda sorta like it there eventually.


Nov 12 @ 9:41AM  
Thanks for the Comments and Suggestions!!! Yall rock!!!
don't act like croc dundee grabbing a wrong kind of handful.
I have to Laugh out loud when I think about that!!!
Toad go out to the Huddle house and the Waffle House on I think it's hgy 73 right off 85
The Waffle house is 1-1/2 miles from me!!! I live on 73 (well in the apartment right off of it!) thanks man....Ill have to check it out!!! I dunno where the Huddle house is though? Hell.... I prolly pass it everyday..and dont even know it!!!
Charlotte has just about everything going for it.....Shops and Restaurant chains I have never heard of..
One thing they don't have much of..are Wally Worlds!!! Where I prefer to shop at....One stop shopping for me!!! (if Possible!)
Its not the towns Fault that I don't like it...its just me....!!! I'm a Country Boy!!! Shoot me!!!
I'm not the Only one that don't like the City....My Boss has worked at the Co. I work at ...for 7 years....He Lives in SC...1-1/2 hour drive one way!!!! There are only 13 of us on 2nd shift...and I know 2 more that drive over a Hour and 15 mins one way from work!!!
I'll be alright.....its just gonna take some getting use too!!!
I have a 6 month lease where I'm staying....Hopefully I'll find a house or Trailer out by its self by then!!!
Now..if the Realtor can hurry up and Sell my house...!! Making a house pmt and paying Killing me!!!!
Thanks again for the Suggestions and Help!!!!!!

Nov 12 @ 10:28AM  
Go to a bar and find some chicky and sing Why don't we get drunk and screw?

Seriously though, folks have already given you great advice..
I moved to my place nearly 3 years ago and I'm surrounded by people but I prefer to be alone rather than getting involved with their problems..

I might possibly be moving to northern Georgia in the late spring where hopefully I can find a close in house but still privacy..

Nov 12 @ 10:40PM  
I hope everything works out for you

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Change, Making New Friends...And Other BS........