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So, how many

posted 11/2/2011 8:17:16 PM |
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tagged: thoughts

Of you couldn't log in today until about now? It was weird, couldn't log into the site all day. I wonder if the management was doing some serious house cleaning?

Anyway, I had the news on today. First time in a while I've turned on any of the cable news channels. Was curious about what's been going on. Turned on Fox and Friends, and it was "poor Herman Cain", turned on CNN, and it about the allegations that have been filed against him for sexual harassment. I've seen and heard other comments regarding this story. People have him guilty already. I guess some forget we are innocent until proven guilty. Myself, if he is innocent, then he should have his day in court to show it. And if it turns out these women are indeed lying, they owe him a HUGE apology.

Now, on the flip side, if he is indeed guilty of this, then it's going to all but kill his chances of getting the GOP nomination. And he will be owing these women a HUGE apology. But, just like way back with Clarence Thomas, and then with Bill Clinton, I have to question the timing of these allegations. Why let years go by before coming forth? Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill waited till he was nominated to be a justice on the U.S. Supreme Court, and even being too young to vote, I still thought it stupid on her part to wait till then. Why not report the incident when it happened? Bill Clinton with Paula Jones, again, why wait years later to bring charges? And now, Herman Cain. I mean, come on!! If these men did indeed do what they were accused of, report it when it happens. Yeah, I know, here come the "power" arguments, and the, "nobody will believe them". Nothing gets accomplished when one doesn't speak up.

I don't know if Herman Cain did the things he's been accused of, I wasn't there to see it. But the timing of it all makes me wonder if it's just an attempt to smear him so he doesn't get the nomination. Who is afraid of his winning? Perry? Romney? Maybe Obama's camp? I don't know. But to me this reeks of yet more dirty politics. When will we, as a nation, get totally fed up with these games and do something about it?

Oh yeah, ever hear of the Koch Brothers? That's a name I heard last year from someone who said they buy off the Republicans to get their agendas across. I thought back then that was hysterics. Well, they've been popping up in the news a lot lately, and it seems this person who told me this about them, may have been right. It's all ridiculous. I've got an idea for campaign reform:

Any of you ever see that little box about donating $2 to the Presidential election campaign fund (Federal return) or to the state elections campaign fund (state)? How about candidates from local council ALL the way to running for President run their campaigns off that fund, ALONE. No more fund raisers, no more back door dirty dealings from special interest groups, and no more big business to unions "buying" politicians. I know, those up there in DC will never go for it.

Oh well. I thought it was a good idea.

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Nov 2 @ 9:14PM  

I couldn't log in either.

Nov 2 @ 11:28PM  
I couldn't log in the entire day!

As far as federal and state campaigns being financed by contributions from tax payers, when filing state and federal returns- it won't be near enough for the politicians to campaign with! They'll just come up with other ways to scoop up money as they always do.

But, I agree that campaign reform is a long time coming and in serious need! Which is why I have suggested more than once, that our election system needs to be totally scrapped! And in its place would be a simple system- the merit system! The same merit system that businesses use for promotion within!

What the politicians need to do under the merit system, is to show what he/she has done in office that would qualify them to hold a higher office! In other words, lay your resume on the table for everyone to see and base their decision on what they see! Also, we want to see in black&white, what you can do for your citizens, not what your citizens can do for your administration!

This eliminates all of: "No more fund raisers, no more back door dirty dealings from special interest groups, and no more big business to unions "buying" politicians." No more: he/she is cute, looks like the father/mother type, no more voting because of your ethnicity and/or religion practiced, no more of the myriad of dumb reasons people vote for! Geezzuz I can't believe some of the idiotic reasons people cast their votes on, and then giggle (tee hee) about it when asked why! Take a permanent vacation to Mars, we don't need voters like that here!

Anyway... I'm sure some refinement would come up but the basic merit system should be put in place! This also means that running candidates, won't be running around for almost half their remaining term, campaigning- what a rip that is and we're paying them to do it too!

While we're at it, politicians need to to be forced by law to be responsible for how they conduct themselves while in any office- if they phuck up, then they pay the consequences in fines, termination of office or even busted and put behind bars just like the average citizen has to do! It's the only way a lot of the scams they pull, scandals, deceit, poor performance and corruption can be put to rest!

Finally- all politicians should only serve two terms: one in office and one behind bars!

Just my 2ยข worth and then, I probably have change coming back!


Nov 3 @ 12:41AM  
I tried several times to log in this morning only to get that OOPS !!! message with a smiley face so I just gave up.

Nov 3 @ 12:44AM  
I could not log in either.

Why doesn't the man and the women just take a lie detector test and see how it turns out and see who refuses to take it I am not fan of his but I think the country has bigger problems right now for this to be in the headlines..

Nov 5 @ 4:55PM  
I didn't try to log in that day, but I did seem to have a few problems trying to view the blogs without having logged in when this was happening.

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So, how many