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It's been a long time coming............

posted 10/13/2011 3:48:43 PM |
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In the words of CS&'s been a long time coming.......Some of you I've come to know so well from here through the long years I've been a member here, many of you won't even know who I am. I haven't been around much in these last few months, there's been just far too much going on in my life to even think about logging in here. So before I cancel my account I thought I'd fill y'all in on what's going on in my little corner of the world.

In my last blogs I told how I had decided to make major changes in my life, quit my job and move 2000 miles across the country to be near my son and his family. Some of you wished me the best of luck in this great adventure, some of you worried I was making a big, huge even, mistake (yes, you Bruce! lol) Well, it's funny how the best laid plans can change in the blink of an eye. Some of you expressed concerns that I would get there and my son would be transferred to another duty station. Close, but not quite what happened. Seems after I made the plans and gave my notice, everything that could go wrong, did. First there was the matter of staying at work long enough to train a replacement. Then there was a glitch and the state of Mo didn't release all my vacation and comp time money for over a month. Then I had to have some work done to my car.....yeah you don't need all the details but you get the picture. Then everything seemed like it was set. I was due to leave the next week, when it happened. My son got orders to be deployed to Kuwait for at least a year. My son, daughter in law and I discussed everything at length and it was decided that since I didn't have a job there yet, she and my grand daughter would move in with her mom (her step dad was also to be deployed) This way, she could help her mom with her younger brothers and sisters (special needs kids they have adopted) and it would save them around 800.00 per month in rent. This would help them to pay off alot of bills and be able to sock away some savings too. Add in, I would still be here to help my elderly parents, and it seemed to make the most sense for me to stay in Missouri.

I called my old boss, but she had already filled my position. So I began my job search in earnest. I know, I know it sounds all very grim right now.....but trust me, there is a happy ending to this tale! But to get to that part I have to go back in time a bit......

A little over a year ago I had met a man online, in a town about an hour from where I lived. He seemed really sweet and nice and we had quite a bit in common. He kept asking me out but I kept politely declining, as at 57 he was a little older than I was looking for. When I thought I was leaving the area I had told him I was moving away and wished him the best in his search. So when I didn't leave, I dropped him a little note telling him what had happened and that I was going to stick it out here in mid Mo. He immediately asked me out again and I couldn't think of a good reason to turn him down this time so I agreed to go for a motorcycle ride with him that next Saturday.

We met in town, the weather was perfect for a ride. With no where in particular in mind, we rode down to the 'strip' ( a popular tourist area here on the dam) had a great lunch, which led to a really nice afternoon ride, which led to..........ok, not going into all the details but I will say I was more than pleasantly surprised!!!!

Long story short, we've been apart only one day since then!! I wound up moving in with him last month and I'm happier than I've ever been in my life!! His family and friends have accepted me completely, my parents love him to death and have welcomed him into the family as well! He's retired and works part time just for 'playing around' money, so we've had alot of time together. He said I didn't have to work that he would take care of me and my bills, but I've never been one to let anyone do that. So I took a job here at a convenience store. While the pay isn't even close to what I was making before, it's alot less stressful! I'm still looking for something better, but for now it's a paycheck that's only a two mile commute!

So while 'life' didn't work out the way I planned, it all worked out better than I ever imagined. Now granted, I didn't get to go spoil my grand daughter, but my son is planning on 're-upping' when he gets back from Kuwait, and will be changing his MOS. With the new one he'll be coming back to MO for at least 5-6 months and will be bringing his wife and the most beautiful baby girl in the world (my grand daughter) with him! So I'll still get to spoil her rotten as only a 'Nana' can!

So I've come full circle, since I joined this site nearly 11 years ago. I signed up not really sure of what I was looking for, and found far more than I could ever hoped for with the friends I've made these many years. But it's time to say goodbye to AMD. Those that know me and care, know how to find me and keep in touch either on FB or through private emails and phone calls. I'm not 'stomp, stomp, stomping' out of here in a snit, I just see no reason to keep an account here any longer. So many of the 'old timers' that I knew and loved as family have moved on, and now it's time I move on too. I wish each and every one of you the best of luck in finding what you're looking for!!

So in the words of CS&N, it's been a long time's going to be a long time gone...................

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Oct 13 @ 4:22PM  
see ya caryn, 'at the end of time'..

Oct 13 @ 4:24PM  
OMG!! I am SO HAPPY for you!!!!!!!!

I'll miss you being around, but, I can fully understand why you will be leaving Pervia, and I couldn't be happier for you!

Here's a going away kudo for old times sake.

It is so great to see a happy beginning for one of Pervia's older members. Thank you for sharing, and thank you for letting some of us get to know you..even if it was only a small blip of web space.

Oct 13 @ 4:28PM  
Sometimes something that seems like it is not going right is just a process to put us where we need to be. Congratulations on everything.

Oct 13 @ 7:31PM  
Congrats, good luck and be happy

Oct 13 @ 11:34PM  
Congrats! So happy for you! Best of luck!

Oct 14 @ 1:07AM  
So it didn't work out like you had hoped or planned....but it seems to have worked out quite nicely for all of you! Hopefully your son will return home safely sooner than later and you will all get to be together as 1 big happy! It's nice to hear that nice people are having nice things happen to them. Best of luck to you and all those involved in your life. Hope we never see you on here again (in a good way of course )

Oct 14 @ 8:05AM  
Hey ...wait a minute...what about all those panties I sent you on loan...

congrats Boots...glad things have worked out for you and you certainly deserve it. I always thought you were a special person. I guess we just need a gentle push once in awhile just to get things going.

Oct 14 @ 9:23AM  
Thats great news, I hope you're very happy as you deserve to be

Oct 14 @ 9:47AM  
I don't know how long you and your beau have been dating as such. I tend to reserve "congratulations" on such things until things have worked out for an extended period of time. In the real world and on this site, I have seen too much gushing on such things only to see/hear of them coming undone later

I am sure that your mom is happy that you are staying put. I hope that everything works out for you and that you fade away as opposed to canceling. aI also would be pleased if pop in every once in a while to get us up to speed on what is happening with you and check in on us.

Oct 14 @ 12:35PM  
I am so happy for you my lovely stormy I will keep up with you on the FB

Oct 14 @ 7:06PM  
Congrats to you boots- I hope you get everything you want, and want everything you get!


Oct 15 @ 11:30AM  
I rarely log in myself any more..... glad I wandered in today in time to wave goodbye. I love happy endings.

as the song says......

You can't always get what you want........
But if you try sometimes......
You just might find..........
You get what you need.

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It's been a long time coming............