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The Switch Part II

posted 11/5/2011 2:30:40 PM |
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The biggest adjustment to the Missouri move has not been the transition from an urban to rural environment, but rather adjusting to a different household and facilities. The result has been a completely different lifestyle, particularly as it pertains to my schedule and the technology that is available to me. Instead of party time being in the evening, it is now late morning to mid-afternoon. The Internet is limited and slow.

Partially due to the distance, but also schedules, everyone but the grandson is up by five. He gets up at six. I am always up by five anyway, if not earlier. I only require five to six hours of sleep a night. The others here, not so. They require nine hours sleep. So, everyone but me is off to see the sandman by 8:30. My daughter used to sleep deep like a bear hibernating. Since she became a mom, she has the “mother’s ear”. That is light sleeping. My son in law can hear a mouse fart fifty feet away.

Add to that, that both of them have back problems with different sleep needs. He needs a firm mattress. She needs a soft one. So, he sleeps in the bedroom at the other end of the house. But she sleeps on the couch, close to my room. That proximity means that I have to be quiet. I am not used to having to be quiet.

Anyway what is happening, by and large, is that like everybody else I am in bed early. I bounce up around three in the morning and begin my day, just like I always did. Life begins to stir at around five in the morning as my son in law has to be at work by seven. By eight I have the whole place to myself and can turn the stereo or TV up. They only have a basic satellite package so there is very little on TV that I like to watch during the day.

Compliments of a career in rock and roll, I have a major hearing impairment. When Ashton is sent to bed, the TV volume becomes too low for me to hear. That is a personal problem that I need to work out, and I will. But that doesn’t really matter because what I like to watch and what they like to watch are two entirely different things. I am a sports junky and nobody has any interest in them besides myself. They like anything gothic and I have zero interest in that.

The technology is limiting. The Internet connection is broadband and not much faster than dial up. Sites with any media such as video don’t do well at all. Watching videos is out. If I go to a site that has a lot video or animation it can take several minutes for the page to load. It is very much like a return to the last century. Consequently, about all I do on it is email and I now spend very little time on the Internet. My computer array is not connected to the Internet so I write most things off line and put them on a flash drive. Their computer does not have Microsoft Office so everything has to be saved out as a text or .rtf file.

Ashton gets dropped off by the bus in the afternoon around 4:15 (kindergarten is a full day here). I’ll go over his day with him and review any correspondence from the school that he may have brought home. Then I get dinner under way and we serve when my daughter, who is the last to arrive, gets in at six. After dining Ashton gets his bath and is off to bed. So I really only get to spend time with him on the weekends. We will play farkle (a dice game) and a form of dominos. Tomorrow we will make peanut butter cookies. He likes playing games like that so we have fun.

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Nov 5 @ 3:55PM  
sounds like you are getting things pretty well worked out there. still going to be some kinks to smooth out as ya go along, but i hope you do well with them. and just think, no trveling to see the bunch on holidays, for the most part anyway. take care.

Nov 5 @ 4:39PM  
Sounds like a huge lifestyle change that would be a little difficult to get used to.

Nov 5 @ 10:14PM  
Hang in there. My guess is you'll have them in line soon. Just need a little transition time for them to adjust as well.

Leon Russell is coming to our little Center for the Arts here in Central New York. Will be thinking of you.

Nov 5 @ 10:21PM  
Wow, sounds like quite an adjustment! But, also sounds like you're enjoying your time with Ashton.

Nov 5 @ 11:20PM  
Your tv hearing problem can be solved with something called tv ears. We got one for Mom because for her to hear the tv it had to be turned up full blast. The base is connected to the tv and you put the remote earphones on and adjust the volume with the earphones. Works like a charm!

Glad all is well. I'm sure you are adjusting far better than I ever would.

Nov 6 @ 7:49AM  
At least you are having fun with your Grandson . Everything else will get work out.

Nov 6 @ 9:05AM  
I'm adjusting to pretty much the same circumstances as you are! It seems to help me by trying to create a microcosm of how I went about in my life, before making the move- only now- at least, that's the way I look at it! I get to see my grand son (who is college bound) and my grand daughter (who is in college) much more than I used to!

I have more money, they have more money that helps them out and I come and go as I please! I also do some chores like cutting the front/back yard grass, doing the dishes when they're gone for the day- little things!

So, it all works out but, I did the opposite- moved from rural to megalopolis- that's a bite but at least I have all stores nearby! Only thing I need now, is a rack of heat-seeking missiles on top of my Jeep for drivers who piss me off- and there are plenty here!

Now, I just need to work on eventually getting back into an environment I'm more used to and comfortable with!

Good luck on your move!


Nov 6 @ 11:59AM  
There are always adjustments to be made when living with family members. Some more easily made than others. Hope all works out well for you.

Nov 6 @ 2:21PM  
You seem to be wonderfully domesticated considering the wild man you once were. It really does seem to be a terrific change for you, now that you figured out when you have to be quiet and considerate of others and when you can be yourself.

Perhaps a NETFLIX subscription is in the cards for you. Since NETFLIX only offers soft porn and erotic thrillers,you may want to add an adult DVD to home shipping service. I can't recommend any but they do exist..

Nov 6 @ 5:59PM  
For tv I have Netflix that I can watch through the wii my son left here for me and a set of amplified rabbit ears that gets 3 PBS stations. I have found I am as happy with that as the $103 cable package I dumped when my unemployment ran out. I doubt I would spend money on that again. It would be a great time to find a hobby you enjoy.

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The Switch Part II