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posted 10/27/2011 12:45:34 PM |
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It's a quiet day so far. Cloudy, damp, 43 degrees out...typical fall day here. Homework assignments are pretty much done. This reports section with the document processing class is a bitch!!! But, I've got it under control. Took a few hours of trial and error, (mostly error ) to find out what I was stuck on was a simple solution. Isn't that always the case though? The great thing about today's technology compared to 20 years back is that with the Internet it's so much easier to cry "help" to ones instructor or the tutoring online verses having to load up everything and drive to the campus and wait around for help.

Not too long at work, some of us were talking about how the kids live in today's world versus when we were kids. I look back and realize, wow...I had it made....really, I did. We were outside more than inside. Our parents couldn't keep us kids indoors, there could be a thunderstorm rolling through, and we wanted to be outside playing in the rain (such a sissy about now! ), and winter....omg! We LOVED it!! But the thing is, when it came to play/entertaining, we used our imagination. I can still remember one of my friends getting her sidewalk chalk out, and right in the middle of the road, she drew out a rocket ship complete with seats and controls, and we all pretended to be flying off into outer space. Occasionally we had to "abort" the mission when a car came up the road. And, same friend's house, there was a pool company (it's still there actually) and in the front, there were always sand piles and we used to play in those all of the time. Off on the other side were the gravel and stone piles. We played on those, although they were a little on the "rough" side. And I remember the pool company having this "guard dog", a gray and white German Shepherd, Ace. When the company was closed at night, Ace was loose inside the fence, and at first, he always barked at us kids. Then us kids got this brilliant idea to feed the dog. Didn't take long and Ace became our "friend". And I remember one day my friend discovered that part of the top of the fence, it's a chain link fence, there was a gap that, when she pulled on it, she opened it enough to let the dog out. Ace loved that! He would hang with us, never left our sides, never wandered off. Yeah, the owners weren't too happy when they discovered that. They fixed it.

Anyway, I remember a couple of the neighborhood boys always thought it was fun to shake that fence or throw stuff at it just to get Ace barking. And, one day, my sister and I were hanging out with one of those boys, searching for snakes in a field, and I remember hearing a noise, looking up and there was Ace. He had found his own way out of that fence. He saw our friend, and for any who think dogs don't remember.....let me tell ya....the look in that dog's eyes that day were pure hate. Not kidding. He saw our friend, they were almost nose to nose, and I told my friend do NOT move! That dog was focused on my friend. I heard that low grumble...and then Ace barked. I remembered one time with one of our dogs at home barking and Dad firmly telling that dog, "Sit!", so,I mimicked Dad and told Ace "Sit!"...and omg! He did! I grabbed his collar, told him "Stay", and told my friend to head home until I could figure a way to get this dog back in his fence. That is one memory that sticks out. I was only 10, maybe 11 yrs old when that happened. I found out where Ace got out at, got him back in by crawling under the fence and calling him in. I crawled back out, told him to "stay", and almost caved in looking into his sad eyes. He wanted to be out playing.

Eventually, the owners of that pool company took Ace home as a family pet and got another guard dog, Rocky, who was just that..a guard dog. There was no befriending that one. He was professionally trained. He was fine when the business was open, but once the gates were closed, he was on duty and didn't waver.

continued in comments.............

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Oct 27 @ 12:48PM  
Anyway, I think back to those days like that. No, I don't advocate befriending guard dogs...that was not a smart idea. But, I don't know, maybe it's just around here, but, I don't see as many kids outside playing, riding bikes, like it was when I was growing up. And cell phones..omg! How in the hell did we survive without those??????? Well, Mom always had that rule when we were out playing that once the street lights came on, it was time to head home. I can remember riding in the back of Dad's pickup and how windy that was...we can't do that here in Michigan anymore, there's a law against it. Used to be our choice to use seat belts, but now, that's a law too...if you don't have a seat belt on, you get a ticket. Used to be we would ride our bikes and didn't have on helmets or elbow pads or knee I see out there today are so "safety up", it's a wonder they can even move enough to enjoy riding that bike or skate board or even their roller skates...well, the few I do see out there anyway.

I look at all of these changes, some are great, some good, some are just "out there"...I mean, why should kids have cell phones they can take pictures with, or surf the web with? Just give them the basic cheap little phones till they can afford to pay their cell phone bills. It's what my parents would have done with us if there were cell phones when we were kids. Anyway...I often wonder.....what will it be like in another 10 years......the changes are so rapid's amazing. Ok...I'm done with "Just stuff".

Oct 27 @ 5:09PM  
Got up to 88 today..Had to turn the AC on for awhile

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