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If it walks like a duck...

posted 11/9/2011 5:13:53 PM |
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I think it has become fairly obvious that Pakistan is not our friend. If finally locating Osama Bin Laden in what was, for all intents and purposes, President Asif Zardari's guest house wasn't enough of a clue that these people are bullshitting us, then their ongoing support for the Taliban certainly should be. The fact of the matter is for the past ten years the government of Pakistan has accepted roughly a billion dollars a year in US aid to assist them in the fight against terror, and Im guessing that once a year there is a shitload of giggling and back slapping going on while they wait for our check to clear. It usually takes about 72 hours or so. Until then all they can get out is 300 bucks. It sucks. But lets not forget that 300 dollars in Skardu is not quite the same thing as 300 dollars in Brentwood. 300 bucks would probably feed a family in Skardu for six fucking months. Either that or get you three AK-47s, a 9mm Baretta and six or eight boxes of ammunition (depending upon who you deal with). In Brentwood you can fill up your SUV (once) and take your folks out to dinner at Applebee's or someplace (assuming, of course, that Dad stops at one whiskey and you remembered to bring the coupon)...maybe. Thats quite a difference. Its also a completely different subject.

There's no question that we are talking about some piss-poor motherfuckers here, but my argument is just that they should be...oh, I dont know...around TEN BILLION DOLLARS poorer than they are by my count! And that's money that obviously isnt trickling its way down to the people, so its probably either lining the pockets of the Pakistani Powers that Be or making its way into the hands of the enemy and used against us directly. Either way its fucking bullshit. Ten billion clams is a lot of goddamn money. If we had it we could bail out Halliburton or hire a couple more substitute teachers maybe. Or better yet, we could spend it buying shit from China.

I think it is pretty clear that by taking this money and then harboring our sworn enemies Pakistan has proven time and again that they are certainly no friend of the USA. But why? Has it always been this way? Have the Pakistanis always been so quick to stab us in the back? If not, then what happened to change the tenor of the relationship and how much reponsibility for that change does the United States bear?

To answer these questions you must take a short trip through Pakistan's history. These are a people who although civilized for nearly 5000 years, they have been independent for only the past 67 of them. Fortuitously for the US, Pakastani independence in 1947 happened to coincide with the beginning of the Cold War, and given their geographical location, in what could literally be described as the Soviet Union's backyard, Pakistan became an important ally in the fight against the spread of Communism. Because of this the US dumped a shitload of aid money into the Pakistani economy, built a bunch of military bases and trained and outfitted the Pakistani military. And this went on for decades. We even allowed their kids to come over here and study to be doctors or buy 7-11s or what the hell ever they wanted to do for awhile. And guess what? It fucking worked. The plan went off like a fucking charm. We won the Cold War. Mission accomplished...only now what do we do with all these fucking bases we've got in Pakistan? When we're closing bases in California and Oklahoma left and right, how can we be expected to keep the base outside Kandahar open? We simply can't, and thats why we pulled out of Pakistan in the 1990s.

But what seemed fiscally responsible to us probably felt a lot like abandonment to the Pakistanis. Im sure it made them feel insignifigant, to say the least. It wasnt long after we left Pakistan that we spearheaded the international embargo against them for their refusal to abandon their nuclear ambitions. Ambitions which most everyday Pakistanis walking down the street looked upon as crucial, being as their longtime enemy India had been in possession of nuclear weapons since the mid 70s.

Then one Tuesday in 2001 everything changed. Suddenly Pakistan was faced with a choice. Either join us in our fight against their neighbors the Taliban or face a very pissed off United States and her much larger nuclear arsenal (not to mention far superior delivery system). It was an easy decision. Take the money and run. Its not like the Americans weren't coming anyways. If you want to transport men and materials from the Arabian Sea to Afganistan you have one of two options. You can go through Pakistan or you can go through Iran, and Iran just wasnt going to happen. What that meant to Pakistan was one way or another the Americans were coming. They might as well get a reach around.

I suspect that it was as the Taliban was being driven from power in Afganistan and its members were flooding Pakistan, hidden amongst the thousands of war refugees inundating the border region that the alliance between the Taliban and members of the Pakistani military was born. In the begining it may have been nothing more than turning a blind eye to their presence in exchange for keeping the fight on the Afgani side of the border. Im sure religion also played a part in the decision to support the Taliban. After all, being Muslim is the only thing Pakistan has ever been able to do consistently for any length of time.


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Nov 9 @ 5:14PM  
So I can understand the reasons behind Pakistan's decision to support the Taliban. And I can also understand their decision to keep that decision under wraps and keep cashing the checks. What I cant understand is our continuing to support Pakistan when they are obviously fucking us in the ass. It blows my fucking mind. I dont understand why Im the only one who sees this!

Let me put it this way. Lets say you go out one Sunday to mow the lawn and your lawnmower is missing. FUCK! You love that lawnmower. So you put an ad on craigslist about your missing lawnmower and you offer a $25 million dollar reward for its return. Then ten years later you find your lawnmower in your neighbor Larry's fucking garage. Whats the obvious conclusion? Thats right. Your dickhead neighbor Larry stole your fucking lawnmower. You think you guys are still getting together for summer BBQs? Still getting drunk and swapping wives after the Christmas block party? Fuck no, you're not! There's no fucking way you're gonna let that lawnmower stealing sonofabitch anywhere near your wife's pussy! You'd still bang the shit out of his old lady, though. Fuck him...he deserves it!

And so does Pakistan.

Keeping U posted


Nov 9 @ 5:34PM  
Middle Eastern politics has been complicated since the beginning of civilization. Maybe at this point we are paying them not to kiss Iran's ass and to keep the political situation in the area from going to a worse scenario than we have there now. With India in play they are going to look to someone for assistance and if we cut them off my guess is it would be Iran. Think of the situation everyone would be in then.

Nov 9 @ 5:41PM  
Does it piss me off that we are giving money to Pakistan, who in turn, is "friendly" with the Taliban? Yes, it does. Knee jerk reaction would be to stop sending money to them. BUT, Strega raised a point I was thinking.....if the U.S. stops giving money to Pakistan, what's to stop them from taking money from Iran, AND, if that were to happen, what's to stop India from flipping out and nuking Pakistan, who of course would retaliate in kind, and then Iran will "have" to defend their new "ally"...and all hell breaks loose.

If spending a few billion helps to keep that scenario from happening...I'd rather pay the cash. And hope those in the area get sick and tired of the Taliban's b.s. and take them out them selves.

Nov 9 @ 8:35PM  
Simple solution: Go 'hat in hand' to India, apologize for taking the side of Pakistan, and tell them they have a free hand to retaliate for the recent attacks done by Pakistani terrorists. Pull ALL our support, aid, and technology out of Pakistan. Sit back, have a beer, and watch India turn Pakistan into a parking lot.

Our Cheerios are not the only bowl being pissed into by them. Then there is that whole Kashmir thing.

Nov 10 @ 7:30AM  
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Nov 10 @ 8:17PM  
And suddenly the reason for the war becomes clear...

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